About Those “Domestic Terrorists”

by Al Benson Jr.

On Friday, the 18th of April I believe it was, two politicians appeared on a show called What’s Your Point? on KSNV, which is a TV news station in Las Vegas, Nevada.  One of them was that bastion of honesty and integrity, “Honest” Harry Reid ( I exaggerate slightly here) and the other was a Republican State Senator named Dean Heller.

You’ll recall that “Honest Harry” Reid (about as honest as Honest Abe was) said that the folks out at the Bundy Ranch were nothing but a bunch of “Domestic Terrorists.” Reid may have gotten a bit of flack from the blanket statement because he went on to note that he didn’t mean Mr. Bundy and his family were domestic terrorists–just those folks that showed up to help Mr. Bundy protect his life and property from what many consider the REAL domestic terrorists, the ones operating under cover of law.

Dean Heller said he considered those that showed up to help the Bundy’s patriots, not terrorists.  However, you are forced to look at Harry Reid’s worldview.  In his twisted thinking, anyone that dares to oppose beneficent  totalitarian government in order to maintain his liberties is, automatically, a domestic terrorist. In today’s skewed political situation all who dare to even think of opposing the Obama Regime’s program for the systematic dismantling of American liberty are “domestic terrorists.” Today, in order not to be labeled as a domestic terrorist you must be willing to become a good little Marxist wannabe, carrying a sign with a big hammer and sickle on it, and loudly proclaiming that those that refused to vote for Obama are all blatant “racists.” To be opposed to Obamacare is not yet treason, but it may well be in the future, depending on what Executive Orders get signed.

So it seems that Honest Harry had a big problem with the folks that showed up to help the Bundy’s resist government aggression (oh, excuse me, I meant “assistance”). Reid said: “600 people came armed, they had practiced, they had maneuvered,…they set up snipers in strategic locations…they had automatic weapons.” Is any of this against the law–yet? The thought that such people had the ability to resist government aggression seems to have scared the daylights out of Honest Harry. That armed citizens might just resist government aggression is one reason Honest Harry and Comrade Obama want your guns.  They want no resistance to their plans to merge this country into the New World Order, and armed citizens (patriots, not terrorists) just might be tempted to resist.  As far as snipers go, well, the BLM had them out there before the militia folks did. Several folks attested to that, but, of course, Honest Harry “forgot” to mention that–besides, under cover of law, they were “legal” snipers. The militia snipers didn’t do anything illegal, but we won’t mention that.

I’ve read that about 100 or so of the militia folks remain at the Bundy Ranch because they don’t quite trust the feds to leave Mr. Bundy alone–and why should they? Situations like the one in Waco several years ago show what the feds are capable of if left to their own devices. Many people feel that all we have at this point is a breather, that the feds will return, because, like Honest Harry, they don’t get mad, they get even–and then some.

David Hathaway, writing on http://www.lewrockwell.com on April 21st has said: “The federal response will definitely come. It will likely be in three areas; two of which don’t involve the Bundy’s specifically. First, a multi-faceted attack will be made on the Bundys; second, a broad-front regulatory response against other land users will be made for the purpose of retaliation against the whole group and as a deterrent; and third, new provocateur deployments will probably be made across the West into similar situations.”

This time they’ll probably send so many people against the Bundys that it will be harder to combat them. The federal leviathan has to prevail, no matter how many people it takes. If they can be resisted then their aggressive power will be gone. And, unfortunately, most of the militia people can’t stay at the Bundy Ranch forever, so unless those that have to leave can be replaced by others, they have a problem.

Second, the feds will now engage in an open display of the class struggle technique against the ranchers in the West.  The ranchers will, in essence, become the new “Kulaks” of the American Empire–to be starved out or driven off their land. After all, Honest Harry and his buddies in Red China need the acreage for new solar farms.

And third, the feds will probably set up more situations around the West like that of the Bundy Ranch, while at the same time, pushing a PR campaign, with the aid of the compliant lapdog media, that paints all ranchers and farmers as horrid, selfish people, who want only to protect their lives and property–something that is fast becoming a “class crime” in our new leftist-oriented society.

Mr. Hathaway estimates that it will probably be in the neighborhood of around three weeks before we are treated to a federal response, as the feds work all these factors into their agenda in a way most beneficial to them and most detrimental to ordinary citizens, who, in case you haven’t yet realized it, have now become the new “enemies of the state.”

The public will be conditioned, as they were after Oklahoma City, to be afraid of the militias, to view them with fear and loathing. So get ready, folks, for the next big anti-militia campaign. It’s all coming soon, brought to you by the same folks that gave us Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Oklahoma City.