“Hating Whitey” in Arizona–More Marxist lies for college students

by Al Benson Jr.

It seems that the racialist attacks against white people, at all levels, by the politically correct “progressives” (Socialists) are intensifying almost to the point of mania, or maybe it’s to the point of phobia.

One thing the multicultural racialists are really working overtime at is trying to get young people who are white to feel guilty about their “whiteness.” There is obviously no fear of God in these people, or recognition of Him and His will either. Common sense ought to tell people that it is God who determines a person’s race and his place in the world. Trying to make him or her feel guilty about what God has created is not only a slap in the face at them, but at God as well.

In that context, I read an article on January 24th from http://www.bizpacreview.com by Tom Tillison. Mr. Tillison noted that: “In a sign that America’s institutions of higher learning may be lost forever to the radical left, college students in Arizona can now take a class on ‘hating whitey.’ In line with the extreme academic discipline called critical race theory, which is prevalent on campuses across America, Arizona State University is now offering a course on ‘the problem of whiteness…’ Critical race theory is a belief that relies heavily on the myth of institutional racism, the opinion that racism is inherent in America, brought on by white privilege and white supremacy.” And guess what? The course is being taught by a white man. The racialist guilt mongers must really have done a job on him. Kind of reminds me of those Southern folks that have been taught to feel guilty about being Southerners or because their ancestors dared to stand up to Yankee/Marxist tyranny, and so the only way they can atone for their ancestors’ “sins” is to grovel at the feet of “Honest Abe” and denounce anyone who would sully his memory with the truth. Same scam, perpetrated by the same Cultural Marxists.

I did an article for this blog spot back in December of 2014 called Critical Theory and Confederate Heritage in which I explained that Critical Theory was a Marxist program aimed at tearing down any aspect of Western society the Marxists had targeted for destruction. They do it though literature, through the media, and through the “educational” process as they are doing now in Arizona and other places.

Mr. Tillison observed in his article: “Leave it to a white academic elitist, beset with ‘white guilt’ no doubt, to corrupt the minds of young Americans with a theory driven by identity politics that has little basis in reality.” The question might be asked—what are the political motives of the ones teaching this class? It turns out that there seems to be one man teaching this class, although, for awhile, it seems that no one could find out who he was. According to Ed Montini, a columnist for http://www.azcentral.com on January 26th “It almost sounds as if the assistant professor who is teaching (and perhaps dreamed up) an Arizona State University class called ‘U.S Race Theory and the problems of whiteness’ is in hiding…Most of us in Arizona had no idea about this class. A total of 18 students signed up for it…” Someone at Fox News got wind of this and did a story on it, but I have not seen anyone else in the “news” media do all that much with it. But I can understand why they tried to keep it quiet. The course is based on “Critical Race Theory” which is but one branch of the Marxist Critical Theory agenda.

Lauren Clark, a campus correspondent who works at exposing liberal abuses and bias at colleges and universities for Campus Reform in Arizona noted the name of the Assistant English Professor who is teaching the class. He is Lee Bebout. Clark reported: “The course, first reported by the Pundit Press, is taught by Lee Bebout, an assistant professor of English at ASU. According to his faculty page, critical race theory is one of his research interests.” A junior economics major, James Malone, was quoted in Campus Reform and he said: “I think it shows the significant double standard of higher education institutions. They would never allow a class talking about the problem of ‘blackness.’ And if they did, there would be an uproar about it. But you can certainly harass people for their apparent whiteness.” Mr. Malone has hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly the way this game is played. And in many cases what it amounts to is nothing more than black racialism.

So what it amounts to is that this assistant English professor at Arizona State is an advocate of a Marxist theory, created by Marxist academics at the Frankfurt School, which I have also written about in the past. It is a theory that makes the public, as well as impressionable students, susceptible to Marxist dogma by attacking the family, your religious faith, your culture, and now your race. It is nothing more than Cultural Marxism applied to the race question and this professor is an advocate of it. What does that tell you about his education and the people that taught him? I’ve asked this question before—is this what people pay big bucks to these big schools for? So their kids can sign up to learn about Marxist Critical Theory? If I knew anyone in Arizona thinking about sending their kids to this school, I would exhort them long and loud to forget it. The Left has taken control of most of what passes for higher education in this country and it happened long, long ago. It is not a recent development When the communists that ran the Frankfurt School in Germany left that country where did they go to—Columbia University, and that was in the 1930s!

Somehow, we have, in America, got to get over the delusion that we can send our kids to schools dominated by Marxists and expect those schools to send us little Patrick Henry’s home. Folks, it ain’t gonna happen. All you will get back from such schools is good little “fellow travelers” who will, whether they even realize it or not, hew the Marxist line in just about everything they touch. We have got to ask the Lord for His guidance in where we educate our kids and hope and pray that He will overlook generations of willful ignorance and still be willing to help us.

“Critical Theory” and Confederate Heritage

by Al Benson Jr.

There are many who view, with continuing alarm, the blatant and relentless attacks on Confederate and Southern history, heritage and symbols. They can’t seem to fathom why this or that group seems to hate Confederate flags, symbols, and heritage so much. They are not “racists” or hate-mongers. All they want is to be able to enjoy their culture and history and they cant figure out why some groups are so opposed to letting them do that.

They fail to recognize that there is a coordinated rationale behind all these attacks on the South. It is not just a random “liberal” group here or there that happens to not approve of Confederate symbols locally–in fact there is nothing random about any of it. It is all part and parcel of what we know as Marxist Critical Theory.

It is a major part of what we refer to as Cultural Marxism–and a major part of the Cultural Marxist agenda is the planned cultural destruction of anything even remotely perceived as Christian, Confederate, or Southern.

An article I recently read on http://www.discoverthenetworks.org dealt with this. It noted that Political Correctness, also a major part of Cultural Marxism, is not something to be taken lightly. Many folks sniff at it and regard it as a minor annoyance. It is much more serious and insidious than that. The article observed that: “…Political Correctness is deadly serious in its aims, seeking to impose a uniformity of thought and behavior on all Americans. It is therefore totalitarian in nature. It’s roots lie in a version of Marxism, which sees culture, rather than the economy, as the site of class struggle.” These folks have taken Marxism to a new level and we need to be aware of that.

The article noted that Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci and Hungarian Marxist Georg Lukacs were the two that contributed most significantly to Cultural Marxism. Gramsci believed that a “new Communist man” had to be created and it had to be done via a changed culture, and only then would real political revolution be possible. And Lukacs felt that for this new culture to emerge, the old culture had to be destroyed. He said: “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch…Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.” Do you realize that the “old culture” they are working and planning to annihilate is ours? Maybe we should stop and reflect on that for a moment. Many Christians in America will shake their heads and say “well, that will never happen here.” I’m sure there were people in Germany and Russia before Hitler and Stalin who thought the same thing. In this country we now have Obama. You think he’s not tirelessly working to change the culture–to tear down what we have had in the past and to replace it with “Gay marriage, more illegal immigrants, the replacement of the rule of law with the concept of rule by Executive Decree? Mr. Obama is the living personification of Marxist “Critical Theory” in action.

The Discover the Networks article stated, quite plainly, that: “Critical Theory was essentially destructive criticism of the main elements of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, the family…morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism,…Critical Theorists recognized that traditional beliefs and existing social structure would have to be destroyed and then replaced with a ‘new thinking’ that would become as much a part of the elementary consciousness as the old one had been.” Ever wonder why “your” public schools do what they do regarding your culture? Look no further than “Critical Theory.”

To be continued.

Critical Theory, Cultural Marxism, and Commie Core

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I read an informative article on http://www.discoverthenetworks.org  which dealt with Cultural Marxism and how it manifests itself as Political Correctness. The article noted how people often poke fun at Political Correctness, and we see so very much of it in our day that we are often tempted to make light of it as though it were nothing more than a mere annoyance. The article noted, however, that “…Political Correctness is deadly serious in its aims, seeking to impose a uniformity of thought and behavior on all Americans. It is therefore totalitarian in nature.” It is rooted in kind of an “alternative” brand of Marxism that doesn’t dwell on the state of the economy as much as it does on the state of the culture. And although it doesn’t, that should concern us.

Among the biggest contributors to this new abomination, (not that the old brand of Marxism was any better), have been Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukacs.  Gramsci’s “new Communist man had to be created via a changed culture,  and the culture had to be changed before political revolution was possible.” Lukacs believed that not only must the old culture be changed, it must be destroyed. Lukacs said: “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch…Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values  and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.” It seems, in one sense, that these Marxist revolutionaries are little more than political busybodies. Who asked them to go about changing the culture?

The Frankfurt School, about which I have written previously,  was a group of mostly German Marxists who came to this country when Hitler took over in Germany. Their concept of totalitarianism didn’t agree with his. Interestingly enough, they were welcomed with open arms at Columbia University, where they began to work eagerly at the destruction of American culture, and particularly Christian culture. What does that tell you about Columbia University? The Frankfurt School is no longer officially in existence now, but those who have been bred and taught with that mindset and worldview are still laboring at the overthrow of American culture. They are close enough to their goal now that they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The article from http://www.discoverthenetworks.org  that I’ve been quoting from has observed: “The Frankfurt School’s studies combined Marxist analysis with Freudian psychoanalysis to form the basis of what became known as ‘Critical Theory.’ Critical Theory was essentially destructive criticism of the main elements of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy,…morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity…” They didn’t specifically mention education, but if you understand the Marxist mindset you know that has to be a major part of it.

Part of the destruction of any culture is the destruction of standards of any kind and the truth by which those standards are revealed. I just read a post on the Freedom Outpost web site. It was posted on August 5th and the headline for it was: “Common Core Standards: 3×4=11 Is Ok As long as you can explain why.” The article stated: “Seriously, I could not believe that a grown woman was shoveling this stuff, but lo and behold, watch a Common Core promoter actually say that it’s fine that children think that 3×4=11. She just wants to know if they can reason and explain how they came to the answer! In other words, there are no right answers in Common Core. Apparently there will be no logic or reasoning in Common Core either. They just want you to be a dumb, useful idiot. If this is going on in math, what do you think would happen if, say a kid claimed that Bill Clinton was the first president of the United States?”

There was a video presentation with this post and the lady that was “shoveling” out this mathematical bovine fertilizer said: “But even under the new common core even if they said 3×4=11, if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer. Really in words and in oral explanation and they showed it in a picture but they got the final answer wrong. We’re more focused on the how and the why.” In other words, its perfectly okay for kids to come up with the wrong answer if they can just explain how they got that wrong answer. Interestingly enough, this “event” occurred in District 46, in Grayslake, Illinois on July 17th. Are you really surprised? The writer of this article states that this is the kind of nonsense you get when the feds get involved in education. On that point I can agree with him. But then he goes on to state that the states really need to put the feds in their place and to resume the powers the feds were not given in the Constitution. In principle he’s right, except, in all actuality, not even the state, let alone the feds, should be involved in education. That is a parental function–not a state function, not even a local government function. A major part of our problem in this country is that we don’t know our history well enough to grasp what governments at various levels should and should not be doing. And education is one of those things they shouldn’t be doing–at any level!

Awhile back, New York State Education Commisar (excuse me I should have said Commissioner) John King  gave a speech about education and “civil rights.” According to King, opposing Common Core is “racist.” Ah, there’s that old race card being played yet another time–if you didn’t vote for Obama you’re a racist; if you are opposed to illegal aliens swamping our Southern border, you must be a racist; if you are opposed to Common Core in education you must be a racist.  Opposition to Common Core has now become part of the “racist” guilt trip the system attempts to lay on common folks to shut them up–only it’s not working quite as well anymore. People are starting to wake up and refusing to shut up, and that’s good.

King went on to loftily note that “Common Core educational standards are an attempt to close the achievement gap between minority and low income students relative to their peers. He urges parents and educators not to back off from their commitment to Common Core.” This from an article in the Times Union  http://www.timesunion.com  And he’s right about Common Core–it will bridge the gap between minority and low income students and others by working to make sure they are all equally dumbed down, so no one, no matter how intelligent, knows much of anything. Can you honestly picture an educational system that doesn’t care whether the kids get the right answers in math or not as long as they can explain their wrong answer, doing anything to improve the educational standards for anyone? It’s all just more bovine fertilizer and it’s being shoved down people’s throats with an earth mover!

Back in October of 2013 there was an article on TNReport by the Tennessee Republican Assembly which called on legislators to oppose “Commie Core.” And that’s what the article called it. In part, the article said: “We are already seeing the negative effects of Common Core Federal Mandates in our schools, and now we will have thinly veiled socialist and communist agendas promoted with Tennessee tax dollars.” This according to Sharon Ford, President of the Tennessee Republican Assembly. She noted an expenditure of $700,000 in “Race to the top” money that was spent to send 18 elementary, junior high, and high school principals to Red China so they could learn how to teach “the Chinese way.” Ford, with some perception, said “China is neither as diverse or as open to creativity and free speech as the U.S. It is not a system we should replicate in Tennessee. And some people wonder why Common Core is called Commie Core.”

Common Core is part of the agenda to destroy educational standards and to force all students in the country to eventually become part of it, one way or another. It is, therefore, the Marxist Critical Theory program being used to destroy any remaining standards in American education.

Any school system anywhere in the country where people have finally figured out what Common Core is really all about and they want to opt out of it should be encouraged and supported if they make that effort. Otherwise the kids entrusted to their care become victims of the Marxist Critical Theory  technique where all real educational standards are eventually erased.  The Marxists, whether they call themselves that or not, have nothing less in mind than the total destruction of any remaining Christian culture we still possess and if they can accomplish that end while brainwashing our kids by removing and real educational standards, they will do so in a heart beat.

In 1860 It Was Really Cultural Marxism

By Al Benson Jr.

In our day many of us have become aware of the prevalence of something called “Cultural Marxism.” We have a vague idea of what that means and we realize it is something that is not good, for this country or any country—and we are not the only ones who have imbibed it. Yet many do not really realize how it works to destabilize a society.

Recently, I read an interesting book called Saints and Scoundrels, written by Robin Phillips and published by Canon Press in Moscow, Idaho. Starting on page 272, Mr. Phillips gives as good a critique on Cultural Marxism and how it works as anything I have seen anywhere. It’s written in layman’s terms, not difficult to understand, and I believe he wrote it that way on purpose. John Q. Average, reading this, will be able to grasp how Cultural Marxism is affecting our society and culture today. If this book ever gets any kind of following in our day I can just imagine the response of the church-at-large. That response will be “The Lord’s in control, so don’t worry about any of this stuff.”

In dealing with Cultural Marxism, Mr. Phillips naturally had to deal with Antonio Gramsci, who, unfortunately for the world, was two steps ahead of some of his communist predecessors in the promotion of their evil ideology. Gramsci understood what they did not—that you had to insert your Marxist ideology into contemporary society not by means of economics, but by means of culture. Phlillips noted: “The real way to accomplish the Marxist revolution, therefore, was not first through economic adjustments, but cultural and institutional change. What was needed in particular was to undermine the institutional hegemonies rooted in years of civil and ecclesial ideologies. This involved an attack on the very root of Western civilization: Christianity itself…More crucially, Christianity attached importance to transcendent truths and values, in direct opposition to Marxism’s insistence that everything valuable in life can be attained by tinkering with man’s external environment.”

And Phillips also duly observed that: “What this meant in practice was that power did not rest only with those who controlled the means of production; rather it depended on those that controlled the institutions and disciplines of culture, including philosophy, politics, art, literature, media, religion, and most importantly, the educational systems from elementary school to university.” Look at what Mr. Phillips has told us and you will begin to be able to gauge just how successful Cultural Marxism has been in our day.

As the advocates of Cultural Marxism gained positions of influence in all these disciplines they began to exert their influence. This is not something new, folks, this has been going on for decades while most of the church slept on in total ignorance. Unfortunately, most of the church is still willing to sleep on in ignorance. They don’t know and they don’t want to know—just give me that “pie in the sky by and by” and that’s all I care about. Dare I say that we will live to regret our spiritual indolence? No doubt if I say that, someone will accuse me of being too “negative.”

That being the case, I might as well go all the way and make the connection with Cultural Marxism and what went on in this country in the 1860s. That was Cultural Marxism, too, only we just didn’t call it that yet. Gramsci hadn’t come along to annunciate just how the Marxists should insert themselves into our culture yet, but many of them were doing it anyway. You will get a good estimate of how they were doing it by reading Lincoln’s Marxists, written by Donnie Kennedy and myself. We deal quite a bit with how Cultural Marxism operated in this country from 1860 onward. Many of the infamous “forty-eighters” from Europe, when they got here, insinuated themselves into the fields of journalism, education, trade unionism, the military, and politics. Whether they appreciated fully the implications of what Gramsci would promote in later years or not, they were out to influence the people in this country toward a socialist worldview and they worked at it, again, while the church slept.

You might say that the “forty-eighters” that came here after 1848 were pretty much responsible for the first major wave of Cultural Marxism to hit this country, and their efforts bore fruit right into the early 1900s. Gramsci’s ideas, forwarded in this country by the Frankfurt School people who came here in the 1930s carried on after that.

For anyone wanting a little background on the Frankfurt School, I did four articles that dealt with those people in 2012 on this blog spot. Please go back and check the articles for 1/31/12, 2/2/12, 2/4/12, and 2/7/12. These deal largely with the impact of Cultural Marxism on American education, an impact that has, if anything, been strengthened and increased in recent years.

The Textbook Protest situation in West Virginia in the mid-1970s was an exercise in Cultural Marxism, although most of us who were involved in protesting the rotten books did not realize that at the time. The textbooks put forth by the school board in Kanawha County, West Virginia, against the protests of Mrs. Alice Moore and the protest leaders, were designed to water down the influence of parents and churches and to make the kids question what their parents and churches had taught them and to doubt it, replacing those eternal values with something much less desirable, even vulgar. That’s how Cultural Marxism works. The fact that the proponents of Cultural Marxism (and some of them may not even realize what they are, though some do) blew it in their initial attempt in Kanawha County did not keep them from coming right back and “keepin’ on truckin’” with their insidious agenda. These people can’t stop—they have a Christian culture to destroy—and they hope to do it before the church wakes up!

Christians and other patriotic folks have got to get it through their heads that the Marxists don’t quit, not ever. If this or that doesn’t work and they get slammed, all you have won is one battle, not the whole war. Who knows, if the church could bring itself to awake from its spiritual sloth, we might even win this war, but to do that, we have to get into the fight. And we’ll never do that as long as we have been programmed to believe that as long as the Lord is in control, (which He is) we don’t need to do anything.

I remember the bumper sticker that an evangelist talked about having on the front of his vehicle years ago which said “God so loved the world that He DID SOMETHING!” Maybe there’s a lesson for us in that thought.


The National Education Association’s Socialist Worldview

by Al Benson Jr.

How many have ever heard of the Frankfurt School? Probably not too many, although there are pages and pages of material on the Internet concerning it, many of them having to do with how this institution has affected public education in this country. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourselves and see what is out there. If you are patriotic Americans concerned about the education of your kids, particularly if you have them in public school, you will not be thrilled with what you find.

Joanne Lewis, writing for http://www.allrightmagazine.com stated in an article published in January, 2011 that: “The Institute for Social Research was founded in 1923 under the direction of Carl Grunberg, an avowed Marxist. This institute, which operated in conjunction with the University of Frankfurt, was financed by yet another Marx admirer: Felix Weil, the son of a wealthy German merchant. Modeled after the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow, it would later come to be known as the Frankfurt School. Grunberg retired in 1929, and the following year Max Horkheimer became director. It was under the directorship of Horkheimer that Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory started to take flight. :Horkheimer brought in additional scholars to assist with his concept development. He recruited Theodur Adorno, Eric Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, Lou Lowenthal and Jurgen Habermas et al.” Do a couple of these names sound a little familiar–like Fromm and Marcuse, both of whom have been widely known on college campuses in our day.

However, when Hitler rose to power in 1933 those affiliated with the Marxist Frankfurt School decided that discretion was the better part of valor and they left Germany. Lewis continued: “A few months later, with the help of John Dewey, a professor at Columbia, and Edward R. Murrow, the Assistant Secretary of the Emergency in Aide of Displaced German Scholars, the Frankfurt School was relocated to New York City. Subsequently, the members were able to obtain prestigious positions in Universities such as Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis and Berkeley of California.” Does this scenario also sound familiar? How about socialists and communists fleeing from Germany after the socialist revolts back in 1848 and coming to America, where many of them found refuge as teachers, journalists, Union army generals and members of the newly formed Republican Party (see Lincoln’s Marxists,  Pelican Publishing, Gretna, Louisiana, July, 2011).

These devotees of Marxism from Frankfurt had an agenda, as did the “forty-eighters” from Germany and other European countries that came almost a century before them–the creation of a socialist America.

To accomplish this agenda the Christian heritage and culture of the country would need to be done away with. They felt that as long as the Christian faith persisted they would never be totally able to promote their concept of socialist revolution. The Frankfurt scholars, therefore, had an agenda which included the neutralization and/or destruction of the church.

Lewis observed: “In addition to destroying the Church, it was felt they would need to encourage government dependency, vastly increase immigration to confuse identity, undermine parental authority, create racial offenses, promote disrespect for authority and attempt to break down the contemporary family.All these objectives and more were directed at the utter destruction of Western Culture and civilization.” Does any of this sound familiar?

How many parents in this country have spent big bucks so their kids could go to fancy colleges–only to be taught there by the progeny of the Frankfurt Marxists? When their kids came home they hardly recognized them anymore and the kids had been inculcated with the idea that their parents were “the enemy” because, after all, they were over thirty!

Please take note of a few things here–interesting parallels. A wealthy Marxist admirer helped to finance the Frankfurt School. The same thing happened in the 1800s when Engels helped to finance Karl Marx. You have to wonder what so often makes the wealthy fund those who are supposedly interested in their destruction. Is it a guilt complex because of their wealth, or do some of them realize something most of us do not–that Marxism is not really opposed to wealth and profit, depending on who controls it. If they can control it in the mystical name of “the people” then it’s okay.

In both 1848 and the 1920s, the radical socialists and Marxists had a problem with the Christian faith. Part of their problem was the Biblical truth of original sin. They hated the thought that man was inherently a sinner and therefore accountable to a Holy God for his actions. If man could be made accountable to no one, then they thought they could create the perfect man, responsible only to themselves. In other words, they wanted to play God.

As to where the National Education Association comes into all this, stay tuned for the next installment. However, if you noted John Dewey’s name in this article you will know there is a connection with the NEA.

To be continued.