The NEA’s Socialist Worldview–part three

by Al Benson Jr.

Throughout this and many other articles over the years, I have sought to make the point that public schools do not exist to educate, but rather to indoctrinate and there are many working in those institutions that do not even realize that. I suppose some critics (and I have had them over the years) would say that is an extreme statement. Some of the folks in a church we attended several years ago would probably have kittens if they heard me make such a statement. However, you don’t have to take my word for it. New articles on the Internet and other places bear out what I have contended.

Recently I came across one written by a Beth Stebner that appeared on
Part of the title of the article was “The vice president of the U.S. is…Bill Clinton!” According to the article “Students in U.S. high schools spend their days studying history, geography and mathematics.” Well, not quite, as the article goes on to show. It seems there was a student reporter that wanted to know just how much basic knowledge his peers in high school had so he interviewed several of them. According to Stebner’s article “Most of his classmates didn’t even know who the vice president of the country was. One student guessed Osama bin Laden, while another proudly stated that it was former president Bill Clinton.” The student interviewer asked fellow students to name the war that won the United States its independence. The article noted that “The majority of students responded with dead air.” They hadn’t a clue! Finally one of them piped up and mentioned the Korean War and another one thought it might be the Civil War. Stebner’s article wound down by stating “According to a recent study, the U.S. places behind 31 countries in math proficiency and behind 16 in reading.” Do you wonder why?

Has anyone ever even thought to ask why high school kids are almost totally ignorant of such basic facts? What are the teachers doing all day? How can a youngster get as far as high school and think the Civil War gave us our freedom when what it actually did was to begin to erode that freedom? The teachers that taught this batch of kids ought to be terminated, except they probably have tenure so you couldn’t get rid of them if you tried. And how reflective are these kids of other highschoolers  across the country? You don’t really want to know, do you?

However, these kids prove my contention that the public schools do not exist to educate. If they truly did, you would not have youngsters that thought we won our independence in the Korean War. This is the dumbed-down generation par excellence! And that is what public school is really all about. So, then, if the public schools don’t exist to educate, what do they exist for? To answer that I will refer to another article that appeared on where the headline reads “‘Schools need to teach about orgasms’ says NEA to UN” This article is by Lauren Funk.

Funk started off “New York, March 3,…Graphic sex education for youth is the new battleground at the UN, as evidenced by side events during the past week at the Commission on the Status of Women. The theme of this year’s CSW the ‘access and participation of women and girls to education, training, science and technology.'” Sounds nice, warm and fuzzy doesn’t it, until you get to where the rubber meets the road. Seems they had a woman there from the National Education Association, one Diane Schneider. According to Funk’s article “Oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education.’ Diane Schneider told the audience on a panel on combating homophobia and transphobia. Schneider, representing the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the US, advocated more ‘inclusive’ sex education in US schools, with curricula bases on liberal hetero and homosexual expression. She claimed the idea of sex education remains an oxymoron if it is abstinence-based or if students are still able to opt out.” In plain English, she wants your kids to be forced to sit and listen to this swill, whether you want that or not. And, after all, what should your opinion matter anyway? You are only the parents. This is a perfect example of indoctrination. High schools can’t even manage to teach kids what war won America her freedom but they can labor to make sure your kids know all about oral sex.

Schneider eagerly proclaimed that comprehensive sex education is “the only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity, and we must make these issues part of every middle and high school student’s agenda.” Read that line again. It tells you what they want for your kids in middle and high school in this country. This is what the teachers union is pushing. Notice her inclusion of “gender conformity” in this and refer back to an article on gender neutrality that I wrote for this blog recently. Schneider noted that those who are against homosexuality “are stuck in a binary box that religion and family create.” So it would appear that the NEA’s agenda regarding sexual perversion is to make darn sure all kids are forced through their indoctrination, are taught that homosexuality is normal and that gender conformity should be elastic.

This all fits right in with the aims of the Frankfurt School. Dr. Gerald Atkinson CDR USN (Ret.) wrote something called “What is the Frankfurt School?” And he observed that an attack on the traditional family unit was high on the Frankfurt School’s list of priorities, and the National Education Association seems to be going along with this. The question is–why are American parents willing to put up with it? Could it be that many of them have already succumbed to some form of this indoctrination already and so they don’t see any problem with it?

To be continued.