More Leftists in Selma

By Al Benson Jr.

As the situation in Selma continues we find that more leftists are coming to the aid of those that wish to remove the Forrest monument. Now they claim the monument in on public property. All along I have been informed that it is on private property, land that is owned by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. So which is it? If it’s on private property they should not be able to touch it. If it’s on public property they will do whatever they want, any way they can.

It has been reported that the Selma City Council will meet this Tuesday evening, September 25th. It has also been reported that the president of the City Council is in favor of keeping the monument, which means he can expect to be bombarded with a cacophony of harangues by the political and religious left to change his opinion. Unless he is a man of unusually strong convictions (and many politicians aren’t) they will eventually shout him down and he will cave in rather than stand for what he believes is right. I don’t know anything about the gentleman personally so I can’t say. Some of the folks reading this may know him and where he truly stands.

You can depend on Malika Sanders-Fortier getting lots of help from the left. I can only hope and pray that the Southern and Confederate heritage folks in and near Selma will get some help from likeminded folks in their area.

Supposedly Ms. Sanders-Fortier has a petition to get rid of the Forrest Monument that has 300,000 signatures on it and they plan to march Tuesday and present it to the City Council. There has been an alternate petition to keep the monument presented by the Southern heritage folks. I don’t know how many have signed that—a whole batch I hope.

Reportedly: “Partners including Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Rainbow/PUSH will be joining Malika for the March and delivery” and Ms. Sanders-Fortier wants as many as can be on hand to help with the March and delivery. It is worth noting  that many of those that turn up at these “civil rights” demonstrations have their way paid for them so they will be on hand to create the illusion of “solidarity.” When we Southern heritage folks go to a march or demonstration we have to pay our own way. It costs us, and though I have gone to many of these events over the years all across the South, my wife and I are now at the point where we can no longer get to that many of them. Health problems and Obama’s robust economy have taken their toll. I can only pray that younger folks will be willing to take our places.

So now we have Rainbow/PUSH involved too. I’ve already dealt a little with the leftist foundations of the SCLC in a previous article which you all can read on this blog spot.

So let’s look briefly at Rainbow/PUSH. According to  “Rainbow/PUSH is the result of a 1996 merger between two groups founded by Jesse Jackson. One was People United to Serve Humanity (PUSH), established in 1971, which advocated race preferences in the form of affirmative action. PUSH also helped sponsor a massive June 12, 1982 rally, organized by the Communist Party USA and the Soviet-supported U.S. Peace Council, advocating the dismantling of America’s military arsenal. The other organization was the Rainbow Coalition, formed in 1985 to counter policies enacted during President Reagan’s second term which Jackson deemed discriminatory against African Americans.” Rainbow/PUSH has its national headquarters in Chicago—the city where staunch Republicans vote Republican until they die, after which time they begin to vote Democratic, early, and often.

Rainbow/PUSH tactics include the usually frivolous complaint about “racism” which they then follow up by public marches and protests and if that doesn’t get them their way they will threaten strikes, boycotts, etc. After all, the end justifies the means you know—at least in the Marxist mindset.

So if the council meeting this week does not get these people what they want—the destruction of yet one more bit of Southern history and culture, you can begin to get some idea of where they will go from here.

Make no mistake. These people are not going away. Even if they get the Forrest Monument removed, they will find something else in Selma or its environs that they don’t like and they will then use the same tactics to get whatever that is removed or its name changed. These people aim to neutralize your Southern culture and history and replace it with the mindset currently emanating from Washington.

It remains to see what the Southern response will be. As the man says of Southern heritage and culture “fight for it or lose it.”

The Cultural Genocide Mess In Selma

By Al Benson Jr.

Selma, Alabama has been the scene of yet another attempt at cultural genocide in the South recently. The situation is still ongoing and the cultural Marxists are having a field day, thanks to a compliant “news” media.

There was a monument, with a bust of General Nathan Bedford Forrest on it in Selma. Last March the bust was stolen off the monument. However, efforts are now underway to restore and improve the monument. And here is an important point, according to  “The site on which the monument stands is owned by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and is private property, but open to the public.” So the bust was stolen off private property, not property that belonged to the city.

The same article noted: “The monument featuring an impressive bust of the general quickly proved controversial. It suffered three attacks by vandals, including one attempt to completely topple it. Many citizens of Selma also objected to the placement of the monument, considering it an affront to the city’s role in the Civil Rights movement.” The Sons of Confederate Veterans quickly pointed out that Bedford Forrest had also commanded Confederate troops in the Battle of Selma, and that “all the proper channels had been followed in the placement of the monument.” In other words, it was all done legally and above board. The monument not only commemorates Forrest, but also the Battle of Selma. Or do the “civil rights” folks think that no history is important before they came on the scene? Do they want no version of history imparted to people other than their own? You better believe it! That’s part of what cultural genocide is all about—your version of history gets its throat cut while my version dances on your grave.

According to  “Todd Kiscaden of the Friends of Forrest, told WSFA-TV ‘I’d recommend this man for any young people to model their life after. He always led from the front. He did what he said he was going to do. He took care of his people, and his people included both races. And this article also noted that “While the city government is in charge of the Live Oak Cemetery, the United Daughters of the Confederacy owns the land where the monument actually sits.” Private property, folks, you have no legal right to bother it—not that this will stop you!

State Senator Hank Sanders also told the television station “Here’s a man who killed African-Americans who had surrendered, who were not a threat to anybody, formed the Ku Klux Klan, and yet we are talking about a monument to him.” How many monuments to Martin Luther King Jr. do we have around the country? And yet he was a friend of identified Communists and even had some working for his organization.

Actually, some of the history dealing with Bedford Forrest is a little hazier than the “civil rights” folks make out. There is some question as to whether he actually formed the Klan or had a major leadership position in it.

In 2010, Pelican Publishing of Gretna, Louisiana published a book by Shane E. Kastler, a Southern Baptist minister who has devoted his life to preaching the truth of Jesus Christ’s salvation to sinners. The book was called Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Redemption  and Rev. Kastler gives you information about Bedford Forrest you are guaranteed not ever to see in cultural Marxist circles or in your “news” media (are the two identical?). A review of the book observes: “Revealing an unfamiliar side of the feared Civil War general, the book details Forrest’s meeting and marriage to a pious Presbyterian who likely influenced his later devotion to faith. He briefly served as a leader of the Ku Klux Klan but later called for its disbandment. Afterward he became an advocate for African Americans.”

In an article on  the following is noted: “The Ku Klux Klan is a secret organization that has always been shrouded in mystery. Even its early beginnings are sketchy. It is known that six former Confederate officers at Pulaski, Tennessee, approached Forrest with the idea of a “police force” for the blessings of Forrest, who held the respect of the people. Forrest gave his blessings, and for it, he was appointed their first leader. The controversy stems in whether Forrest actually played an active part in the organization.” Anyone who has read honest “reconstruction” history knows that the Southern folks in the late 1860s and 70s needed something to help them fend off the gentle persuasions of the would-be robber barons that our “history” books refer to as carpetbaggers. If you want to know why the original Klan existed look at what went on during “reconstruction” in the South. It ain’t pretty but maybe you need to acquaint yourself with the truth. Read a book called The Tragic Era  by Claude Bowers, a Northerner who told the ugly truth about “reconstruction.”

And now the opposition to the Forrest monument in Selma. Much of the opposition is being led by a Malika Sanders-Fortier who is involved with the Grassroots Democracy Commission, the 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement, and the Slavery and Civil War Museum.

If you look up Grassroots Democracy on the Internet, it looks like it is pretty much composed of Malika Sanders-Fortier and her husband, Franklin. Their site  carries several little blurbs about what they are trying to do in Selma by blocking any further work on the Forrest monument, even though two different sources I have cited in this article say the monument is on private property. One of the blurbs on their sites states: “In just a few days Malika has recruited thousands of people around the world to oppose what’s happening in Selma said Campaigner William Winters.” For any of you not familiar with them, is a big leftist outfit with their collectivist fingers in a lot of political pies.

Malika Sanders-Fortier’s parents played a large role in the Civil Rights movement and she started in with her political activism at age 15. Her parents were Harvard-educated lawyers and her father became a state senator in Alabama. Remember that Hank Sanders who complained about Forrest purposely killing African-Americans? That’s her father.

It would seem that much of the opposition in Selma started out with this one family and they have contacted their friends on the political left to help them push their agenda on Selma. This is the kind of leftist networking that goes on when someone, anyone on the left has a project they want to push. They all jump in and help one another. They may hate each other’s guts, but they’ll all get on board and support each other because they have a common enemy—us!

It’s too bad some of our Southern and Confederate heritage groups couldn’t take a page from their book and start learning to try to help each other out when something like this arises instead of taking part in all the infighting we seem so fond of getting into. Maybe there is a lesson in Selma for us and we had better start trying to learn it while we still have some Confederate heritage left.