Old Blue Studies Yankee/Marxist Legalisms



By Al Benson Jr.

 One thing you have to say about Old Blue, my great blue heron friend, he is a died-in-the-wool Confederate heron. He likes to tell the story about his heron ancestor that flew over the battlefield while the Battle of Mansfield was being fought here in Louisiana, squawking at the Yankee soldiers that they should go back where they belonged.

 He claimed that one of the Yankees shot at him, and missed, and he mused that, mostly, the Yankees were poor shots. The only thing they had going for them in the war was men, lots and lots of men, some of them socialists and communists.

 Old Blue has spent some of his time recently, in a library that is mostly peopled by human folks, but when the librarian found he was sociable, she let him stay and poke around in some of the books. She was surprised that he possessed such an amount of erudition when some of the public high school students that used her library were barely able to master “Captain Marvel” or “Superman.”

 At any rate, one day Old Blue happened across a book dealing with legal terms and court cases. At first, this was a little deep for him, but being a heron of considerable perseverance, he endeavored to work his way through it.

 He came across a court case, Texas vs. White, in the years after the War of Northern Aggression. Although technically a dispute over the payment of US bonds, the case has much more interesting results. As it turned out, the state of Texas filed suit in the Yankee/Marxist Supreme Court, trying to get back the bonds sold to White and his partner, Chiles. White argued that the state of Texas had no right to bring this lawsuit partly because the Supreme Court didn’t have any jurisdiction to hear the case because Texas’ status as a state had changed because of the secession during the War of Northern Aggression.

 But the Supreme Court, in typical Yankee fashion, rejected White’s arguments. And that bastion of Yankee integrity, Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, stated, in his majority opinion that the Constitution “in all its provisions, looks to an indestructible Union composed of indestructible States.”  In other words, once a state got into the Union its membership was perpetual and “indissoluble” unless it was ended by a revolution or the consent of the other states. According to http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com “Therefore, the secession of the insurgent government from the Union was void. Texas remained a state during the Civil War, and its citizens were all citizens of the United States.”

 Old Blue found that quite interesting, in light of the fact that he had read somewhere else that the state of Texas has been readmitted to the Union on March 30, 1870. He also read: “The United States government has never recognized the right of states to secede, and considers the states to never have left the Union during the American Civil War.”

 Naturally, after reading all the legal gobbledygook, Blue’s first question was “If these Southern states were never out of the Union, why did they have to be readmitted to a Union they were never out of? That’s a good question. Even some more intelligent humans might be tempted to wonder about that. Unfortunately, we’ve never really gotten a good answer from the powers that be in Sodom on the Potomac.

 Wanting a better source for his information,  than Yankee lawyers, Old Blue turned to the Kennedy Brothers’ authoritative book The South Was Right. In their book, on page 171, they begin a discussion of the fraudulent 14th Amendment. On the following page they note: “To secure enactment of the amendment, the Northern Congress had to accomplish the following:

  1. Declare the Southern States outside of the erstwhile indivisible Union.
  2. Deny majority rule in the Southern States by the disenfranchisement

             of large numbers of the white population.

  1. Require the Southern States to ratify the amendment as the price of

            Getting back into the Union from which heretofore they had been

            Denied the right to secede.”

 After Blue read all that he scratched his head with his right wing and said “Let me get this all straight. The Yankee Supreme Court says the Southern states never left the Union, they only thought they did, and now to get back into the Union they never left they are forced to ratify an amendment that is shaky at best and possibly fraudulent at worst.” Then he asked the next logical question. “If these states needed to get back into the Union, how could they ratify the 14th Amendment before they were readmitted to the Union?  Good question. When Old Blue asked that question of a college professor at one point   he was informed that “Blue Herons are not supposed to be able to ask those kinds of questions. Even people shouldn’t ask such questions. Are you serious? Are you really serious?

 The only possible answer to Blue’s question was in the Kennedy’s book. On page 172-173 Blue found the answer. The Kennedy’s wrote: “The North, in 1866, removed the Southern states from the Union. This was the same North that in 1861 refused to allow the South to secede from the Union. This same Union now declared the Southern states to be non-states. To get back into the Union (that originally the South did not want to be part of anyway and from which it had previously been denied the right to secede) it was required to perform the function of a state in that Union, while still officially no longer a part of the Union, by ratifying an amendment that previously, as states in the Union it had legally rejected! Words alone fail to meet the challenge of such pure Yankee logic.” How does all that grab you?

 In retrospect, Old Blue considered this whole charade to be an exercise in “legal” legerdemain.  His parting comment on this whole scenario was “If this was the way those people in Washington thought almost 150 years ago, no wonder we have the problems we have with today’s politicians. It’s almost enough to make a self-respecting Confederate heron retreat back into the bayou and weep.”

 Almost, but not quite, and why not? Because in spite of it all, there is a God in Heaven who still, through His Spirit,  governs in the affairs of men (and herons) and when the time comes, as long as His people are faithful, He will put all this to rights.

This was originally published on the old FireEater website awhile back but I thought in light of the upcoming secession vote in Scotland on September 18th it was sort of appropriate.

Oh Secession!!!

By Al Benson Jr.

It started the day after the presidential “election” was over, as vote totals began to come in from around the country and some folks began realizing that, in many areas, Obama had gotten around 110% of the vote. If you could believe some of the vote totals you would be forced to conclude that no more than a mere handful of Romney supporters turned out nationwide while Obama supporters continued to vote and vote and vote.

As to the question of whether there was vote fraud, you could ask, will the sun rise in the east tomorrow?

Someone in Slidell, Louisiana started a petition for the state of Louisiana to peacefully secede from the Union and within a few days all fifty states had people starting up almost identical petitions. Every state that supposedly gets over 25,000 signatures on their petition is supposed to have it posted on the White House website “We the People.” The White House promises to answer these petitions at some point. Let’s not kid ourselves. We all know what the answer will be, or close to it—secession is treason and the “Civil War” decided that question anyway, so you all, now that you have put your two cents worth in, just go home and shut up so Mr. Obama can get on with the thorny job of redistributing your wealth to his friends—beginning with your 401-K savings. They won’t quite phrase it that way, but you get the idea.

That, or something close to it is about what I expect as an answer from the White House. Interestingly enough, at this point in time, there are already seven states that have gotten considerably more than the 25,000 signatures necessary to get their petitions posted—all of them in the South. This heart-warming development shows you that, in spite of 150 years of Yankee/Marxist public schooling in the South during ongoing “reconstruction” everyone has not totally bought into the big lie.

According to http://www.examiner.com  for November 18th “The petitions sprang up almost immediately following the election, and now there are more than 675,000 signatures on 69 separate petition pages.” The same article then asks “should there be a fear of retaliation by the government for those who choose to sign a petition? The answer to that may be a ‘yes’, in light of President Obama urging his supporters to vote for ‘revenge’ and presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett’s ‘payback time’ and ‘the ones that opposed us will get what they deserve’ comments before the election.”

Such comments from the White (Red) House hierarchy show you the moral tenor of the administration that welfare loafers and guilt-ridden white liberals helped (along with creative voting) to send back to Washington. Ordinary American citizens exercising what should be their First Amendment rights may now have to fear retaliation from a vindictive White House that doesn’t like what they say. So much for the “land of the free.”

While I am happy for the discussion of the secession issue this petition drive has generated, I realize that this is not the way to get secession from the Union. This would be the same as the colonists in 1776 begging King George to let them leave the British Empire. And although we did secede from Great Britain, we did it with our Declaration of Independence, which was actually a secession document

There are a lot of things to be dealt with regarding the secession question. You have to have a people culturally ready to secede. At present we are not ready, emotionally, maturity-wise, or in other ways. Although the sentiment is there, for which I am thankful, we, at this point, need to grow into the kind of culture that will be ready to handle the responsibilities of secession. The Southern states that seceded in 1861 were the products of a biblically-based society and worldview. Even in the South we don’t have as much of that anymore. More’s the pity. Before we are ready for political secession we first need to reassert our cultural secession from the horrendous world system around us. We need to find biblically-sound Christian churches and adhere to them, departing from some of these “feel good” mega-temples some of us attend. We need to start taking our kids out of the government school system and consciously looking for Christian alternatives—sound Christian alternatives with a generational worldview. We need to shut the television off and stop listening to trash music, trash reality shows, and all of the other meaningless drivel that the One World establishment puts out there for us to bemuse ourselves with so that we won’t take the time to learn to think critically. And all of this, as well as other worthwhile pursuits, will take awhile. It won’t be accomplished the day after tomorrow.

Then there is the legality of secession. Some will say it is no longer legal, but, should that be true, you cannot prove that it was illegal in 1861, or that it was treason. That is plain hogwash. If it was legal in 1861 and the Confederate States government never surrendered, then that original secession is probably still legal today no matter what happened after it.

There is a lot to deal with regarding the secession question and we had better start to learn to come to grips with it because it is not going away, even if our current Marxist government tries to annul the Bill of Rights. All they will do is to drive it underground where it will flourish. As for this Marxist crowd in Washington, they had best start looking at what they have for an agenda in the light of Psalm 2.