Communism—Idolatry called “scientific socialism”

by Al Benson Jr.

Those who view communism as “scientific socialism” or as merely an economic or political system and who promote such views do themselves and those who listen to and believe them a grave disservice.  There are many fuzzy-headed people around who have yet to grasp this. I remember, years back now, I had stopped in to see the man that printed my little newsletter (not The Copperhead Chronicle I now publish) and he had another customer at the same time. The man wondered about my newsletter and when he saw that it was anti-Communist, he made the statement “Communists don’t enslave people. They liberate them!” I couldn’t believe he was serious, but he was. He really believed that. He prattled on about how wonderful communism was and, as I got ready to leave, my parting shot to him was “May my children never have to live under the freedom you advocate.” Now, thanks to some really creative vote-counting and lots of people that only voted for our current president because of his skin color and had no concept of where he was coming from, we may be headed there. I honestly didn’t think I would, but I may yet live to see it—if the Lord, in His sovereign will brings such to pass.

So what can you say for communism, or Marxism, or Marxism-Leninism or whatever you want to call it. By any other name it is idolatry and slavery, and those may be among its better points.

Man without God is so willing to be deluded that he calls good evil and evil good and calls light darkness and darkness light. Mikhail Heller, in his book Cogs In The Wheel—the formation of Soviet Man noted on page xx that: “Half a century ago the German writer Lion Feuchtwanger visited the Soviet Union at the height of the Terror. He felt himself to be fortunate in having escaped from ‘the oppressive atmosphere of false democracy and hypocritical humanism into the lively, health-giving atmosphere of the Soviet Union. It is a real tower of Babel which is being built, not to bring people closer to heaven, but to bring the heavens down to the people. And they have succeeded.’ And Heller asked “Have they really succeeded?” A look at the history will tell you how really messed up our German author was. But he had lots of company—and still does.

And so Lenin set about creating the “New Soviet Man.” God created Adam and now Lenin and his followers were going to go Him one better. Only Lenin wasn’t going to do it quite the way God did. According to Bukharin, writing in 1917: “Proletarian coercion in all its forms, beginning with the firing squad is…the way of fashioning the communist man out of the human material of the capitalist era.”

Heller quoted Maxim Gorky who had been a friend of Lenin’s in the very early 1900s and who was a writer. Gorky accused Lenin of “conducting a brutal and scientific experiment on the living body of Russia,”…He stressed the cruelty of the “scientific” experiment; to this witness of the Revolution, it was only too clear that the goal was the very refashioning of living human matter. Decades later, the experiment still continues.” Gorky also wrote: “Lenin and his associates consider it possible to commit all kinds of crimes…the abolition of free speech and senseless arrests…” Gorky called Lenin “a cold-blooded trickster who spares neither the honor nor the life of the proletariat.” If these communists sought “the very refashioning of living human matter” then they clearly had a god-complex. They were going to improve on what God did with their “scientific” methods. Instead they created a nightmare and even though communism is supposed to be dead (it really isn’t) the nightmare lingers on and on and is in the process of being revisited on this country because America refuses to wake up and grapple with the theological implications of what communism really is and does. The goal of the communists is to transform human nature by force, fear, and terror. And if a few million have to be “liquidated” in the process, well, the cost is worth it. The end does justify the means in communist eyes, no matter how much blood is spilled. If you are going to remake humanity you’ve got to figure it may get a bit messy sometimes. Such is the “liberation” provided by Marxism-Leninism.

In 1977 the Soviet Constitution stated: “The ruling and directing force in Soviet society and the core of its political system and of all state and social organizations is the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The CPSU exists for the people and serves the people. Armed with Marxist-Leninist teaching, the Communist Party lays down the general direction in which society is to advance as well as the line to be followed in domestic and foreign policy, directs the great creative activity of the Soviet people, and gives a planned and scientifically founded character to its struggle for the victory of Communism.” And Heller sums it all up succinctly by saying: “Thus the CPSU declares itself to be the Supreme Authority that knows the Truth, the Goal, and the Way to the Goal…On that basis it assumes total power…Any attempt to limit the Party’s total power is regarded as an attack on Truth and History.” If you stop and notice, doesn’t the Truth, the Goal, and the Way to the Goal sound like a sick, humanistic parody of John 14:6? I’m sure Heller recognized that fact when he worded it the way he did.

Even though we are  told the Communist Party in the Soviet Union is now defunct and Vladimir Putin has become a “reformed democrat” don’t you think this worldview still prevails over there? And what about Communist Parties in other countries? Have they all sworn off this worldview just because the Berlin Wall came tumbling down and a few statues of Lenin were removed? Don’t bet the farm on it.  Americans succumbing to this foolish view are not much different than the useful idiot I noted at the beginning of this article who told me communism “liberates” people. And to think, people whose minds work this way actually vote in this country.

The theological implications of the communist worldview are truly out there if we will but take the trouble to look for them. Communism isn’t “scientific socialism” it is gross idolatry and Christians need to understand that. Am I saying we should fear it? No! But in God’s strength and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit we should oppose it as we do all other forms of idolatry.