Another Phase of Ongoing “Reconstruction” Part Two

by Al Benson Jr.

G. Gregg Singer has aptly pointed out in his book A Theological Interpretation of American History that the real aim of Thaddeus Stevens and his fellow Northern revolutionaries was a program of “reconstruction” that would start in the South and would be handled in such a way as to eventually include the entire country. The entire fabric of American life in all areas was to be “reconstructed” according to their revolutionary aims.  And guess what, folks, partially due to the advent of the government school system, first in the North and then in the South–it has worked. In fact it has worked so well that today there is hardly a trace left of what the Founders started out with. What we are saddled with today is no longer recognizable as truly American and it is most certainly a far cry from anything truly Christian. We are now living in post-America.

Those who have, for decades now, advocated just putting a few more “conservatives” in Congress as the way to solve our national problems have not been truly aware of what our national problems really were and are. What many of them really want is a few more pseudo-conservatives in Congress to somewhat slow down the pace of the anti-Christ revolution so they won’t have to learn to digest it all at once. But, a return to our Reformed Christian roots and the resumption of God-given responsibilities–forget about that buddy. That’s too much like real work!  Well, we’ve had the “few more conservatives” in Congress on and off since 1994 now. Where has that gotten us? Has anyone noticed any reduction in big government since then? No! In fact we now have even more government to deal with and if our current Marxist administration has their way we will soon have total government.

Let’s look at the parallel. The “reconstruction” in the South set forth a policy of reverse discrimination where there was no equal protection under the law for Southern whites because it was determined that reverse discrimination in regard to freed slaves served the “important government objective” of working to assure the “perpetual ascendency of the party of the Union.” That was the Republican Party, folks. They were the original party of big government (Lincoln’s Marxists–Pelican Publishing, Gretna, Louisiana)..

Both North and South lived through the first phase of “reconstruction” and both became reconstructed enough so that most memories of a truly Christian America, as originally constituted,  were obliterated.

That having been accomplished, it is now time for us to begin to realize that we are, at present, in the midst of the second phase of “reconstruction.”  The perpetually ascending federal deity, via its court system, is busily enacting quotas and racial preference agendas, and telling local school districts that they have the power to raise taxes on their own, even if the voters have voted down the proposed tax increase. After all, the “lucky” taxpayer will foot the bill, whether he wants to or not and whether it is right and moral or not.

Some Southerners resisted the first phase of “reconstruction” not so much with any hope of real victory, but simply because it was the right thing to do. How many, today, will still have enough knowledge or intestinal fortitude to resist the second phase of “reconstruction?” The Bill of Rights you say? Pray tell, what is that? Haven’t some of those antiquated old amendments like the Tenth Amendment been done away with so that our ruling elite can run things without worrying about all those old, outdated rules that were supposed to restrict the federal government? And besides, we have the Patriot Act, which pretty well guts the Bill of Rights, given to us by that sterling “conservative” George W. Bush.

The chickens of American apostasy,  turned loose in the 1820s, have now come home to roost.  They sit in long rows, like vultures, in front of our churches, fouling the pathways into those churches. Will Christians in our day, or in the next generation, work to again cage those apostate chickens, or have they learned to live with them–fouled pathways and all?

Over a hundred years ago now Rev. R. L. Dabney, in his Defense of Virginia and the South wrote: “A righteous God, for our sins toward Him, has permitted us to be overthrown by our enemies and His.” Although he was speaking at that time to Southerners, the condemnation is appropriate for the entire country in our day. One of the fruits of apostasy is more and ever repressive government. Until apostasy is repudiated and a truly Christian culture is sought after and worked for, things will only get worse, and today’s current events are living proof.

If our view of the past is faulty, our vision for the future will be also.