Ranchers On the Border Get the Government Shaft

by Al Benson Jr.

I realize that, by now, most folks are getting weary of hearing about the situation on the border, but some things need to be stressed, lest we forget that the border situation is one way our own government (and I’m not really sure it’s ours) has declared war on its own people. That’s what this administration is all about–war against American citizens while the non-citizens stand in line to get the freebies. And they will get them, because that’s one way this regime fights against its own people and rubs our noses in it. Let’s not forget that.

Having said that, I read an excellent article this past weekend, written by Loretta Hunnicutt that was on http://www.arizonadailyindependent.com the title of which was “The U.S. Mexico border is wide open.” And boy is that ever the truth. Ms. Hunnicutt wrote the article on April 2nd of this year and she interviewed a couple ranchers who have ranches near the border and what they told her is hardly what you will get from the regular (pardon my guffaw) “news” media. I would recommend that everyone check this article out on the Internet and read it.

The ranchers she interviewed concur with my assessment of the media. One of them, in the article, said: “The media lies, and the people in Washington D.C. lie and they absolutely refuse to tell the truth. That’s why I am here. We’re not the only ones who say this but, that’s my whole deal, that’s why I agreed to talk. The American people do not know the truth about what’s going on here.” The other rancher noted: “…The first thing is, the powers-that-be in Washington D.C. including Congressmen, the Attorney General, and right up to the president and the director of Homeland Security are telling people that the border is safe and secure, and it all boils down to the border’s not secure, it is wide open.” But hey, fellas, that’s the current Regime’s game plan–a wide open border that will help illegal aliens and drug cartels and hurt honest Americans. That’s the name of the game and we better figure that out.

Another interesting revelation: according to one of the ranchers–“If you are on the border and have money you will not get caught.” Now what does that say?

One of the ranchers observed that: “the only thing that matches the level of corruption in our government agencies such as the Border Patrol is the incompetence.” And one of the ranchers also said, in regard to the Border Patrol: “…they are protected by a labor union, they work 8 to 5 or whatever, and they don’t have to do anything. They do not have to do anything. And because of the political climate in America they are encouraged to do nothing, if not blatantly ordered to look the other way.”

One of the interviewed ranchers told  a story about a friend of his who had a ranch close to Nogales, Arizona and he said that: “…his friend was out in the ‘rough country’ on his ranch when he ‘rode up on seven Mexicans in full camo and some of them had semi-automatic rifles. He rode down the trail aways and came across two Border Patrol agents.  He told them…and this is a fearless man, a rugged man. I mean he’s John Wayne. He’s what John Wayne wished he was, and he said ‘We can go back and get them all,’ and they (BP agents) said we don’t care. they refused to pursue the cartel members and 7 miles from that spot is where Agent Brian Terry was shot down’.” And he says: “So you have a check point right there with 30 or 40 agents sitting there with their thumbs up their hind ends and doing nothing. Out there, only several miles away there’s hundreds and thousands of pounds of dope and lots of Mexicans. Why is that?” Because that’s the way this regime is playing the game, that’s why!

Another interesting point, one of the ranchers talked about keeping the Border Patrol off his property because they not only don’t catch anybody, but they destroy his property.  He talked about them leaving gates to pastures open and running over his cattle, which the feds refused to reimburse him for. And they can’t seem to get it through their heads that they can’t do this kind of thing to people’s property. I’ve spent some time in the West over the years and often traveled with friends who had lived most of their lives there. One thing you never do, and I mean never, is to drive through someone’s grazing land and leave the gates open. You always shut the gates, coming and going. That’s just common courtesy in ranch country and you should do it as automatically as opening the door for a lady so she can go through before you. Doesn’t seem like the Border Patrol has learned that. But, hey, the ranches are private property (for now) and in the current Marxist political climate it’s fair game to ruin private property, as it doesn’t belong to the omnipotent state (yet).

So many of the ranchers have little use for the Border Patrol  and the Border Patrol has little use for the ranchers, whom it looks down on. One of the ranchers mentioned the former head of the Border Patrol, David Aguilar and he sounds like an “interesting” character. One of the ranchers said “I think he is that extremist that has infiltrated the system.” That’s a good thought, but if it’s true (and hopefully I can do a little checking) he ain’t the only one, he’s only one of a long list.

It’s pretty hard to get all the comments these two ranchers made given the space I have but I hope I have given folks enough commentary by them that they will take the time and effort to pull the Arizona Independent article up on the Internet and read it. Ms. Hunnicutt probably passed out info in this article you won’t get too many places. She should be commended for this article. If you pull the article up, check out the ranchers’ comments about Senator John McCain. They’ve got him pegged from the git-go. 

I’ve been on the border a few times in years past and this planned insanity going on there today sure doesn’t sound like what I remember.