Why Is It Only A Crime If The Perp Is White???

by Al Benson Jr.

Back on November 24, 2013 a white man from the Houston, Texas area knocked an elderly black man down and broke his jaw in two places. It was said that he laughed and shouted “knockout” as he did this.

The man, a twenty-seven year old, has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Houston for a hate crime against the elderly black man. No one argues against the fact that this was a despicable act and that the man should be punished for what he did. However, if he shouted “knockout” when he did it, where do you suppose he got the idea for calling it that? It couldn’t have been from blacks that have done the same thing to whites could it? If anyone has kept track of the news for the past few months you know that’s exactly where he got the idea. I don’t know how many cases of this same dastardly act I’ve read about in recent months where a black, or blacks, have done this selfsame thing to some elderly white person and that’s what they call it–knockout! Of course, thanks to our progressive “news” media, we didn’t read about nearly as many of these black on white crimes as actually happened. Many of the stories about these were simply spiked and you never heard about it, but you did hear about some.

At this point, I have a couple questions which I hope my readers will ask at every opportunity. This one white man did this to one black man and it was labeled a “hate crime.” What was it labeled when all the different black guys did it to elderly white folks? I never once, in the “news” media saw that labeled as a hate crime. Why not?

If it’s a “hate crime” when a white guy does it then why isn’t it a hate crime when a black guy does it? Nobody seems to want to deal with that question. Why not? Seems to me that what’s sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander. If it isn’t then we have a monstrous double standard we are operating on in this country, or maybe you hadn’t noticed that.

If it’s a hate crime when the white guy commits it, then why isn’t it a hate crime when the black guy commits it? I have yet to see that question even addressed by anyone. Most of what passes for our “news” media sincerely hopes no one will think along those lines and that no one will ask such embarrassing  questions, especially not in public. Of course should someone dare to address this sensitive issue they can always be labeled a “racist.” That should shut most folks up right there.

But it won’t shut all of us up! Of course I realize there are some whacked-out college professors that glibly inform us that “only white people can be racist” and no one else ever could. But, folks, in all honesty, who really believe that bovine fertilizer except the most politically correct of the politically correct? Ordinary folks that live in the real world just don’t buy it. They may not argue over it for fear of being labeled as “racists” but in their heart of hearts they know it’s all balderdash.

So I keep asking–why is it “racist” for a white man to do something when it is not racist for a black man to do the same thing? I have never forgotten the missionary from South Africa I talked to years ago who said, of blacks, that they were “the most ethnocentric people in the world.”

If that is, in fact, the case (and I realize there are exceptions) then you have to ask yourself–who are the real “racists?” Since the term “racist” is of Trotskyite origin I don’t really like to use it. Maybe the term “racialist” would be more appropriate.

So who is the real racialist? Is it just possible that it’s the person who accuses everyone else of being one?


White Paper Is Now Politically Incorrect

By Al Benson Jr.

If ever you needed another reason to keep your kids out of public schools, and even out of some day care centers, this has got to be it. Recently an article appeared on http://www.examiner.com under the byline of Joe Newby of the Spokane Conservative Examiner noting how an “education consultant” has now said that white paper may cause your kids to be racist.

You read that right. White paper just might make your children flaming “racists.” The article states: “According to Anne O’Connor, an ‘early years consultant who advises local authorities on equality and diversity’ it may, reports the UK Telegraph.” The article continues: “Julie Henry writes: Children should be provided with paper other than white to draw on and paints and crayons should come in the full range of flesh tones, reflecting the diversity of the human race, according to the former teacher.” And the Telegraph then adds: “Finally, staff should be prepared to be economical with the truth when asked by pupils what their favourite colour is, in the interests of good race relations, answer ‘black’ or ‘brown’.” In other words, in the “interests of good race relations” they are supposed to lie to the kids. What an educational foundation to build upon!

O’Connor claims this approach is based on an “anti-bias” model of education, “designed to develop children’s empathy and help teachers of young children ‘explore their own conditioning and possible prejudices’.” So now, in addition to lying to the kids, along comes the ever-faithful guilt trip to be laid on the teachers. Do any of them have white or pink or some other light shade as favorite colors? It must mean they are closet “racists” and so need to change their outlook.

If we are now talking about an “anti-bias” model of education, why are we indulging in anti-white bias as part of it? Well, you see, you are not supposed to notice that. Besides, it’s open season on white folks anyway. You can laugh at them, make fun of them and do whatever, but heaven help you if you do it to anyone else. The thought police will arrive shortly.
So you take away the white drawing paper and give the kids black drawing paper. Having you eliminated the problem of “racism?” Well, no, actually you haven’t because now the kids, in order for their drawings to be seen have to use lighter colored crayons and some of them might use, heaven forbid, a white crayon for something, which I am sure would then necessitate a lecture from the teacher on the political correctness of ignoring anything white as evil and only using darker colors on dark paper.

A lady who belonged to a parent’s group disagreed with all this and she made a statement worth reflecting upon. She said “I’m sure these early years experts know their field, but they seem to be obsessed about colour and determined to make everyone else obsessed about it too.” This lady was right on target. They have been taught to be obsessed with color. So who taught them this stuff? If they learned it in their teacher’s schools then they were propagandized instead of being educated.

So now, from school teachers in England we are being taught that “racism” might possibly be caused because the kids have white drawing paper. Up to now we’ve been told that “racism” was the result of Obama being elected president or because the South had slaves in the 1860s. No other reasons are worth checking into according to the politically correct.

Assuming that British educational trends eventually make their way over here, according to the author of this article “One can only wonder how long it will be before the Congressional Black Caucus demands darker color paper in elementary schools.”

Sound far-fetched? It isn’t really. Institutionalized bigotry against whites is part of the politically correct agenda, which must be followed at all costs. White kids in public schools must be taught that black is beautiful and white is horrible and that they must be ashamed of their white history and heritage and embrace all things black. If enough of them do this it will change the culture, I’m not all that sure that is a change I want to see.

Almighty God created all the races and put each person in the racial group He wanted them to be in. Each person should be thankful for where he or she was put and not be taught that some other race is “superior” and that if you refuse to believe that you are a “racist.” Let each race stand or fall on its own merits and quit all this cultural engineering, which is really cultural genocide.