Public Schools Promote What Scripture Forbids

by Al Benson Jr.

Very recently I read an article on  written by Bob Unruh about a sodomite group in Scotland that is promoting a petition which demands that children from kindergarten on up be forced to “learn about homosexual, bi-sexual and transgender issues.” The moderator of the Free Church of Scotland labeled the proposal “a Trojan horse to impose an ideological perspective on all pupils.” He was right. This petition, circulated by a sodomite activist group, Time for Inclusive Education, wants children, from their earliest years of schooling to be indoctrinated in that which Holy Scripture forbids. I guess you could say those people have an agenda and it is clearly anti-Christian.

But that’s Scotland, you say, we don’t have to worry about that over here. Our public schools would never do anything like that, and besides, the school my kids go to has a Christian teacher or two and a great band program. What else matters?

Folks, I hate to rain on your parade, but this sort of thing is going on in this country also and, unfortunately, it’s nothing new. It has been going on for decades. Ask the people of Kanawha County, West Virginia about their textbook protest in the mid-1970s.

However, every once in awhile the sodomite agenda needs updating and it helps to have “useful idiots” like California Governor Jerry Brown in the governor’s chair who are more than willing to help it along. An article on for July 15, 2011 noted: “Democratic Governor Jerry Brown said Thursday he had signed a bill that will require public schools in the state to teach students about the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans….’History should be honest.’ Brown said in a statement.”  Yes, Mr. Brown, history should be honest–therefore homosexual propaganda shouldn’t be paraded as history in front of students. Rev. Louis Sheldon, founder of the Traditional Values Coalition said: “It is an outrage that Gov. Jerry Brown has opened the classroom door for homosexual activists to indoctrinate the minds of California’s youth, since no factual material would be allowed to be presented. If parents don’t already have their children out of public schools, this should cause them to remove them.” Yes, Rev. Sheldon, it should, but it probably won’t!

And then there was an article on for July 6, 2015 which carried the headline: “Gender Identity Curriculum Angers Parents in Virginia.” The article stated, in part: “Parents opposed to including the lessons protested at the hearing. Many are concerned they won’t be able to opt their children out of the classes because the lessons have been removed from the Family Life Education curriculum into health classes, which are mandatory.” Of course this stuff is mandatory. They want your kids indoctrinated with it. Don’t you get it yet? For heaven sake, people, wake up and smell the sodomite soda. The Education Establishment in this country wants your kids indoctrinated (brainwashed) with this kind of thing. It’s on their to do list, right near the top of the page. It’s not accidental, or some bureaucratic screw-up.  This is being done to your kids on purpose! If you have taught your kids at home that, according to Scripture this kind of behavior is wrong, they plan to change that with their indoctrination. The article observed that parents protested this at the hearing, and what good did their protest do? It’s mandatory for the kids to be fed this propaganda no matter what the parents want and the educational establishment will make sure it is fed to them. Mom and Dad’s wishes don’t matter. Get that through your heads!

If your kids remain in public schools they will, at some point, be fed this sodomite drivel because that’s what the agenda is. If your kids were raised in a Christian home, with Christian standards–then all that has to be changed–and these government school change agents are more than willing to work to circumvent what you have taught your kids–it’s what they live for! All this junk isn’t accidental, isn’t some bureaucratic snafu–it’s on purpose and they will continue to do it to your kids–on purpose–unless you remove them from that system. You can’t just join the PTA and work to reform the system. That has never cut the mustard and it never will. All this is window dressing, to keep parents thinking they have some voice in their kids’ education when actually they have none. I’m not saying all teachers are bad–they’re not, but the system they work for is and those who run that system have an agenda that will be forced on American youth–no matter what–unless you get your kids out of their system, and it is theirs, not yours.

If you want some info about what the public education system is trying to do to (not for) your children, look up John Taylor Gatto on line. He’s an ex-public school teacher who wrote a book about all this. Read the recent Blumenfeld-Newman book Crimes of the Educators. Check out Exodus Mandate, P O Box 10272, Columbia, South Carolina, 29211 or at  and sign up for their newsletter. You can do that on line, too. Begin to find out what goes on in these schools and then work to get your kids out of them.

Years ago I worked for a Christian home school program in the Midwest and I did a few years on the phones there. One afternoon a lady from New York called up and wanted home schooling information for her daughter. Turned out she was a public school teacher, yet she was going to home school her daughter. And I never forgot what she told me. She said “I’m here (the public school) every day. No way is my daughter going to this school.” I can’t say it any better than she did.

The Government School System and John Dewey–America’s Trojan Horses–Part 3

by Al Benson Jr.

Back in 1984 (was the year prophetic or what?) Sam Blumenfeld wrote an important book, NEA–Trojan Horse in American Education. It is still available on

It dealt with the National Education Association, which has been around a lot longer than most people think it has (since 1857). Blumenfeld wrote, on page 181, that: “From 1857 to the present, the NEA has worshipped two gods; Horace Mann, a statist (and Unitarian), and John Dewey, a socialist.”

Then Blumenfeld made an interesting statement–one that has proved to be so very accurate. He said: “The progressives have always known that violence would have to be used to break the back of hard-core resistance to their dictatorship. While Dewey expected socialism to come about in America  through the use of ‘organized intelligence’ without violent revolution, he nonetheless realized  that hard-core resistance would have to be quelled by force…Dewey realized that while most people would sheepishly permit the chains of socialist control to be placed on them by ‘organized intelligence’ there would always be those stubborn individualists and religious ‘fanatics’ who would fight back.” This happened in Kanawha County, West Virginia a decade before Blumenfeld wrote his book on the NEA. Many parents there protested, marched, and resisted the educational establishment’s efforts to brainwash their children, and, when it could no longer be laughed at or otherwise suppressed, their protest was ultimately dealt with by force. For a real and shocking lesson in what the educational establishment did there, read Karl Priest’s book Protester Voices–the 1974 Textbook Tea Party.  Mr. Priest had a whole chapter in his book, chapter seven, devoted to the NEA. Since my family and I were in Kanawha County, West Virginia for part of the time this protest went on, I can vouch for the accuracy of Mr. Priest’s comments and viewpoint. I know some of the people mentioned in his book. Some are now deceased, but not all. This is a book for those who want to see how the government education system operates–in living color.

That the NEA is decidedly leftist in orientation there can be no doubt. In his book Shadowbosses  Mallory Factor noted, on page 83, that: “The National Education Association (NEA) spent $50 million on Obama’s election campaign in 2008. When Obama spoke to the NEA in 2008, he emphasized that he would be able to deliver more dues revenue to the teachers union: ‘In the coming weeks, I’ll be laying out the specific details of my plan to invest billions of new dollars into the teaching profession and recruit an army of well-trained, well-qualified teachers who are willing to stand in front of any classroom’…” (and help to brainwash the children of America as part of the fundamental transformation of America into a third world socialist nonentity).

Mr. Priest noted in his book that there were three different kinds of teachers in public schools–those who realize what’s going on and detest it but don’t know what to do about it short of quitting outright, those who are sincere teachers but don’t have a clue as to what’s going on,  and those who are utterly corrupt and more than willing to promote the leftist agenda. Over the years I’ve met some of all three.

Sam Blumenfeld and Alex Newman, in their new book Crimes of the Educators have observed that “The National Education Association (NEA) of course, endorses multicultural-global education as a ‘way of helping every student perceive the cultural diversity of the US citizenry so that the children of many races may develop pride  in their own cultural legacy…” And on and on the litany goes. Along with this they also note that: “…the NEA recognizes no American culture  that the student may take pride in. He is to appreciate the cultures of others, and learn about them, at the expense of learning about his own.” That’s what multiculturalism is all about folks–embracing other cultures to the negation of your own. This is what multicultural educators in government schools across the country are promoting–the negating (cultural genocide) of American culture, particularly Southern American culture, in favor of all other cultures–any other culture except American culture. This is what, with minor exceptions your kids will learn in government schools. If you are satisfied with that, then just leave them there–but don’t complain to others when the kids come home bearing the questionable fruit of the system you left them to be “educated” in!

Begin to educate yourself as to what really happens in most government schools. Read Blumenfeld’s and Newman’s book. Read Karl Priest’s book  and when you read what they have presented and finally become ticked off enough about it, then resolve to find Christian sources for your children’s education and, if at all possible, remove them from a government education system that practices the knowing genocide of your culture.

It Can All Hang Out In Fort Smith Public Schools But the Confederate Flag

by Al Benson Jr.

The city of Fort Smith, Arkansas may be familiar to many people. It has been pictured in many Western movies. It is the city where Judge Isaac Parker, the “hanging judge” presided over his court. Judge Parker sentenced over 70 people to hang during his judicial career, and from what I have read over the years, they probably deserved it. Others who probably deserved it and didn’t get hung, through lawyers intervening in their cases one way or another. One movie I saw years ago, “True Grit” had one of Judge Parker’s marshals, played by John Wayne, referring to the legal representatives in Fort Smith as “pettifogging lawyers.”

I’ve only been to Fort Smith once, back in the 1970s, but I remember it as a distinctly Southern town. But that was then, not now. That insidious political disease known an Political Correctness (in reality it’s Cultural Marxism) has quietly seeped into many places in the South to the point where often you can hardly tell you are in the South anymore.

Suffice it to say that the public school system in Fort Smith has now imbibed in Cultural Marxism in regard to Confederate symbols like so many other places. Given the history of the public school system I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised. Untortunately, I am afraid that many who should know the real history don’t, and so they climb aboard the dumbed-down bandwagon also.

According to the Times Record a local attorney, Joey McCutchen (they aren’t all bad) is suing the Fort Smith School Board because of their decision to remove the Confederate flag, the “Dixie” fight song, and the school mascot from Southside High School in Fort Smith.

According to the Times Record article: “The move, according to a statement from the school district came after ‘giving great consideration to the continuing impact of perceived symbols of racism on the community, state, and nation’.” So we are removing all Confederate symbols all across the country now because they are “perceived symbols of racism.” They don’t actually have to be “racist” symbols–all they have to do is to be “perceived” as that and that’s more than enough for the usual knee’jerk reaction from all the politically correct types stepping out from under their leftist rocks.

McCutchen is suing the school board on behalf of a Fort Smith resident, Curtis Sorrells, and the suit cites violation of the open meetings provision of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.  The suit said that the publicized agenda for the June 23 School Board Committee of the Whole meeting called only for a closed meeting for discussion of Superintendent Benny Gooden’s yearly performance.  The purpose of this notice was to lead members of the public and media into believing that the meeting was solely to discuss a personnel issue and that the meeting would not be open to the public.”

It was at this closed meeting according to that “members voted to recommend changing Southside High School’s mascot and fight song. Fort Smith attorney Joey McCutchen filed the lawsuit claiming the school board violated the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act by holding a committee vote without notifying the public.” Well, yes, if you are going to work for the cultural demise of a large group of your students you obviously don’t want to do it openly. McCutchen said: “The school board did not say one word about why they were for or against, and that is concerning, so I think we, the voters, need to come out. We need to get a school board that will engage us in the process because that’s what our government stands for.” Actually it may be what government used to stand for. Nowadays it stands for whatever it can get away with! One Confederate flag supporter said “I’m tired of all the political bull.” Friend, you better hang onto your Confederate flag because all this ain’t going away any time soon.

We have to understand that all these incidents, and so many have been reported that you can’t cover them all, are all part of one fabric–one agenda–and most of these public schools are just itching to find a reason, any reason, to ban Confederate symbols of any kind. The only thing that will stop them is a massive turnout of local citizens protesting what they are trying to do, citizens telling them that if they remove Confederate symbols then their children will no longer attend that school but will find educational alternatives. They’d be better off finding educational alternatives anyway, but that’s the kind of thing school boards might respond to, as most local school districts get federal funding based on how many students attend their schools and if a particular school ends up losing 75-100 students that will adversely affect what they get from the feds. They can understand that.

The Fort Smith situation shows us a couple things. For one, there are some decent lawyers out there who do try to do the right thing. I have known, over the years, a handful of Christian lawyers who do strive to make their faith part of their law practice.

For another thing, we should start checking out on the Internet the number of these cases that have shown up since the Charleston shootings. I’ve done some of that and, believe me, they are legion and they all seem to follow a similar pattern, which means they are all part of a preconceived agenda. Hence they are not, in any way, locally spontaneous. All the people involved in different communities may not all know one another, but there is a common thread that runs through all these attempts at banning anything Confederate, whether it be in schools, whole towns, or wherever. These people are all operating off the same blueprint. So you have to ask–where did the blueprint come from?

As the Times Record article noted, Confederate symbols are perceived symbols of racism. That in no way makes the perception accurate, but then, the leftists and those who finance them really don’t care about that anyway. Their aim is to get people thinking in a certain direction that serves their purpose. Whether that direction is accurate or not (and it usually isn’t) makes not one iota of difference.

That this is a campaign of ethnic cleansing by the left should be apparent by looking at those who support it, the NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center, along with a host of lesser leftist luminaries.  No one in their right mind could ever consider such groups as “objective” or “middle of the road” no matter what the “news” media tells us. So start checking out some of these outfits that promote ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide in regard to Confederate history and culture. You won’t like what you find if you do the homework. And when you do find it, you should heed the biblical admonition in Ephesians 5:11 and expose it.

Critical Theory, Cultural Marxism, and Commie Core

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I read an informative article on  which dealt with Cultural Marxism and how it manifests itself as Political Correctness. The article noted how people often poke fun at Political Correctness, and we see so very much of it in our day that we are often tempted to make light of it as though it were nothing more than a mere annoyance. The article noted, however, that “…Political Correctness is deadly serious in its aims, seeking to impose a uniformity of thought and behavior on all Americans. It is therefore totalitarian in nature.” It is rooted in kind of an “alternative” brand of Marxism that doesn’t dwell on the state of the economy as much as it does on the state of the culture. And although it doesn’t, that should concern us.

Among the biggest contributors to this new abomination, (not that the old brand of Marxism was any better), have been Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukacs.  Gramsci’s “new Communist man had to be created via a changed culture,  and the culture had to be changed before political revolution was possible.” Lukacs believed that not only must the old culture be changed, it must be destroyed. Lukacs said: “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch…Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values  and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.” It seems, in one sense, that these Marxist revolutionaries are little more than political busybodies. Who asked them to go about changing the culture?

The Frankfurt School, about which I have written previously,  was a group of mostly German Marxists who came to this country when Hitler took over in Germany. Their concept of totalitarianism didn’t agree with his. Interestingly enough, they were welcomed with open arms at Columbia University, where they began to work eagerly at the destruction of American culture, and particularly Christian culture. What does that tell you about Columbia University? The Frankfurt School is no longer officially in existence now, but those who have been bred and taught with that mindset and worldview are still laboring at the overthrow of American culture. They are close enough to their goal now that they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The article from  that I’ve been quoting from has observed: “The Frankfurt School’s studies combined Marxist analysis with Freudian psychoanalysis to form the basis of what became known as ‘Critical Theory.’ Critical Theory was essentially destructive criticism of the main elements of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy,…morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity…” They didn’t specifically mention education, but if you understand the Marxist mindset you know that has to be a major part of it.

Part of the destruction of any culture is the destruction of standards of any kind and the truth by which those standards are revealed. I just read a post on the Freedom Outpost web site. It was posted on August 5th and the headline for it was: “Common Core Standards: 3×4=11 Is Ok As long as you can explain why.” The article stated: “Seriously, I could not believe that a grown woman was shoveling this stuff, but lo and behold, watch a Common Core promoter actually say that it’s fine that children think that 3×4=11. She just wants to know if they can reason and explain how they came to the answer! In other words, there are no right answers in Common Core. Apparently there will be no logic or reasoning in Common Core either. They just want you to be a dumb, useful idiot. If this is going on in math, what do you think would happen if, say a kid claimed that Bill Clinton was the first president of the United States?”

There was a video presentation with this post and the lady that was “shoveling” out this mathematical bovine fertilizer said: “But even under the new common core even if they said 3×4=11, if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer. Really in words and in oral explanation and they showed it in a picture but they got the final answer wrong. We’re more focused on the how and the why.” In other words, its perfectly okay for kids to come up with the wrong answer if they can just explain how they got that wrong answer. Interestingly enough, this “event” occurred in District 46, in Grayslake, Illinois on July 17th. Are you really surprised? The writer of this article states that this is the kind of nonsense you get when the feds get involved in education. On that point I can agree with him. But then he goes on to state that the states really need to put the feds in their place and to resume the powers the feds were not given in the Constitution. In principle he’s right, except, in all actuality, not even the state, let alone the feds, should be involved in education. That is a parental function–not a state function, not even a local government function. A major part of our problem in this country is that we don’t know our history well enough to grasp what governments at various levels should and should not be doing. And education is one of those things they shouldn’t be doing–at any level!

Awhile back, New York State Education Commisar (excuse me I should have said Commissioner) John King  gave a speech about education and “civil rights.” According to King, opposing Common Core is “racist.” Ah, there’s that old race card being played yet another time–if you didn’t vote for Obama you’re a racist; if you are opposed to illegal aliens swamping our Southern border, you must be a racist; if you are opposed to Common Core in education you must be a racist.  Opposition to Common Core has now become part of the “racist” guilt trip the system attempts to lay on common folks to shut them up–only it’s not working quite as well anymore. People are starting to wake up and refusing to shut up, and that’s good.

King went on to loftily note that “Common Core educational standards are an attempt to close the achievement gap between minority and low income students relative to their peers. He urges parents and educators not to back off from their commitment to Common Core.” This from an article in the Times Union  And he’s right about Common Core–it will bridge the gap between minority and low income students and others by working to make sure they are all equally dumbed down, so no one, no matter how intelligent, knows much of anything. Can you honestly picture an educational system that doesn’t care whether the kids get the right answers in math or not as long as they can explain their wrong answer, doing anything to improve the educational standards for anyone? It’s all just more bovine fertilizer and it’s being shoved down people’s throats with an earth mover!

Back in October of 2013 there was an article on TNReport by the Tennessee Republican Assembly which called on legislators to oppose “Commie Core.” And that’s what the article called it. In part, the article said: “We are already seeing the negative effects of Common Core Federal Mandates in our schools, and now we will have thinly veiled socialist and communist agendas promoted with Tennessee tax dollars.” This according to Sharon Ford, President of the Tennessee Republican Assembly. She noted an expenditure of $700,000 in “Race to the top” money that was spent to send 18 elementary, junior high, and high school principals to Red China so they could learn how to teach “the Chinese way.” Ford, with some perception, said “China is neither as diverse or as open to creativity and free speech as the U.S. It is not a system we should replicate in Tennessee. And some people wonder why Common Core is called Commie Core.”

Common Core is part of the agenda to destroy educational standards and to force all students in the country to eventually become part of it, one way or another. It is, therefore, the Marxist Critical Theory program being used to destroy any remaining standards in American education.

Any school system anywhere in the country where people have finally figured out what Common Core is really all about and they want to opt out of it should be encouraged and supported if they make that effort. Otherwise the kids entrusted to their care become victims of the Marxist Critical Theory  technique where all real educational standards are eventually erased.  The Marxists, whether they call themselves that or not, have nothing less in mind than the total destruction of any remaining Christian culture we still possess and if they can accomplish that end while brainwashing our kids by removing and real educational standards, they will do so in a heart beat.

When Will Christians Wake Up To What Public Education Is Really All About?


By Al Benson Jr.

Literally for decades now I have watched Christians defend public education in this country and subtly denigrate those among their brethren that dare to pass up the questionable benefits of public schooling and educate their children in a Christian way, either via a Christian school or home schooling.

 Those who have taken the trouble to do some reading and research have discovered that public education in this country has been in the business of trying to blunt and dilute the influence of the Christian faith here literally since day one. This is not a problem that has arisen since the 1960s, which is what many people seem to believe. This is a situation that has been a major part of the public education agenda since the beginning. I realize that lots of folks reading this will not really want to believe that, but again, go back and do the homework. Read Samuel Blumenfeld’s Is Public Education Necessary?  Blumenfeld is an expert in the field of education. Read what he says. Then go from there.

What we see going on in public schools today only corroborates what Blumenfeld and others have written about for the last forty years and more. An article on  for January 8th of this year noted that: “Jesus isn’t allowed in school, but Islam is…” It went on to note an article in The Christian Science Monitor from July, 2007 which dealt with an elementary school near San Diego, California that made time during the school day for Muslim kids to worship. The article noted: “The school’s policy ‘presumes that Christians are less religious and less inspired to worship and praise the Lord and come together’ says Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute.  He is asking the school district to set up special rooms where Christians can pray, too.” Wonder if that ever happened. Why does the school “assume” that Christians are less prone to want to worship than others? The person who posted this noted: “Can you believe this line of certified b.s.? In my previous post, I noted some Christian kid couldn’t even hand out a Christmas candy cane with a benign little religious saying on it, but schools will set up rooms and special times during the day to accommodate Muslims and their prayer times.” I don’t know who posted this, but whoever it was, they understand what the game is all about and they are protesting. The post continued: “There are so many Christians who are content to go to their little churches on Sunday and maybe a mid-week service and that’s it. I suppose that’s okay, but Christians need to get involved in politics to a certain extent. ‘Oh, I’m not interested in politics’ you’ll hear them say. Well, they’d better get interested because politics and who we elect to make laws, has a direct effect on our freedom to worship as we choose. One doesn’t have to be into politics to a fault, but…folks, get involved enough so that after Sunday service and IHop and the football game you can make a difference by getting informed and making wise choices. Until Christians do, collectively, the ‘Jesus isn’t allowed in school’ bunch will continue and will get much worse…” This person is most likely trying to reach the same “Don’t worry, the Lord’s in control (so I don’t have to do anything)” bunch that I have been trying to reach. I hope they have more success than I have.

A recent article on  noted a essay written by an Al Mohler on the problems facing public schools today and the article noted how Mr. Mohler seemed to gloss over some of the history of the public education movement. The article’s author, Joel McDurmon, stated, quite accurately that: “His (Mohler’s) reasoning is that public schools used to be okay because they were locally controlled. Again, this begs the question of whether, from a Scriptural point of view, public schools ever should have been an option for Christians. And this causes problems with his subsequent narrative. It ignores the history previous to the period he highlights, it neglects important facts about the very period he presents essentially as a golden age of public schools, and it simply gets some of its facts wrong. For example, Mohler writes, ‘The earliest public schools in the United Stated were community-bases and parent-controlled. Parents and fellow citizens within a community would establish a school and hire a schoolmaster.  The community would establish the curriculum…’ These are very broad, sweeping generalizations that do not represent the majority of the early public school movement, or do not represent it in all its humanistic glory.”

And Mr. McDurmon continues: “Let’s just be honest to start with: socialism is socialism, and statism is statism, no matter how small or large a scale on which you operate them. Public schools are and always have been based on civil government coercion, forced taxation of property, and redistribution of wealth.  These principles are unbiblical whether they are nationally controlled or locally controlled—Washington-based or community-based. Further, from day one the public schools were designed to be centers of humanistic indoctrination…” He noted the early Unitarian influence, which is seldom, if at all, discussed or even mentioned. He mentioned the teachers union, the National Education Association, which goes all the way back to 1857. That’s right, 1857, not 1957! How many Christian folks even have a clue about any of this? Those that continue to talks about how good the schools were back in the “good old days” mostly do not know what they are talking about. They may be sincere. I don’t doubt their sincerity, but they are sincerely wrong. Someone who studies the history of the public school movement realizes that there never were any “good old days.” It was humanism and socialism since day one, as Mr. McDurmon has so aptly noted.

It would seem, also, that many of the public school teachers around the country are aware of this. An article on  for October 17th, 2013 and written by Larry Elder gave some interesting statistics. Mr. Elder observed: “About 11 percent of all parents—nationwide, rural and urban—send their children to private schools. The numbers are much higher in urban areas. One study found that in Philadelphia a staggering 44 percent of public school teachers send their kids to private schools. In Cincinnati and Chicago, 41 and 39 percent of public school teachers, respectively, pay for a private school education for their children. In Rochester, New York, its 38 percent. In Baltimore it’s 35 percent, San Francisco is 34 percent…” You get the idea. These public school teachers have sense enough not to trust their own kids to the system they work in.

I recall, years ago now, when I worked for a Christian home schooling program in Illinois. One day a public school teacher, from New York somewhere, I think it was, called up and wanted information about the home schooling program we had. In talking to her I sought to ascertain why she was interested in home schooling seeing that she was a public school teacher. I never forgot her answer. She said something like “I work here every day. No way do I want my daughter going to school here.” I thought “what a resounding vote of confidence for the public school system from one of its own.” Folks, when even the public school teachers don’t want their kids “educated” in the system they work for you know there is something wrong.

Mr. Elder noted that Obama ended up sending his kids to a private school. He brought up Obama’s comment about education being “the civil rights issue of our time. Yet his opposition to K-12 education vouchers guarantees that many of America’s kids will sit in the back of the bus.” And that’s just fine with Obama. If the kids all go to miserable public schools and never learn anything, then they don’t have enough knowledge to ask any questions about the direction the country is going in, they just accept the Marxist agenda because they’ve never been taught anything else.

Those who advocate for “reform” of the public school system don’t have a clue as to what it’s all about. If the system was bad from day one, what do you “reform” it back to??? That’s one no one has been able to yet answer for me. When I bring the question up someone usually replies by telling me how good it was when they went. They simply don’t get it. The only difference between when they went to school and now is that the degree of humanism and socialism back then was not as blatantly apparent then as it is now—but it was still there—and the fact that they so staunchly defend public education proves that it was there and they just didn’t recognize it.

If you can’t reform or improve something, especially if it has always been questionable then you have but one option—you separate from it and seek out a Christian alternative. If you are concerned about the future of your children and their children then this is what you need to do. Christian children do need a Christian education, not humanist indoctrination. In fact they need an education that will teach them how to identify humanist indoctrination when they hear it and how to oppose it.

The Feds Get To Decide What He Eats As Well As What He Thinks—More Public School Dictatorship

By Al Benson Jr.

So much material about outright public school abuses comes across my desk it is impossible to cover it all. Someone suggested I write another book but at my age I am not sure if I have the energy.

What I will do is to try to continue to comment on some of the more egregious abuses the government school system heaps on parents in the hope that if some folks read enough of this they might just be led to take their kids out of public schools and give them a Christian education.

I read an article on the fourth of November that was on  that was a real gem. The headline read “Feds Tell Virginia Mom Her Child Needs A Doctor’s Note to Bring A Bagged Lunch from Home!” It noted a lady in Richmond, Virginia whose youngster attends a federally funded Head Start preschool program. The article by Joe Calandra Jr. states: “…the federal government gets to decide what her child learns and what her child eats too! Mrs. Brooks was informed she can no longer send her child to school with a brown bag lunch unless a doctor says the school lunch would be unsafe for her child to consume. Unless Mrs. Brooks: A—finds a sympathetic doctor, B—decides to homeschool, or C—sends her child to a private school, the state says, they alone, will control what her child eats!” The feds even sent a note home with the kids to make sure Mom gets the message.

You have to wonder why the feds are so concerned with what these kids eat—or is there something in the food they plan to serve these kids that they want to make double-sure they get and they won’t get it if they brown bag their lunches? Now that may sound far out, but with these government schools nowadays you really have to wonder. We know they want to change the kids’ thinking and poison much of what their parents have taught them. Some “educators” have even stated that most children enter the public school in some state of insanity and it’s up to a beneficent government school system to straighten them out but, to my knowledge, up to now they have not complained about what the kids eat. Or does this whole scenario teach both kids and parents that the government is in total control over all they do—that the government is, in fact, the real “god” in their lives? That wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Back in 1985, theologian and historian R. J. Rushdoony wrote: “To control the future requires the control of education and of the child. Hence, for Christians to tolerate statist education, or to allow their children to be trained thereby, means to renounce power in society, to renounce their children, and to deny Christ’s lordship over all of life.” Rushdoony also observed: “Education is thus the power area in the modern world and the arena for the struggle between Christianity and humanism.”

Rushdoony recognized the critical importance of who controls your children’s education—you or the state. Thus, when you arrive at the point where the state even feels it has the right to tell you what your kids will and will not eat, we have gotten pretty far along the road to total dictatorship.

Sinful man always seeks to dethrone God and install himself in His place and for the last 150 years or so, in this country, sinful man has sought to use public education as one of his major vehicles for doing this. It never ceases to amaze me how many compliant Christians are willing to go along with this and never question it. Almost makes you wonder what they had in their school lunches.

Think of the implications for all of society in this. If Christians renounce their power in society then what happens to society? In Genesis God told His people to be fruitful, to multiply, and to subdue the earth (Genesis 1:28). This was a dominion mandate. Nowadays most Christians treat it as if it were maybe a suggestion, but nothing they have to get really excited about.

Lee Duigon, in an article originally published on and reproduced in The Chalcedon Report  for October/November 2013, has stated “The only way to protect your children from ‘public school culture’ is not to put them in the public schools. If you think you can protect them from gender coaches, King and King, and subtler messages like ‘The Bible is hate speech’ and ‘Communism has a lot of good ideas’ by having a nice, civil chin-wag with a teacher or a principal who’s going to think you’re just another homophobic Christian moron—well, you really need to think again But this is precisely the kind of fruitless drivel regularly indulged in by the pro-family movement. They dive for minnows in a pool of sharks. They babble away about nine-year-olds being ‘salt and light’ in schools run by adult immoralists.” They don’t get it—maybe they will never get it.

What we need is more organizations like Exodus Mandate that will tell people right up front that they need to pull their kids out of public schools and give them a Christian education, however they choose to do that.

There are a lot of home school curriculums mentioned on the Internet. Do some homework and check some of them out. When my wife and I started homeschooling there wasn’t that much on the Internet, if it even existed in the late 1980s.I’m not sure whether Al Gore had invented it yet or not. We looked around and found a book by Mary Pride called The Big Book of Home Learning. You can still find it on It was, literally, a homeschooling encyclopedia and we learned much from it.

It can be done. My wife and I homeschooled our two and we both worked full time. Admittedly our two were a little older, but there are many home school co-op type programs out there if folks are willing to look for them. Although, in some cases, there are folks that absolutely are not able to homeschool, there are many that could if they tried to work at it. And it isn’t always that expensive. For your childrens’ sakes please check it out and see what you can do to avoid the public school dictatorship over your lives and your kids’ lives.

Don’t You Get It Yet? This Is What Public Schools Are All About

By Al Benson Jr.

You sometimes wonder just how much it takes to get people’s attention With all the accurate information out there on the Internet about public schools (along with a certain amount of liberal drivel) people still don’t seem to be able to grasp where the public schools have been going for the last 150 or so years. And when I say that I am not criticizing every public school teacher out there, but rather the system they are, unfortunately, a part of.

It’s not that difficult anymore to trace where public education has been going in this country, and elsewhere, since its inception. Its founders and promoters in the United States were Unitarians and socialists of the stripe of Horace Mann, Robert Owen, and later, John Dewey. These folks all love public education because (they hope) it takes kids out of Christian and home schools and works to make them mere cogs in the machinery of the New World Order, incapable of discernment, and therefore, incapable of resistance to tyranny.

Once in awhile the anti-Christ One World crowd shoots from the hip and messes up like they did in Kanawha County, West Virginia back in the 1970s and what they are trying to do in the schools gets out around the country and so they are forced to enact “damage control” any way they have to. In West Virginia in 1975 they did it with “law enforcement” officers with billy clubs. When all else failed in that situation the billy clubs were brutal, but effective. Will they ever be used again? Will the sun rise in the East tomorrow?

Next year it will be forty years since the textbook protest started in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and parents who have never been told about it still flock to the public schools to submit their kids in a chaotic sort of child sacrifice ritual every year. What’s sacrificed is their souls and minds and they are, mostly, never quite the same afterwards.

I won’t call the public school system anti-god because it isn’t, but it is anti-Christ. Any other “god’ will do, including “omnipotent” man, who is the “god” of secular humanism. This account of what is now going on in Volusia County, Florida will bear this out. Someone sent me this article from  and the headline reads: “Florida Parents Protest pro-Islam Textbook in Volusia County.”
The article started off: “Concerned parents of Volusia County, Florida last night stood in protest against a textbook used to teach world history to public high school students across the state.” According to the article this book is World History  published by Prentiss Hall, which the Florida Department of Education has adopted. The main parental complaint about this book is that it devotes a full chapter to Islam, “while failing to offer the same attention to any other world religion.” To those who understand where the public school system is coming from this will be no surprise. Right now Islam is the politically correct “religion of choice” to be pushed in this country in public schools. After all, hasn’t our President stated plainly that this is not a Christian country and hasn’t he listed all the contributions to our national culture that have been handed to us by Muslims? If you follow his radical rationale we should all have asked for the adoption of Sharia Law on his second day in office.

Apparently there were lots of people that protested the use of this book because the article noted: “Due to the number of protesters, the Volusia County School Board cancelled yesterday’s scheduled meeting for the interest of ‘public safety’ according to Wftv9news. “ In the interest of “public safety” probably could be translated to mean that the county Board of Education did not want to have to deal with all the protesters so they just cancelled the meeting in the hope that most of them would cool down before the next meeting. Does any of this scenario sound familiar? To anyone that has ever protested lousy public school texts it should. A commissioner from Deltona observed that parents just want some balance when it comes to their kids’ books. In fact, he asked the question: “Why relegate Christianity to a footnote in an entire history book, and you give an entire chapter on the teachings of Islam?” Well, yes, if, again, you understand where the public school system is coming from, this is entirely consistent with their agenda.

You denigrate the Christian faith and promote whatever else happens to be handy at the moment—just as long as it has no connection to anything remotely Christian. They use the exact same principle in regard to Confederate flags and symbols, some of which are Christian in origin.
Parents, especially Christian parents, have got to start rethinking their love affair with an anti-Christ public school system. They have got to begin to grasp the concept that their children need a Christian education and they have got to start realizing that they won’t get that in the public school system—even if little Johnny has a teacher that is a Christian. Little Johnny’s teacher won’t dare talk about her Christian faith for fear of losing her job. Now if she were a Muslim Imam that would be fine—she could proselytize in class and the school system would laud her for her contribution to “diversity” but as a Christian to speak out is to forfeit your job. That’s what you are dealing with in public school folks. Get used to the idea.

And if at all possible, pray and ask the Lord to help you find a viable alternative to public schools. There are many out there for those willing to look. It will be interesting to see what happens in Volusia County, Florida—if the “news” media is allowed to deal with it.

If you want to find out what happens when parents in a particular county start resisting anti-Christ curriculum in public schools read Karl Priest’s book Protester Voices–The 1974 Textbook Tea Party which is on or you can order it directly from Karl at 141 Karmel Lane, Poca, West Virginia 25159. The book costs $14.95 plus about $5.00 for shipping.

Thirty Nine Years After West Virginia the Government Schools Continue to Subvert American Youngsters

by Al Benson Jr.
Back in 1974 an event occurred that shook the public (government) education establishment to the point where its minions have been racing, double-time, ever since to make up for the ground it lost there.

That event was the Kanawha County Textbook Protest, where parents actually managed, thanks to a gallant lady named Alice Moore, to get a look at what the public schools were planning on teaching their kids. The parents were not happy. They protested, marched, picketed, and shut down the country school system for a month, and the aftermath of this event lingered there for the next couple years. My family and I were there part of this time. It was one of those signal events that made my wife and I understand that we could never send our kids to public schools—anywhere—and by God’s grace we didn’t, though lots of our Christian brethren tried mightily to persuade us to. Try going to a church where everyone from the pastor on down thinks you are crazy for wanting your kids to have a Christian education and you get almost no support from anyone there because most of them are advocates of government schooling. It’s an interesting experience I can tell you.

The Textbook Protest was finally beaten into submission—literally—by the billy-clubs of over-zealous “law enforcement” officers who had been ordered to “break the protest” any way they had to. If you want to read an accurate account of that protest I would recommend Karl Priest’s book Protester Voices–The 1974 Textbook Tea Party. I believe this is still available from It’s one of the very few books that tells what really happened in West Virginia.

There is no doubt that the Textbook Protest focused a lot of unwanted attention on government schools and they were not as free to pursue their radical agendas for awhile as they had been previously. But that was then and this is now, almost four decades later and socialist and anti-Christian government education has been busy making up for the time they lost in West Virginia—and they did lose time.

During the administration of “conservative” Ronald Reagan we had a federal Department of Education foisted on us, which meant that it was now official that the feds would control all of public education, with a tad bit of lip service paid to the states.

Of course many of the states had their own government school radicals on board. You have to understand one thing at this point. These people do not want to educate your children in the way that you understand education—reading, writing, and math. They have an agenda they seek to force on the kids that will fundamentally change the way they think. They don’t call themselves “change agents” for nothing. Your kids need to be re-educated to think along their socialist, “one world” lines. If you doubt what I am saying here I would encourage you to check the Internet and look up a DVD called IndoctriNation–the Movie. One place you can obtain it is from Exodus Mandate. It will bear out everything I have said and more. And while you’re at it check out Exodus Mandate to find out what they are all about. You can find them with a Google search.

There are some really far-left government school programs out there being used in various states, one of which, unfortunately, is Texas. According to for 1/13/13 “Texas is one of the few states still resisting implementation of Common Core, Obama’s national education initiative, which many feel is a transparent attempt to nationalize education and progressively control classroom content with minimal parental oversight. Implementation of Common Core is known to have been made a condition of school systems’ receipt of federal dollars under Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ program. CSCOPE recently has come under fire for evidence of what sources claim to be radical content and secrecy. Now new information  of such a radical agenda has surfaced showing CSCOPE connections to Obama mentor and self-acknowledged terror group member Bill Ayers. WND has documented a strong link…between Ayers and CSCOPE heavyweight and common core advocate Linda Darling-Hammond.”

What this amounts to, in plain language, is that the leftist radicals have seized control of what passes for public education in Texas and in most other areas of the country and most folks with kids in the public propaganda factories remain blissfully unaware of what has happened and how their kids are being brainwashed.

Michael Snyder, in an article for  for March 19th noted: “When I was a little boy my public school teachers were still teaching that the founding fathers that were involved in the Boston Tea Party were great patriots that were trying to throw off the vile oppression of the British. But now many public schools are openly referring to them as ‘terrorists’. For example, down in Texas a public school curriculum known as CSCOPE is being widely used. The following is from a CSCOPE lesson plan labeled ‘World History Unit 12 Lesson 07’…A local militia, believed to be a terrorist organization, attacked the property of private citizens today in our nation’s busiest port. Although no one was injured in the attack, a large quantity of merchandise, considered to be valuable to its owners and loathsome to the perpetrators, was destroyed. The terrorists, dressed in disguise and apparently intoxicated, were able to escape into the night with the help of local citizens who harbor these fugitives and conceal their identities from the authorities. It is believed that the terrorist attack was a response to the policies enacted by the occupying country’s government. Even stronger policies are anticipated by the local citizens.” This is how CSCOPE described the Boston Tea Party. Thankfully, there was enough of an outcry about this particular lesson that it was pulled, but how many kids were exposed to this drivel before it was pulled, and what has it been replaced with?

Another little dandy that CSCOPE trotted out there was a lesson to have the kids design a flag for a new socialist nation. Part of the lesson plan read: “Imagine a new socialist nation is creating a flag and you have been put in charge of creating a flag. Use symbolism to represent aspects of socialism/communism on your flag. What kinds of symbolism/colors would you use?”

You might wonder why you haven’t heard more about all this. Part of the reason has been that teachers in public schools in Texas were actually required to “sign a contract that would prevent them from revealing what was in the CSCOPE lessons or face civil and criminal penalties.” So if a parent in Texas comes to a teacher with questions about the CSCOPE agenda the teacher can’t tell him or her anything lest he end up in the slammer! Want to know what your kids are learning in public school in Texas? You aren’t entitled to know! How do you like that transparency? And this is the program that is tied to Obama’s Common Core national education agenda. If this doesn’t bother you it should.

Diane Ravitch is a lady who has been involved in the public school education field for many years. I remember reading about her back in the late 1980s. She has been around for a long time and generally is pretty astute as to what goes on in public school circles. On her blog spot  she wrote an article on February 26th 2013 in which she stated: “I have come to the conclusion that the Common Core standards effort is fundamentally flawed by the process with which they have been foisted upon the nation. The Common Core standards have been adopted in 46 states and the District of Columbia without any field test. They are being imposed on the children of this nation despite the fact that no one has any idea of how they will affect students, teachers, or schools. We are a nation of guinea pigs, almost all trying an unknown new program at the same time…I have thought long and hard about the Common Core standards. I have decided that I cannot support them.”

Ms. Ravitch lists legitimate concerns. She sees a flawed program being forced on public school kids and she is right to be concerned. However, I don’t think the federal educrats care how this program affects kids and schools one way or the other. It is part of an agenda to tear down and discard whatever of our Christian heritage and culture is left. It is part of an agenda to make sure that our kids hate their history and to, in essence, make them someone we don’t even know anymore. They will, in effect, become more the products of the public school system than they will their parents. They will belong to the state—and that’s where all this is going.

Don’t kid yourselves that this is a situation where the schools just made a few goofs and that your input will ever change any of that in any meaningful way. It won’t. The socialist state regards your kids as theirs and they mean to have them to use as cogs in the wheel of the New World Order. That’s where all this is headed and if you persist in leaving your kids in the hands of the federal educrats you will reap what you have sown—teenage Brownshirts coming to hall you away because you have displayed “reactionary tendencies” against the new “Illuminated Order.”

This is what the Textbook Protest in West Virginia, at least temporarily, disrupted. This is what the Christian and Home School Movements have slowed down by producing students that could actually think for themselves. At some point in the future the public education system will have to deal with these “educational terrorists.”

Our goal should be to make sure they have lots more Christian and Home School kids to deal with than they want to and that those kids, and their parents, are spiritually equipped to resist. That means that Christian parents have got to stop letting their adversaries educate their children and start assuming that responsibility themselves. I realize most of them just don’t want to hear that. My last 40 years of experience have shown me that this is one responsibility most Christians will flee from–yet this is one they should embrace. So let’s think about it while there is yet time.