Propaganda Poses As Math

by Al Benson Jr.

Many of you may have seen the article on which was posted on January 7th and entitled “If Frederick Got Two Beatings Per Day…”

The article started out by observing “Parents in Georgia are outraged after their third grade children were assigned with homework containing references to slaves picking cotton and getting beaten” according to Atlanta’s WSB-TV. Christopher Braxton told the station he couldn’t believe the word problems in his 8-year old son’s math homework Wednesday from Beaver Ridge Elementary School in Norcross.” One question in this “homework” was “If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?” Another question asked how many pounds of cotton Frederick picked. If he got two beatings every day, probably not too many! Mr. Braxton got really steamed over this question (and who can blame him) and he told the school “He’s not answering this question.” Another angry parent told the television station that: “I’m having to explain to my 8-year old why slaves or slavery or beatings are in a math problem. That hurts.” Dear anguished parent, it’s meant to hurt, to inculcate a sense of guilt. If you have been able to grasp anything about public “education” so-called, you should realize that. This parent also stated “Something like this shouldn’t be imbedded into a kid of the third, fourth, fifth, any grade.”

“Imbedded” is a good word to describe this exercise in “math” homework, because questions of this type are meant to be imbedded into these kids at this impressionable age so they don’t forget. For all the ultra-liberal and leftist hogwash about forgetting the War of Northern Aggression and “moving on” the one thing they do not ever plan to do is to let the South and its people forget the issue of slavery. This is the hickory switch of “correction” they plan to beat the South over the head with in perpetuity. Though slavery also existed in the North, in some cases, into the 1840s and 50s, that will never be mentioned–only slavery in the South. If you want to read a little more on that get Donnie Kennedy’s book Myths of American Slavery. You can find it on

According to the article on The Blaze, the teachers were supposedly doing a “cross-curricula activity” which combined math problems with ‘social studies” problems. I can only imagine what the social studies curriculum in this school looks like. Back in the ancient days when I was in school, in math class you were taught math and in social studies class you were taught what passed for American history. There was no need to combine the two. Most teachers had all they could do to teach one subject at a time and some of the ones I remember didn’t do real great at that.

Nowadays the propaganda value of this approach seems to have been discovered and so the kids will be bombarded with anti-South propaganda in every possible class. I can just picture what sort of sentences the kids will deal with in English class–how about “On all the plantations in the racist South all the slaves are routinely beaten every morning before breakfast” and the kids will be asked to either list all the parts of speech in the sentence or to diagram it. Sound far out? Not as far as you think when, in Norcross, Georgia they are already using this type of sentence in a problem in their third grade math class. How big a jump is it from one to the other?

One of the educrats in that school district in Georgia said: “We understand that there are concerns about these questions and we agree that these questions were not appropriate.” Loose translation: We tried this as an experiment this time, a trial balloon, and it didn’t fly. We got caught. So we will back off for awhile and come back with some other tack in a few months when the parents have cooled off.

Folks, we have got to begin to realize that this kind of exercise is NOT education. It is propaganda, pure and simple. Make the South look bad and promote guilt in the public school population and/or their parents, so when some sort of reparations gravy train rolls into town these guilt-ridden folks will feel it is their obligation to contribute as heavily as they can to assuage their “guilt” over a slavery they had nothing whatever to do with. The “everlasting stool of repentance” is always out there for Southern folks to sit on while endlessly confessing their guilt over a never-ending slavery question. You might say this was sort of an emotional shell game, except that is probably too charitable a description of it. But if this propaganda is imbedded in these kids at an early enough age they will grow up feeling guilty over it–and that is the real name of the game.

If you really want to get an accurate picture of what goes on in “your public schools” then get a copy of the DVD IndoctriNation which is available from Exodus Mandate. Watch it a couple times and after you have viewed it, go and take your kids out of these propaganda factories.

Communism–Alive and Well in American Education

by Al Benson Jr.

Years ago I read a little book written by a Roy Colby entitled “A Communese-English Dictionary. It was an informative little book that described the Aesopian language used by the Communists and various other leftists and defined what they really meant. For instance, when they told us they wanted “peace” they didn’t mean the same thing by the word “peace” that we mean. To us it means that everyone tries to get along, live and let live, etc. To the Communist the word “peace” meant absence of resistance to Communism. If the Communist told you he desired “peaceful co-existence” what he really meant was that he was willing to live with you as long as he dominated the situation and called the shots. To him, anything else was war and if you dared to resist his agenda you were a war-monger.

For decades now they have been telling us that Communism was dead. It disappeared the day the Berlin Wall came down and has never reared its ugly head since then. Right! They tell me pigs fly, too, but I don’t believe that anymore than the “communism is dead” fairy tale. You may not have legions of Soviet troops marching down the streets of your cities, but you have their faithful minions hustling around on most of the college campuses (and some of the high schools and elementary schools too). They are not lurking in the bushes wearing trench coats with the collars turned up either. They are sitting in the offices of many of the professors and teachers and teaching propaganda to many of our young people, who would be better off somewhere else.

Military communism is not currently on the move in this country, but cultural communism is. Cultural Marxists have learned that they can catch and influence many more young people with professors and teachers than they do with soldiers, and so their apparatchiks are strategically stationed on campuses across the country where they can practice their class struggle techniques with the utmost effectiveness on youngsters that mostly don’t have a clue to what’s being done to them.

Most insiders, not wanting to give the game away, don’t refer to it as Cultural Marxism. They couch it in more politically correct terms–multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, etc.

William Lind, in an Accuracy In Academia speech delivered way back in 2000 stated that: “Political correctness is cultural Marxism. It is a Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms…The totalitarian nature of Political Correctness is revealed nowhere more clearly than on college campuses, many of which at this point are small ivy-covered North Koreas,…” He is right, but the same game is also at work on campuses for the lower grades. Groups involved in this cultural totalitarianism are most often radical feminists, homosexual rights advocates, Hispanic or radical black groups–those that Mr. Lind refers to as the “sainted victims.” For them, everything in all of life revolves around their status as “victims” of a racist, homophobic society. No matter what question or subject comes up, they will eventually work it around to how they have been “oppressed” by the rest of us and how we need to repent of our oppression (hopefully with our open wallets in our outstretched hands). They have the right to express their views. Talk to them and you will find that this right does not extend to you if you oppose their views. It’s a one way street for these people. “Tolerance” means accepting what they promote whlile condemning your response if you dare to disagree. Multiculturalism means promoting and extolling all races except the white race, and most especially, white males. If you think this doesn’t go on in schools, visit a campus sometime and listen to the dialogue.

If you stop and think about it, this is nothing more than the classic Marxist class struggle technique–men against women, young against old, black against white–you name it–and they all have one solution for it, Western Civilization has got to go.

Clarence B. Carson has told us in his book “Basic Communism” that “While Lenin and his cohorts did not take over the whole job of rearing children from parents and relatives, they did do their best to wrest the training of them from parental, customary, traditional, and religious influences.” Carson noted that Karl Marx had indeed called for “Free education for all children in public schools” in the “Communist Manifesto.”

Further, he tells us that “Schooling was the chosen instrument of the Communists for indoctrination in their ideology and outlook. Schooling has tended to become, under government auspices, an instrument for breaking the hold of families, communities, and churches over the minds of children in many countries in the 20th century…The first step by Lenin to break this hold was to separate schooling from religion.” Does this sound familiar?

Stop and ask yourself–how much different is this than what is going on in this country today? The parallels are there for those willing to see them.

William Lind reminds us of the comments of Marxist theorist Georg Lukacs, wlho said back in 1919 “Who will save us from Western Civilization?” Remember just a few years ago now, on college campuses, you heard students chanting “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go.” Where do you think they got that from–the tooth fairy? And, by extention, remember that if you get rid of Western civilization then you also get rid of Christianity. If you think that has nothing to do with it you better think again.

To reiterate, Political Correctness is nothing more than cultural Marxism. It is Marxism dressed up and made up with a different face so you and your children will not recognize it. If our young people are not taught what it really is and how to resist it before they get to college, they might well fall prey to it.

One of your best solutions to this problem is to remove your kids from the public school system and teach them at home, making sure in the process, that you have not fallen prey to political correctness.