More Pro-Obama Public School Propaganda

by Al Benson Jr.

Just this past week I read another article that displayed, for anyone with eyes to see, where the public school system is really at. This is not the first time I have read about this kind of thing, and I doubt, knowing where the public school educrats are theologically and politically, that it will be the last.

It seems that a middle school teacher in Fairfax, Virginia gave his Civics Honors class the assignment of doing research on each of the Republican presidential candidates to find “weaknesses” in them and their positions.  He broke the class down into four groups–each one to do research on the weak points in a specific Republican candidate. When all this information was gathered the students were then to collaborate on a strategy paper on how to exploit these weaknesses and this paper was to be sent to the Obama campaign.

Now how’s that for an “objective” class assignment? All the Republican presidential candidates get to have their faults researched, listed, and then submitted to Team Obama, to be used against them if possible. You might almost call this assignment “no Republican candidates’ faults left behind.”

What about doing the same thing for Obama?  Seems to me that would be fair wouldn’t it? Well, folks, that’s not part of the game.  They don’t quite plan on being that objective. Ironically, the name of the school where this pro-Obama indoctrination has been carried out is Liberty Middle School.

So far, the teacher, who originally gave this assignment back in January has no comment.

I read on one blog spot a comment claiming this teacher was a conservative Christian, a “follower of Jesus” and that was why he had not commented. I can’t say one way or the other whether he is or isn’t, but it does seem awfully strange that a conservative Christian would be handing out this type of assignment to a Civics class. If he were going to do it objectively it would seem that he would have all the candidates in both major parties, and even third parties, critiqued equally for their faults and not just the Republicans. Heaven knows the Republican candidates have enough faults, but let’s at least distribute the faults equally among all parties and not just confine them to Republicans. All men are sinners, not just Republicans.

I wonder just what Jesus this teacher follows. Is it the Jesus Christ of the Holy Scriptures, the Son of God and second person of the Trinity, or is it the Jesus that the socialists and Marxists preach about being a revolutionary? The two are not the same Jesus.The biblically-based Jesus is the real thing–the socialist Jesus is a parody used for propaganda purposes.

One article I read noted that the teacher had not been disciplined. Come on now, do you really  think that’s going to happen? Had he done this to the Democrats he would have been censored but he will probably get a pass for doing it to the Republicans.

It all goes along with what I have said in previous articles about public schools.  They do not and never have existed to educate. They exist to dumb down and propagandize, just as has been done in this middle school in Fairfax, Virginia, and Christian parents need to, at some point, begin to realize this and get their kids out of them. Until they do they will constantly be forced to deal with this type of propaganda and nothing will change.

Situations such as this are the main reason I would not want my children or grandchildren learning their “history” in the public school system.