Oh My, Problems Abound With Public Schools

by Al Benson Jr.

It hardly needs to be said, but public education is one of the major problems we face in this country. It’s not that the public school system needs more money, or needs to be fine-tuned; the teachers unions would just love to have more of your tax money so they could pretend to pursue that ever-elusive “quality education” they claim they are trying to give our kids. But lack of money isn’t the problem. The system itself is the problem. It needs to be done away with, dismantled, and the federal Department of Education (so called) needs to be defunded and shut down.

What are a couple of the problems? How about bad teachers? And I am not saying all teachers are bad, but many are. An article called “Are Public Schools A Propaganda Arm of Liberals?” was posted back in 2009 on httlp://www.home60515.com that gave some interesting statistics. it noted that, in 1998, in Massachusetts “close to 60% of aspiring teachers flunked the state’s certification exam…In July 1997, ‘a school district in Suffolk County, New York gave teaching applicants an 11th grade reading test. Three-quarters of them flunked the test. Similar results are reported from other parts of New York and the nation. One-third of the applicants in Virginia flunked the basic skills test’.”

The article continued, noting how critics have mourned “the intellectual emptiness of the curriculum at ed schools…A recent survey of teachers about their graduate school training drew comments like ‘the shabbiest psychobabble imaginable’.” I recall, some years ago, reading a book by a Rita Kramer, I think it was, called “Ed School Follies” and they were. The good teachers out there have gotten to the point where they can recognize the meaningless drivel being shoveled out to them.

Another problem continues to be the leftist revolutionaries that influence teachers colleges–people such as Mr. Obama’s good buddy, William Ayers. According to http://www.eagleforum.org “Ayers is a friend of Obama, and Professor Ayers’ expertise is training teachers and developing public school curriculum. That’s been his mission since he gave up planting bombs in government building…and assaulting police officers.” Ayers was a notable part of the Weather Underground, who managed to get his Ph. D. at Columbia Teachers College from which he landed a tenured position at the University of Illinois in Chicago. According to Phyllis Schlafly “Ayers speaks openly of his desire to use America’s public school classrooms to train a generation of revolutionaries who will overturn the U.S. social and economic regime. He teaches that America is oppressive and unjust, socialism is the solution, and wealth and resources should be redistributed.” Does that include his wealth and resources too? I rather doubt that. Somehow those on the left are usually exempt from the rules they would impose on the rest of us. You have to wonder, though, how many public school teachers have been trained under this kind of philosophy. judging by what goes on in many classrooms, quite a few.

Schlafly observed that Ayers’ far-left education theories have begun to have an effect in education schools as more teachers colleges begin using their courses to promote “socialist notions of wealth distribution, ‘social justice,’ diversity and environmentalism, and to punish students who resist this indoctrination by giving them low grades or even denying them graduation.” In other words–you better get with our socialist program, Honey, or you won’t even graduate! It seems that Mr. Ayers realized that the real revolution was not in the streets–it was in the public schools. Didn’t Karl Marx point the way–“free education for all children in public schools.”

Do you wonder why public schools lean so far to the left when this is the indoctrination the teachers are exposed to before they even hit the classroom? If they weren’t good socialists before, many of them certainly will be by the time little Johnny or Mary are forced to sit under their gentle tutelage.

Between those teachers that can’t pass their certification exams and those who have been taught that their mission in life is to help promote the redistribution of your wealth, your kids have two strikes against them even before they enter kindergarten–which is also socialist in origin. See my article on this blog for November 25, 2011.

People need to be able to grasp this one truth–the public school system is not your friend, it s not out there to educate your kids. It is there to indoctrinate them in the glories of socialism. Real education has nothing whatever to do with the agenda.