Genesis 3:5, Human Guinea Pigs, and the god of Public Education

by Al Benson Jr.

Sinful man, ever since the Garden of Eden, has sought to be God, to, in some way, usurp God’s place and replace God with himself. This sin has manifested itself in many ways in human history. In the political realm it has manifested itself through such men as Stalin, Mao, and some of our American presidents, who though that their “bright” vision of the future should be enacted on those unfortunate enough to have to live under their rule. They were going to change the world, to make it into something to fit their own image. “Legends in their own minds” so to speak. Thus Hitler became Germany; Stalin became the Soviet Union; Abraham Lincoln became the Union; and Barack Obama is becoming…who knows what, depending on whether the folks behind the scenes, the ones we don’t know about who really run the government decide to let him have another term or not.

You could also mention others in more ancient history–the Caesars, the Pharaohs, and a host of other “living gods.” The mindset is always the same, whether it’s Caesar, Lincoln, FDR, Horace Mann or John Dewey. These folks crave the power to force their vision of what should be onto others, whether they want it or not.

And education, most especially public education (of the Karl Marx variety) is one way to be able to force your vision of what the world should be onto those whose educational destiny is supposedly committed to you. Educrats in the public school system are not at all bashful about doing this. Many of them have a vision to “change the world” and it all begins with the propagandizing of students. Where God created a certain order on earth and in the universe, these people think they can and should improve on that, or better yet, work to change it into what they think it should be. After all, if you are going to “be as God” then you should have some way of perpetuating your vision for the world, shouldn’t you? Why should old, antiquated God get to make all the decisions when your program for the betterment of the world is so much more up to date?

Public schools are the prime place to pass along your view of what the world should be like, and, if you have the power, to help to mold it into your personal vision of what it should be. But it all starts with overturning the normal order of things, just like the French Revolution did. There are ways you can attempt to do that.

You do it with public school textbooks and methods of teaching from those textbooks–the way the public school elite did it in Kanawha County, West Virginia back in 1974. Karl Priest, in his book Protester Voices–the 1974 Textbook Tea Party noted the “dumbing down movement” in public education and said: “Even worse, the public schools are controlled by the American Civil Liberties Union, teacher unions, and other left-wing extremists who make the public schools detrimental, even dangerous to all children-especially Christian children.” Space will not permit me to go into all of it here, but if you really want to find out what happened to public “education” in Kanawaha County, West Virginia in 1974 and for the next couple years, get Karl’s book and read about it. West Virginia at that time was a prime example of the “god” if public education running rampant with its new vision for man’s morality–and for those of us who happened to be there for at least part of that time it wasn’t pretty! Karl’s book can be found on and will show you how the god of public education really operates. I recommend it.

The god of public education did not stop with West Virginia. He continues even unto this day. He got a little bit of a setback in West Virginia when Christian parents protested against his vision for their children, but not to worry, he continues to promote his agenda, in West Virginia and elsewhere, and I will note a few of his attempts in upcoming articles.