No Gringos Need To Watch Obama’s Speech

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, Comrade Obama, the Washington Caudillo, has given his speech on how he plans to usurp the authority of Congress to allow 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in this country. It was full of flowery phrases about how he plans to only allow the brightest  and the   best of the illegal immigrants to stay, the ones that are prone to being future entrepreneurs and that will be major contributors to our society  and how he plans to deport those among the illegals that are part of the criminal class, and on and on. Based on the past veracity of this administration, it all sounds like a pile of West Texas cow chips in August–and probably smells just as bad.

Tlhe high-class people he describes here would hardly be the ones to be showing up at our Southern border begging to get across. You have to wonder if the people he’s describing would even have any need to try to get into this country illegally. The highly skilled people he’s painting a picture of would probably still be able to make a decent living in Mexico or wherever.

Obama stated that his deferred deportations do not apply to those who recently came into the country illegally or those who plan to do such in the future. Yeah, right, just like all those criminals he’s going to deport, uh huh. Homeland Security will now focus on apprehending any would-be illegals at our Southern border and keeping a weather eye out for gang members and any potential terrorists. Right! It all sounds so great you have to know it’s total hogwash.

Interesting is the fact that Obama’s speech was not aimed at ordinary Americans, the White House didn’t even ask the major networks for time.  The web site American Thinker in an article by Thomas Lifson, noted: “President Obama’s speech tonight on his immigration amnesty diktat isn’t aimed at you, if English is your primary language. The White House didn’t even ask tlhe Big Three broadcast networks…for time. We’re in the midst of the November sweeps and in all likelihood they would have turned him down. But that doesn’t matter–he would just as soon that Gringo-Americans not even hear about his decree.”

The article continued: “Obama and the Democrats base their strategy on fragmenting, not uniting Americans, and the speech tonight is aimed at Spanish-speakers, who will see the speech broadcast live on the other big broadcast network, Univision, which is for Spanish-speakers.  And the audience will be huge among Spanish-speakers because the speech is timed to coincide with the Latin Grammys, one of the highest rated programs of the year on Univision.” Timing is everything and Obama was aiming at a big Hispanic audience and a minimal Gringo audience. And that’s because he knew all along what the “Gringo” reaction would be. His wide-open immigration policy has not been popular with most Americans and you can tell that from the reactions he has gotten over his border policies of allowing these people in and shipping batches of their kids around the country. Nobody likes what he’s been doing except that small coterie of internationalists whose agenda is to destroy this country and its culture.

The web site  also observed that “The world’s largest Spanish language media corporation Univision plans to interrupt one of their most popular shows to carry Obama’s Mexican Revolution Day message to hundreds of millions of Spanish-speakers in the USA, Central and South America, and around the globe, while only a narrow band of Americans will see Obama’s speech live on TV.”

Only it didn’t quite work out as well as Obama’s administration planned because one of the major headlines on World Net Daily this morning stated: “Americans ‘mad at government’ melt phones on Capital Hill.” Several senators confirmed that their phones had been ringing off the hook with calls from constituents who are now beginning to realize that the beneficent Obama regime has given them the shaft–again! You’re going to have all these illegals in the country competing for jobs Americans need–and Obama loves it! How long will it take most Americas to realize that this guy just loves sticking it to us. He lives for that. The people that voted this Marxist into office should hang their heads in shame, better yet, maybe they should repent! And so far, what has been Congress’ response? The House has sued Obama over Obamacare. Seems to be they’ve done that before a few times and nothing has ever come of it.

In my previous article on this subject I noted what Michael Savage had said was the proper solution for Congress to use in this situation. He didn’t think they would and I don’t either. They will waffle and wiggle and try to find some way to get off the hook while giving in to Obama without appearing to do so. Don’t look for much of anything from any of them that will do us much good. Their first allegiance is to the internationalists and their agenda. The American people are sheep to be sheared–by both socialist parties. So how much have the “checks and balances” and the “separation of powers” they tell us are in the Constitution to protect us done for us up until now? Don’t everybody answer at once.