Is Obama’s Christianity Real Christianity?

by Al Benson Jr.

In an interview with the Blaze author Dinesh D’souza who has written Obama’s America: Unmaking The American Dream has made some interesting comments regarding the president’s theological foundations.

D’souza was asked if he believed Obama was a Christian. He replied that Obama is a “disciple of the radical Third World Liberation Theology.”

According to a short article by Benny Johnson which appeared on the Blaze website: “…this brand of Christianity openly subscribes to Marxist philosophy, their support for revolutionary movements, and their criticisms of traditional church institutions: ‘Marxism and liberation theology condemn religion for supporting the status quo and legitimizing the power of the oppressor.’ D’souza explained that Third World Liberation Theology ‘sees Jesus as a guerrilla revolutionary. It sees the Romans as the capitalist system or the American power.'” Some may remember that back during the 1970s we had a leftist theological push that claimed that Jesus was a revolutionary. The leftists pictured him with a “Peace” symbol in one hand and an AK 47 in the other. Their idea was to change Him from Redeemer to revolutionary, and many in some churches bought some of that. I heard sermons about why Jesus was a revolutionary. I heard one once from a seminary student who I talked to after his sermon. I sensed his sincerity and so tried to explain to him why picturing Jesus as this kind of revolutionary was in error. I don’t know if he bought what I said or not, but I felt I had to at least try.

D’souza noted that this is a “marginal, eccentric and some would say heretical” wing of Christianity. D’souza thinks that Obama is more secular than Muslim, but, if he claims to be a Christian, then the brand of Christianity he embraces is this Third World Liberation Theology. Some think he is a Muslim, and I would not totally rule out that possibility, given some of his performances when he has visited the Middle East.

But let’s be real. Any brand of the Christian faith that embraces the principles of Marxism is, in my opinion, not Christian. I have read enough about Marxism over the past few decades to know that it is a belief system that is thoroughly and completely anti-Christ. If it were not so why would Marxists the world over have persecuted Christians as they have. Any belief system that tortures and persecutes Christian believers is anti-Christ. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Therefore, any attempt to equate the orthodox Christian faith with any brand of Marxism is truly heresy. The two theologies are mutually exclusive of one another. A man may be a Marxist and convert to Christianity. Some have. But if a man is a Christian and converts to Marxism then he constitutes himself an apostate.

Let’s don’t try to create a hybrid “Marxist Christianity” for such can never exist and those that tell you it can are either hopelessly naive or they hope you are. If Obama’s “Christian” theology is rooted in Marxism then it is not Christian. It is part of the competing theology of Marx and as such should be resisted and exposed by Christians. Whether enough spiritual discernment remains in most churches to do that is another matter.