Heil King Barack the First

by Al Benson Jr.

I am going to start off by quoting a piece from The Western Center for Journalism. They can be reached at wcj@westernjournalism.com

Here are their comments.
“It’s Official: Barack Obama Has Declared Himself De-facto Dictator Of The United States of America.

While the tyrannical announcement went largely unreported by the Obama-media, Barack Obama declared himself de-facto dictator of the United States of America on Wednesday, possibly signaling the end of the United States as we know it.

In what can only be described as a blatant, totalitarian and authoritarian use of power, Barack Obama decreed that Richard Cordray would be the head of his so-called Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and he made his declaration without the advise and consent of the Senate, and, by doing so, he clearly violated Article 2, Section 2 of the United States Constitution.

But do not be deceived, the Cordray decree is not just another run of the mill abuse of power.

Through this seemingly insignificant but illegal act of defiance, Barack Obama stopped sticking his toe in the water and finally took the plunge and declared Congress irrelevant, and as long as Congress accepts its newly decreed irrelevance, nothing stands in Barack Obama’s way. That’s how tyrannies start!”

Bet you didn’t read much about this in the media did you? And if you did chance to see a little tidbit about it I bet it was not explained this way was it?

Some in Congress, notably John Boehner, the famous RINO speaker of the house bravely stepped up and pontificated: “I expect the courts will find this appointment to be illegitimate.” So he’s willing to wait until some liberal judge tells him that Obama did nothing wrong and then he will gladly go along with it.

If Congress is willing to be useless, why are we even paying them? Why not just save all that congressional pay and let them go home. They’re not earning their money anyway, not when they are willing to sit still for this kind of thing.

You can only conclude that the Congress is, in the main, just as far to the left as Obama is, even though they don’t have the guts to admit it and they are perfectly happy to just go along and let him make all the decisions. That way they don’t have to take any flack from their constituents when they get back home. They can just point the finger and say “Barack did it, not me.” If Congress could just sit back, fat and lazy, and collect their $174,000 a year salary without having to really do anything, I think they’d be happy to do that–except for a few egomaniacs who would be jealous because Obama got all the headlines.

So what did we elect in the 2010 “most important election in history?” It seems we elected more congressional wimps who talk big but are more than willing to do along with Draconian measures like the Patriot Act, and now this. So far, outside of Boehner’s lame statement I have not heard a peep out of Congress. And this is what we pay these turkeys $174,000 a year for. Pathetic!