One Way To Fight Back–Sue The SOB’s

by Al Benson Jr.

Just yesterday (August 16th) someone sent me an article from the Courthouse News Service written by Elizabeth Warmerdam about an artist in California suing the state for barring Confederate flags. The article notes: “California’s ban on state agencies selling or displaying items showing the Confederate flag is unconstitutional, says an artist who was not allowed to show his Civil War painting at the Fresno County Fair…Timothy Desmond sued the state on Monday, claiming the law prevents him from displaying his artwork at the Big Fresno Fair, operated by the 21st District Agricultural  Association on land owned by Fresno County. Artists display their work at the Fresno Fair every October. Desmond says the law violates the First Amendment.” One thing you have to understand here, the First Amendment only applies if we are not talking about Confederate flags or symbols.  In their case it does not apply–the law of government censorship in regard to anything Confederate then becomes the state and national standard.

Desmond does not agree. The painting he wants to display shows a scene from the 1864 siege of Atlanta and, guess what, there are Confederate flags in the picture, making it automatically verboten. Desmond is asking the Federal Court to declare California’s law as “unconstitutionally overbroad.” The bill was introduced in February of 2014, (even before the insanity in Charleston) by Assemblyman Isadore Hall, after his mother saw a replica of some Confederate money with the flag on it for sale in the Capitol gift ship in Sacramento. Governor Jerry Brown, that staunch advocate of First Amendment rights (for those that agree with him) couldn’t wait to sign this bill into law.So now an artist that dares to depict a Confederate flag in any sketch or painting might just as well forget his work being shown anywhere where the state has any say over what is displayed. That this smacks more than a little of state censorship is totally immaterial. After all, we are talking about Confederate flags here and everyone knows they should not be allowed to be displayed anywhere. Just ask any Communist and he will tell you! These are the folks that support Hillary in the upcoming “election” scam and they know what the game is even if most public-school educated Americans don’t have a clue.

So Timothy Desmond is suing the state of Commiefornia, oops, I meant California. Sorry about that. I wish Mr. Desmond well in his lawsuit. I don’t know if he will be victorious or not but at least he is making the state fight to enforce their censorship and ethnic cleansing.

In the same vein, the Sons of Confederate Veterans is suing the city of Natchitoches, Louisiana for them not being able to carry their battle flags in the annual parade there that they have marched in for years. The mayor in that fair city told them, basically, you are welcome to come but leave your flags in your vehicles, preferably out of sight. The SCV didn’t march. They picketed the parade–at both ends. Now they are suing the city.

The SCV groups in New Orleans also have a lawsuit against that city to prevent them from removing Confederate monuments. A court has stopped the city from trying to remove the monuments until all the litigation is out of the way.Of course New Orleans has been having some difficulty finding someone willing to take the monuments down.

And, according to an article in The Times-Picayune back in April of this year “Almost three out of four Louisiana residents oppose removing Confederate monuments and symbols from public space, according to a poll taken by LSU in February. Only 20 percent of people surveyed favored Confederate monument removal.” Of course we all know that to be politically correct (and culturally Marxist, which is their agenda for American society) the wishes of the 20 percent should be parroted and the wishes of the 80 percent should be ignored.  After all, the 80 percent are the ones that pay the bills. What do they know?

As much as we don’t like the concept of a litigious society yet more and more we are coming to the point where, to get any relief from what overbearing governments are doing to us we are having to learn to “sue the SOB’s” because nothing else seems to check their grasp for power. And although the courts most surely don’t always solve the problem, once in awhile they do rule in favor or ordinary folks and once in awhile the lawsuits make it just that much more difficult for over-grasping governmental bodies to force their will on us. At least, in some cases, it slows them down and makes then sweat to earn their tyranny.

We Don’t Need No Politically Incorrect Flags In Our Politically Correct Christmas Parade In Natchitoches

by Al Benson Jr.

Every year for the past twenty years the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has had a sizable contingent in the annual Christmas Parade in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Parade goers looked forward to seeing them there. They were among the most popular groups in the parade with their flags fluttering in the breeze.

Not this year, however. It seems that the “god” of political correctness has prevailed in Natchitoches and no Confederate flags will be allowed in this year’s parade. Whoever thought they’d live to see such a thing in deep south Louisiana?

SCV Louisiana Division Commander Thomas Taylor has stated that: “As most, if not all of you are aware the Sons of Confederate Veterans has been excluded from the Natchitoches Christmas Parade to be held on December 5th. This was perpetrated with a time frame that keeps us from legally doing anything about it this year.” How like the politically correct cultural Marxists to do it in such a way that their opposition had no chance to respond in time to address their legitimate grievance. As you deal more and more with “those people” you come to learn not to expect anything in the way of fairness or tolerance from them, contrary to all their claims of “tolerance and diversity.” It’s all a shameless sham to shut down those they disagree with.

Commander Taylor continued: “This is not to say we won’t be in Natchitoches  on December 5th so mark your calendars and plan to be there in protest. The details of our protest will be released…when the final aspects are worked out. We will need you there.

The information I received stated: “Information from the LA Division SCV due to the Mayor of Natchitoches refusing to allow the SCV to march in the Christmas Parade as it has done for decades unless the SCV agreed to march without the Flags of the Confederacy is as follows. The committe organizing the parade has agreed to support the Mayor in this act of politically correct exclusion. It’s time to fight back! The LA SCV will dig in and fight against this Marxist move by the Natchitoches city government. But we need your help!  Please share this information on Facebook, with your camps and your friends. We call upon all good Southerners to take to the trenches of the Social Media Battlefield. It is time for the true voices of the South to be heard. We would like to make clear that the members of the Historic District Business Association nor the business owners on Front Street were contacted when the Mayor made his decision. They are outraged over the city’s position and support the SCV being in the Christmas Parade.”

“The following are the ‘Big Three’ who are ‘goose stepping’ to the drums of cultural cleansing in Natchitoches. Contact them and let them hear the voices of the real people: Lee Waskom  Lee Posey–Mayor  318-352-2772 Office, Fred Terasa  It goes without saying that people need to be civil in their communications and to refrain from all profanity, name-calling, etc. Concerned patriots are also urged to “message” their Facebook page at

It’s interesting to note that the Mayor might have been willing to let the SCV march–without their flags! In place of their flags what did he expect them to carry–deep pink banners that said “I want to teach the world to sing”? Also interesting is the fact that the town of Many, Louisiana has contacted the SCV to let them know they will not be taking part in the Natchitoches Parade in support of the SCV, and that the town of Many has also invited the SCV to be in their Christmas Parade on December 12th.

You have to wonder what made the Mayor of Natchitoches  suddenly come up with the idea of eliminating Confederate flags from his town’s parade. Did a handful of “concerned citizens” visit his office and complain–and if so,  were they perchance members of the NAACP?

Inquiring minds would like to know.