The Death of the Founding Culture

By Al Benson Jr.

That’s what multiculturalism is all about—the death of the founding cultures in Europe, Canada, and the United States—the death of the Christian culture in all of these places. Or as the leftist radicals in the 60s shouted “hey, hey, ho, ho, western civ (Christianity) has got to go.”

The fact that multiculturalism’s promoters are trying to stamp out western, Christian civilization and replace it with a third world mentality is becoming more and more apparent to people in Europe, Canada, and this country. There is much information about this out there. Unfortunately it is relegated to blog spots and obscure web sites because the prostitute press’ agenda is to tell you how wonderful multiculturalism is and tell you that you are a horrible racist if you even think of opposing it.

So if you want to get a more accurate picture of multiculturalism  you have to do some digging and not just accept what the talking head on your nightly “news” broadcast says. Because, folks, believe it or not, he will lie to you.

Recently I came across an interesting blog spot,  that carried an excellent article about multiculturalism published back in May of 2007. I will quote a few portions of this article: “You hear it all the time here in igno(tole)rant Canada: ‘Our strength is diversity’; or: ‘Our nation was built on immigration’;…Not a day goes by without our senses (not to mention our intelligence) being assaulted by all these fraudulent declarations. We are constantly told how wonderful mass immigration and rampant multiculturalism is. There is no proof of this, mind you—no quantifiable comparative evidence. And yet we are required to believe it.”

This author is citing the exact same situation we have in the US. Our media fill us full of the same nonsensical drivel and we are expected to embrace it and we become social pariahs if we refuse to swallow the bilge. All I can say is that the people who swallow this stuff may one day choke on it.

The writer of this article observes that, had Canada been more careful about who she let into the country she might have had less problems and he says: “…maybe our welfare housing and jails would not be crammed with fatherless West Indian youths; maybe there would be no Canadian-Islamists plotting to destroy our society from within; maybe Canadian-Tamil gangs wouldn’t be terrorizing schools in Toronto;…and maybe Canadians who were born here and paid taxes all their lives wouldn’t be waiting in line for health care behind some recent immigrant’s frail elderly mother who we let come here two weeks ago at age 69.” He could be talking about Newark or Detroit or Rochester, Minnesota just as easily as Toronto. He notes that, when it comes to the MSM (main stream media) all Canadians ever hear is the “good stuff.” Seems Canada has its prostitute press just like we do.

And he observes, quite accurately, I think, that “Only North America and Europe are accepting immigrants in such numbers so as to eventually, and on purpose, shift the balance of power away from the founding culture.” In other words, anything remotely white and/or Christian is purposely being done away with to be replaced by—what? Do you really want to know?

He notes that the ethnic immigrants of yesteryear are in no way like this new breed of freebie seekers. Years ago when immigrants, legal and otherwise, came here it was for a better life. They were willing to start at the bottom, work hard, and become part of American society and if they did this often their grandchildren ended up being able to go to college.

It was the same situation on our Southern border with Mexico. For years illegal immigrants crossed over into Texas or the other southwestern states because conditions in Mexico were so miserable that the country could not support its people. Its socialist rulers were too busy enriching themselves to care about trying to help people take care of themselves. And so the illegals came. But the ones that came back then were willing to blend in and work hard where they ended up and they made a place for themselves and their children. The illegals that come across the border today come with loud demands that they be taken care of, given lots of free stuff, and they even demand that we hand our southwestern states back to Mexico so they can turn them all into little Mexico’s. I’ve been to Mexico twice over the years. No way do I want to see Texas turned into what they have down there. Yet that seems to be what our “leadership” desires.

This is exactly what our national leadership in the Council on Foreign Relations-dominated Democratic and Republican parties desires for us. Get rid of white, Christian culture and replace it with the third world mentality of Mexico or Somalia, who immigrants turn up on our shores and start demanding all the free stuff we are noted the world over for handing out—to everyone except our own needy people. The US is called “Uncle Sucker” around the world and we seem to love to have it so.

As far as Christians go, are they willing to stand up and defend the truths of their faith? Well, they might consider doing some of that—as long as it doesn’t offend anyone. If it offends anyone then we are supposed to all shut up and show our “love” for the infidels by not contradicting their falsehoods. You would be surprised how many Christian folks actually buy into this mindset. Rather then speaking the truth in love they just shut up. After all we wouldn’t want to offend those people who want to replace our legal system with Shariah Law now, would we? How unloving! It seems that parts of the church today have embraced the situation that if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

So we have major problems, just like the Canadians and the Europeans. We had better start finding out how to deal with some of this because there will be no help at the national level or from the media. Their advice to us will be that this is all great so why not go with the flow.

We need much less third world immigration and we need to stop handing goodies out to these people that we wouldn’t even dream of handing out to our own people. As far as illegal immigrants go, I don’t mind helping to pay for one way tickets back to where they came from. This breed of illegals we have today would be much better off haranguing the masses in their country of origin than they are agitating here. The fact that our leaders want them here, eventually to replace us, says something about our “leadership” that we need to address.