Is the USSA Turning Into the USSR?

by Al Benson Jr.

To start this article off I have used the initials USSA for the United States. They mean “the United Socialist States of Amerika” because at present that is what they are. The past several Washington regimes, including the present Marxist one, have all made sure that, on paper alone, is this country still a confederated republic, but that in all other ways, it operates as a “progressive democracy” (socialist state).

What’s more our present Marxist leadership has determined that it will lead us in the same general direction that the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has gone. We have been fed the illusion that “Communism is dead” in Russia, that the KGB has been disbanded, and all the rest. Sorry, but I have to disagree. Names have been changed to protect the conspirators but that is about all. People that think that Vladimir Putin is, somehow, a super Christian will be sadly disillusioned somewhere down the road. He only looks good because our present “leadership” looks so pathetic.

I just finished reading a very interesting book, published back in 1985 and written by Arkady N. Shevchenko called Breaking With Moscow. Mr. Shevchenko defected from the Soviet Regime in the late 1970s. At that time he was the Under Secretary General of the United Nations and his defection caused a bit of discomfort in Soviet circles. Mr. Shevchenko’s book doesn’t provide us with all the answers—he thought highly of the United Nations and its work for “peace” in the world and those who know surely cannot agree with that assessment. Nonetheless, he does provide quite a bit of penetrating information as to what went on in Communist circles in the Soviet Union. And even though Communism is supposed to be officially dead, it really isn’t. As I said, the names and titles have all been changed to fool the uninitiated but the mindset, the ideology, the theology, if you will, is still there. And what’s more, thanks to the One World Government crowd, it has now spread to this country where its chief cheerleader now resides in the White (Red) House, placed there by the One World Government people with the help of gullible and totally ignorant voters who wouldn’t know a Marxist if they met one in their soup.

Shevchenko provides us with some scary parallels between the Soviet Union as it was and this country as it is becoming. On page 55 of the book he mentions a conversation with his father, during which his father told him: “You’re old enough now to start learning common sense, and you’d better learn quickly. You have to keep your mouth shut about what you see and what you think. Say what you’re told to say. Do what you see others do. And keep your thoughts to yourself. That way you won’t get into trouble.” What else is the elder Shevchenko doing here but promoting the extreme form of political correctness that has become so common in this country recently?

In discussing the ruling elite in the Soviet Union Shevchenko noted: “The Politburo agrees on two fundamental propositions: the necessity of consolidating the power of the Party and the elite class, and the need to maintain themselves as the directors—infallible and indispensable—of a closed regime…A huge propaganda machine became a cornerstone of the regime, and every Soviet citizen gets a daily dose of hypnotism from infancy until death. However, sooner or later many recognize propaganda for what it is. There is resentment at the government’s constant lies and the discrepancy between slogans and reality. Yet the indoctrination is sophisticated, and millions would uphold a great deal of what they have been taught…because they have been so well conditioned.”

Does any of that sound like what we get in this country today—from the public schools to the “news” media to the comments from Washington that we are daily subjected to? It’s all part of our total indoctrination program and although many have finally figured it out too many more have not. Shevchenko observes: “An unrelenting message by songs, speeches, newspapers, books, television, films, theater, art, poetry, and so forth, combined with the pleasant stimuli of material rewards for chosen segments of the populace, evokes the desired response of submission to the system.” Does that not sound like what goes on in this country today? Just give certain groups a few of the freebies and make them think those who work owe them a living when they won’t work, and you have bought yourself a voting bloc. The parallel to what went on in the Soviet Union is close enough to consider.The Humanist Kool Aid was just as potent in the Soviet Union as it has been here.

Shevchenko noted the indoctrination when he went to school. He said: “Our professors tried to hammer into us the idea that Soviet society was ruled by the working class, the so-called dictatorship of the proletariat…But the proletariat was (and is) despised by the elite, except for a few designated by the Party as ‘heroes of Socialist labor’ and used for propaganda purposes. Like others, I was not blind to the fact that Soviet society was not all the happy, prosperous Garden of Eden for workers described by our textbooks, newspapers, and magazines…” Doesn’t this sound exactly like what we get from our “news” media today? And do we have a ruling elite as the Soviets did? Of course we do—the people who run the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and their financial backers, Congress and the ruling elite in Washington, and those in the bureaucracy that pass all the rules and regulations we have to live by even though we have no recourse to them at the ballot box, not that that would make much difference anymore with the creative vote counting we now seem to have. I’ve never yet been able to figure out how Obama got 140% of the vote in some places, yet he did, supposedly, and apparently the Republicans are not overly concerned how that happened either because they never bothered to question it. After all, are they not part of our “ruling elite?” How many Congress critters are millionaires? Quite a few I’m told. Do you honestly think they give a tinker’s damn about how poor folks in this country who are still willing to work for a living struggle? Don’t kid yourself. Nancy Pelosi couldn’t care less about how you struggle to make ends meet. Her agenda was to make sure Obamacare got passed and she’s totally unconcerned about how it will stiff the public.

We are now hearing the horror stories about people whose insurance premiums are doubling and tripling under this “wonderful” new plan that was supposed to save us all so much. So we were lied to. Do you honestly think our ruling elite gives a flip? If you do then you need a healthy dose of reality. Maybe when you see how much your own health insurance goes up you will get that.

And Shevchenko gives us a brief picture of Soviet spying, even on their own people. On page 245 he states: “At Glen Cove (a Soviet property on Long Island) alone, the escalation was striking. When I first came to the United States in 1958 there were three or four KGB communications technicians and their gear sharing the former servants’ quarters in the attic. By 1973, the specialists in intercepting radio signals numbered at least a dozen, and they had taken over the whole floor. Their equipment occupied so much space, in fact, that one of the two unused greenhouses had been commandeered to store it…The rooftops at Glen Cove, the apartment building in Riverdale, and the Mission all bristled with antennas for listening to American conversations as well as for transmitting Soviet messages.” And Shevchenko even notes that the housing for Soviets here on official duties was bugged, not by the CIA, but by the KGB and the GRU. They spied on their own people—just like the NSA is doing in the USSA today. The KGB wanted to know everything their own people were talking about just like our own government in what George Bush called the freest nation in the world does.

However, Shevchenko saved one of his best comments for the end of the book. On page 368 he stated, in commenting on a Washington Post article: “He noted that in effect a new religion has emerged in the USSR, a religion that flourishes as did the old Orthodox faith in times past. The new religion, of course, is Leninism. ‘It is a religion’ Harwood states, ‘sustained by a profound faith in a beneficent Father, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. As Christ is to Christians, as Muhammad (is) to Moslems, Lenin to this society is a holy prophet and guide, not divine perhaps, but more than mortal.  To believe otherwise—to dissent from Leninist orthodoxy—is the new heresy.”

Does this, in any way, correspond to the drivel weve been getting since Obama ran for president the first time about him being the ‘messiah’? Even Barbara Walters said it right out on a television show that she thought (and how many other media personalities along with her) that Obama would be the messiah. Barbara Walters’ Messiah already came—and she missed Him. So now she is willing to settle for Obama as a substitute just like many Russians are willing to settle for Lenin.

This only goes along with what I have said in the past, that communism (Marxism-Leninism) is more than just politics—it is a false religion and as such it needs to be exposed. All we have to do is to get the church awakened enough to be able to realize that, in opposing Communism they are not being “political.” They are, in fact, exposing false religion.

I could not help, in reading Shevchenko’s book, noting the parallels between the Soviet Union and where this country is headed—and our destination is not by accident.

Is Jackson, Mississippi’s Recently Elected Mayor a Lefitist? (Will the sun rise in the east tomorrow?)

By Al Benson Jr.
Recently a new mayor was elected, after a run-off election) in Jackson, Mississippi. There was almost nothing about it in any of the “news” papers that I saw and I checked with friends in Mississippi, about sixty miles south of Jackson, and they said the same thing. When it came to the new mayor of Jackson it was pretty quiet on the home front and not much news was passed out other than that he had won the election.

It was like everything else in this country anymore. If you want to find out what really goes on you have to check out sources from other countries.

I had never even heard of Jackson’s new mayor until I read an article on Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog, that was a real eye opener. It was entitled “Chokwe Lumumba, Van Jones, Rev. Jeremiah Wright—Race Radicals, Marxist Militants”. Mr. Loudon started the article off with: “What do Jackson, Mississippi’ radical new Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, former Obama ‘Green Jobs Czar’ Van Jones, and former Barack Obama pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright have in common? All of them are veterans of the Communist instigated Black Radical Congress.” Loudon went on to explain how over 70 activists from over twenty cities around the country met in Chicago (where else) to start planning for a Black Radical Congress. Although the participants came as individuals, they represented groups like the New Afrikan People’s Organization, the Labor Party, the Communist Party USA, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, African American Agenda 2000, the Democratic Socialists of America and “the Communist Party splinter Committees of Correspondence.”

Loudon also mentioned “two Marxist Obama mentors, Timuel Black and Alice Palmer,” who took part. “Palmer was an official of the Communist Party contolled U.S. Peace Council and the bona fide Soviet front International Organization of Journalists.” The Black Radical Congress sounds like an old home week affair for the most radical leftists in the country. And Jackson’s newly elected mayor was part and parcel of it. Do you think the average person in Jackson had or has any idea of all this. I don’t.

In yet another column on the same blog spot Mr. Loudon observed that: “Elected in May, Mr. Lumumba is already making his mark on the city, charting a new direction—one that may have implications far beyond Jackson, indeed far beyond Mississippi. In 1983, the Communist Party USA and Democratic Socialists of America took advantage of a split electoral race to elect their candidate, radical lawyer and former Congressman, Harold Washington, as Mayor of Chicago. Washington appointed hundreds of leftists to city positions and solidified a movement that went on to elect two more allies: Carol Moseley Braun and then Barack Obama to the U.S. Senate from Illinois. Last month, history repeated itself in one of the South’s largest Black majority towns. Activists in Jackson, Mississippi took another advantage of another split field to steer one of their leaders, Chokwe Lumumba, into the mayorality.”

And much like Obama, Lumumba is busily appointing dedicated left-wingers to positions of importance. Loudon noted: “Already Lumumba has appointed a bona fide communist to this transition team—Bill Chandler, Executive Director of the very influential Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance. Chandler is a veteran of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers, he is a former Communist Party USA affiliate and was recently a member of the National Coordinating Committee of Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, a Communist Party splinter group. It is because of Chandler and his radical allies in the state legislature that Mississippi has been unable to pass legislation clamping down on illegal immigrants in the state.”

Although folks in Mississippi have not been treated to much information about Jackson’s new mayor, other folks around the country have been quite active in his behalf.

I came across a site where they had a group in New York City that was putting on fundraisers back in March, 2013 to help Mr. Lumumba to get elected. Now why should folks in New York City care all that much about who gets elected mayor in Jackson, Mississippi unless his election is part of someone’s agenda?
I also ran across an item on  that said: “Congratulations! Chokwe Lumumba Elected Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi” and it gave a little more background of Lumumba. The article noted: “As an attorney, Lumumba has represented legendary activist, poet, actor and Hip-Hop artist Tupac Shakur in several cases and his grandmother, Assata Shakur, who Lumumba calls a ‘Black Panther heroine. Assata, formerly Joanne Chesimard, was a member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army. She sought asylum in Cuba after being accused of killing a New Jersey state trooper…” So, to Jackson’s new mayor this Black Panther(ess) was a heroine. Anyone who doesn’t realize that the Black Panthers are a Marxist-oriented group just isn’t paying attention.

Jackson’s new mayor has some really interesting friends and I’d be willing to bet that 99% of the voting population in Jackson doesn’t have and never will have a clue. Jackson is a stepping stone for this man and he seeks to ascend even higher, like Obama, in the leftist pantheon of “gods.”

We Don’t Grasp the Yankee/Marxist Mindset

By Al Benson Jr.

There were some leaders in the South during the War of Northern Aggression that watched Northern armies get defeated again and again and they wondered why the Northern government just didn’t give up and let them go and end all the carnage on both sides. As sincere as these men were, they did not grasp the Yankee/Marxist mindset, just as many do not in our day.

They did not realize (and still do not) that the prime agenda of the Yankee/Marxist is to remake the world and all its people in his own image. He can never stop until he completes this task. His combat against those who deviate from his holy agenda is ongoing and never-ending. He seeks to get his own way and push his own agenda—no matter what—and no matter how long it takes. This is the Yankee/Marxist’s “holy” calling—all must be remade in his image and for that to happen all memory of Almighty God must be done away with so that all anyone ever remembers is the Yankee/Marxist “deity.”

He’s not there yet and in God’s economy he never will be, but that doesn’t keep him from continually trying.

That was true during the War of Northern Aggression and it is still true today. If he can’t accomplish his ends one way, he will seek to use another, but he will not quit—not ever. We need to grasp this and we mostly don’t.
The current Marxist administration has sought to remove our Second Amendment rights. In a recent senate vote they lost on all three attempts to do away with those rights. Many pro-gun folks think that was the end of it and our Second Amendment rights are now safe because the Senate voted to keep them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In a recent article on Obama vowed to continue pushing his gun control agenda, no matter how he has to do it The article said: “…he called the recent failures to pass gun control legislation the ‘first round’ and pledged to keep pushing his agenda” So don’t think we are off the hook because he lost the first round.

While Obama has hinted that he’d like to pass gun control legislation, he’s not above trying to issue an executive decree if legislation doesn’t work. So don’t think you are home free. The gun grabbers will be back, one way or another, by hook or by crook. They mean to dismantle the Second Amendment and if we do not stay continually alert they will do it—anyway they have to.

After all, the world has to be remade in the image of the Beast, er, I mean the Yankee/Marxist and his minions in Washington are not about to deviate from that agenda. The Christians and patriots that seek to oppose this need the same tenacity. Will we have it?