Liberal “Love” Says “Decimate” the Tea Party

by Al Benson Jr.

It never ceases to amaze me how those on the religious and political Left continually try to delude people by claiming to be loving and compassionate and concerned for “diversity.” They use these terms in the same way the Marxists use them in that they sound like one thing and mean entirely something else. For the leftist, “Love” is really hate and good is really evil. And they hate people that point this out.

I just read an interesting story on which showed where those liberal “lovers” really are. The article noted: “Virginia Democrat Mike Dickinson has said that he wants to ‘decimate’ Christians, NRA supporters, members of the Tea Party, and those who watch Fox News. In a series of tweets sent in early April, his stance was overwhelmingly clear. Using Twitter as his outlet, Dickinson sent targeted vitriol towards those in the Tea Party wishing that he could ‘eradicate’ all those affiliated with the rising movement.”

One of the tweets stated: “Said it proudly! Want to decimate the tea party, the NRA, bible thumpers, and Fox News zombies? Vote for me.” What an expression of liberal love and compassion! What a statement of his commitment to diversity, as long as it’s leftist diversity while rightist diversity is being “decimated.”

This particular tweet was deleted. In fact Dickinson was so vitriolic that Twitter even suspended his account for awhile, but they’ve let him back now.

It would be interesting to know how Mr. Dickinson defines the terms “decimate” and “eradicate” when referring to Tea Partiers, Christians, Second Amendment supporters and the like. He needs to be pinned down and asked specifically what he means by the use of such terms. If someone on the right had used such terminology he’d be in jail by now. However, in defining his adversaries, Dickinson obviously places himself on the left and so, naturally, he gets a pass. Totally unacceptable behavior is okay for left-wingers who are fronted for by what used to pass for the “news” media. More and more the so-called “news” media has become recognized by a good portion of the public as little more than the Ministry of Propaganda.

The article stated, in regard to Dickinson, that “He has recently fallen under fire for suspected illegal activity against  Tea Party members by asking his followers to violate DMV laws and reveal private information about Tea Party supporters. He’s even gone as far as to post the license plates of suspected members of the Tea Party for targeted harassment and is now being investigated for these illegal activities.”

Needless to say, the people in Virginia would not be well served by having such a man in Congress. He’s running against Eric Cantor, who I don’t think much of either. He’s a typical RINO and useless as a real conservative. Sounds like the people in this particular district in Virginia are between a rock and a hard place. They better look for a third party candidate.

But Mr. Dickinson is a perfect example of liberal “love” in that he would love to “decimate” or “eradicate” anyone he remotely perceives as being on the right. The voters need to ask Dickinson exactly what he means by the use of these terms. He probably wouldn’t admit the truth but he should be pushed to do so anyway.

Many of these liberal/left demagogues need to be pushed into the spotlight and to be made to admit that they are really nothing more than hatemongers and apologists for Marxism.