Karl Marx and the “Reconstruction of a Social World”–Part Four

by Al Benson Jr.

With carpetbaggers running the state governments, state and local taxes in the Southern states doubled between 1860 and 1870, even though property values declined. Dishonesty and fraud were rampant, much the same as in today’s Republican establishment. One example–in Florida the cost of public printing for the year 1869 was higher than its total cost had been from 1789 to 1868. In four years the postwar governor of Louisiana had accumulated personal savings of $1 million–all from a salary of $38,000 a year. Remarkable fiscal management, right?

As the US army occupied county courthouses in the South, often the military men seized the tax rolls, totaled the back taxes up back to 1861 and demanded immediate payment in specie from people whose currency and bonds had been ruled worthless. Failure to pay meant immediate confiscation of the land. Carpetbaggers ended up buying land for pennies on the dollar. Then the carpetbaggers’ buying spree really began. The best Southern land was bought up by Northern investors or resident investors controlled by Northern banks. You can now see why people like Jesse James, when denied a chance to make an honest living after the War, went after the banks and railroads–mostly owned and controlled by Northern big money.

Yankee/Marxist radicals of the ilk of Stevens and Sumner intended to subvert the Southern culture by diluting it into insignificance–by filling the South with Northern colonists who saw the opportunity to profit from Southern misfortune. This part of the plan did not work out too well because most Northern investors did not want to live under military dictatorship among hostile neighbors and did not wish close contact with blacks. But not to worry. If the culture-destroyers could not get enough Northern folks to come down here and live under “reconstruction” conditions they were willing to wait a few years and try the same agenda with illegal immigrants. As long as Southern culture was and is destroyed they don’t really care who they use to do it. Cultural genocide is a pivotal part (as it has always been) of the Yankee/Marxist “reconstruction” program.

The Northern culture-destroyers often employed other means to stamp out Southern culture. During the War the Northern Methodists persuaded Secretary of War Edwin Stanton to permit them to seize all Southern Methodist churches in captured Confederate territory if those churches were not being run by pastors favorable to the Union cause.

The carpetbagger state governments taxed the Southern public heavily for the purpose of establishing elaborate public school systems, but then they stole most of the money. In this instance their greed got in the way of their desire to further warp the culture of the Old South.

But even for all that, they managed to do a bad enough job. Northern publishers produced the textbooks for Southern schools and colleges, and naturally distributed texts which made the South and its people look bad. All the better to create a little guilt complex in the next generation of Southern kids, and in generations thereafter. And they’ve done a good job. I know some Southern folks who are ashamed of their history and heritage. To subconsciously fight off their guilt feelings they loudly parrot their support of Abraham Lincoln and the Union, and label as traitors those who refuse to do such, of which I am one.

“Reconstruction” continues today. I have read about cases where some colleges have courses designed to teach kids how to lose their Southern accents. That’s “reconstruction” folks. “Reconstruction”  equals cultural genocide.and cultural Marxism.

Karl Marx knew what he was doing when he advocated “free education for all children in public schools…” Maybe, Lord willing, some day we’ll figure it out and we can begin to take out kids out of public schools and begin to reverse the trend of “reconstruction.”

Karl Marx and “the reconstruction of a social world” Part Three

by Al Benson Jr.

The military authorities staffed many state militias with ex-slaves whose primary duty was to make sure that all fellow blacks voted the Republican ticket as well as enforcing martial law. Unfortunately, due to fallen human nature, with that much power, came arrogance. Although some black state militia groups behaved well, many did not. They set out to harass, bully and intimidate both white men and women on the streets, and oftentimes they carried out their threats.

Booker T. Washington, in his autobiography Up From Slavery had some accurate and pointed comments concerning “reconstruction.” He stated: Though I was but little more than a youth during the period of reconstruction, I had the feeling that mistakes were being made and that things could not remain in the condition that they were in then very long. I felt that the reconstruction policy, so far as it related to my race, was in a large measure on a false foundation, was artificial and forced. In many cases it seemed to me that the ignorance of my race was being used as a tool with which to help white men into office, and that there was an element in the North which wanted to punish the Southern white man by forcing the Negroes into positions  over the heads of the Southern whites. I felt the Negro would be the one to suffer for this in the end…I saw colored men who were members of the state legislatures, and county officers, who, in some cases, could not read or write, and whose morals were as weak as their education.

Booker T. Washington was a man of proven character who lived during “reconstruction” and observed what was happening.  Therefore, he can be considered as a primary source of information.

So the black militias could mostly do whatever struck their fancy, while, if any five Southern white men met together, even after church on the Lord’s Day, they were subject to instant arrest for unlawful assembly, and prosecution by a military tribunal. Almost sounds like the recently passed HR 347, which forbids free speech where secret servicemen are present. Any connections here? Rest assured, if there are, the “news” media will never tell.

Though many ex-Confederate soldiers literally had no clothes but their old Confederate uniforms, it was now unlawful for them to wear them. They had to scrounge for something else to wear, if possible. They had to cut all the buttons stamped CSA off their uniforms and fasten their clothes with whatever they could find. They had to carry parole papers on their persons at all times and display these to any soldier upon demand.

Heaven help any Southerner who, under any circumstances, displayed a Confederate flag of any kind or any symbol of the Confederacy. He would be arrested immediately. .Do you now understand why public schools make such a frenzied fuss over Confederate flags and symbols? Public schools were and are a tool of “reconstruction.” Until we in the South today can begin to grasp that fact we will never make any progress out of our current situation.

In most occupied towns in the South the US flag was flown and guarded by sentries. If any passing Southerner failed to salute that flag he was subject to immediate arrest. US soldiers were often quartered in the homes of Southern civilians. This was one of the things listed in the Declaration of Independence as a complaint against the King of England. This showed Southern folks what the Yankee/Marxists really thought of our founding documents–total disregard. The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was written in 1892 by a New England socialist who preached about Jesus being a communist. Yet, today, it is considered the height of being unpatriotic if you refuse to say this Pledge written by a man who was asked to leave his church because of his socialism–and that in Massachusetts! What’s the difference between being forced to salute the Union flag in reconstruction South Carolina or Georgia and being forced to repeat the Pledge of Allegiance in a government school? Maybe I’m dense, but it seems to me that it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.

In many cases the state legislatures, school boards, and militias were filled with illiterate blacks who had no idea whatever as to the workings of civil government. All blacks who got jobs as postmasters and mail agents were under the protection of the US Army, which meant they were left free to plunder their states’ resources, if any, at will.

If you want to get a really good idea of the damage “reconstruction” did, state by state, try to find a copy of Claude Bowers’ book The Tragic Era. It was originally printed in 1929 but I understand that it has been reprinted within the last few years. Bowers, a Northerner, lays out what happened  quite graphically–and it ain’t pretty. When Marxist “historians” in the late 1930s and afterward wrote their historical drivel they sought to debunk Bowers’ work.In spite of Eric Foner and his fellow comrades, Bowers’ book is the one worth reading.

To be continued.

Karl Marx’s “Reconstruction of a social world” Part Two

by Al Benson Jr.

This master plan would be loved by Northern capitalists, Northern liberals, as well as the Yankee/Marxists in Congress.

It involved:

1. Taxing the prostrate South bone-dry. Just a little “redistribution of the wealth.”

2. Putting the South under military rule. Sherman had advocated military dictatorship.

3. Filling all political offices in the South with Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, and ignorant blacks.

4. Flooding the South with Northern emigrants who would be permitted to buy up Southern land dirt-cheap

5. Giving blacks the upper hand in dealing with whites and making sure the ignorant blacks continued to vote Republican.

6. Destroy the white Southern value system, to be replaced with the Northern liberal value system, to be enforced by a powerful national government.

The First Reconstruction Act of March, 1867 required Southern states to enfranchise blacks and ratify the 14th Amendment. It divided the South into five military districts, each to be ruled by a US Army General.

The Second Reconstruction Act, also of March 1867, called for the army to oversee the registration of all eligible voters in each Southern state and for the election of delegates to a constitutional convention for each state and for the writing of a new state constitution. When all this had been accomplished Congress would then seat the state’s elected senators and congressmen,  and military occupation would, theoretically, end. Right! A little aside here–notice that these states were forced to ratify the 14th Amendment before their elected officers had been seated.

The Third Reconstruction Act was in July, 1867 and gave the military commanders complete power over all civil governments in the South and the new voter registration boards could arbitrarily deny the vote to anyone.  Southern Democrats were about to find out that they would have a very difficult time getting registered to vote.

The Fourth Reconstruction Act of March, 1868 repealed the requirement that at least 50% of the voters must ratify the new state constitutions. The purpose of this was to speed up the entry of the remaining Southern states back into the Union so their new black and Scalawag voters would be able to vote for Grant in the 1868 presidential election–which helped him to win.  As you can plainly see there was nothing “political” in all of this, was there? Notice that these states had been forced to ratify the 14th Amendment before they were officially received back into the Union. James and Walter Kennedy, in their book The South Was Right (Pelican Publishing) noted on page 172: “The North, in 1866, removed the Southern states from the Union.  This was the same North that in 1861 refused to allow the South to secede from the Union.This same North now declared the Southern states to be non-states. To get back into the Union (that originally the South did not want to be part of anyway, and from which it had previously been denied the right to secede), it was required to perform the function of a State in that Union,while still officially no longer a part of the Union, by ratifying an amendment that previously as states in the Union it had legally rejected! Words alone fail to meet the challenge of such pure Yankee logic.”

And, after this happy event, the military commanders in the South, following the orders of Congress, removed the sitting governors of Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia. They replaced all levels of elected and appointed officials in the state governments with either soldiers or Scalawags wherever it seemed that the lawfully-elected state officials might not slavishly follow the current Republican Party line.

This put the South under martial law (a situation undoubtedly waiting to be repeated if our current Marxist-in-Chief has his way.

The Northern Army could enter and search any Southern home at any time and just confiscate whatever possessions they wished. A little more “redistribution of the wealth”–from South to North.

In many situations the military commanders refused to bring actions against Southern civilians into any civil court. Such defendants were remanded to trial by military tribunals. This meant the US Army could arrest any Southerner at any time for virtually any reason and hold him prisoner without trial for however long it wished. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Can anyone spell p a t r i o t  a c t?

The real purpose of military occupation (besides ensuring the perpetuation of the Republican Party) was to break the spirit of the South and destroy its culture. Public schools were introduced into the South to teach “the rebel’s children respect for national authority.”  Education had little to do with it. Cultural genocide had everything to do with it.

To be continued.

Karl Marx’s “Reconstruction of a social world”

by Al Benson Jr.

The term “reconstruction” seems to have been the brainchild of Karl Marx when he wrote of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 that he was “the single-minded son of the working class who had led his country through the matchless struggle for the rescue of an enchained race and the reconstruction of a social world.” Like much of what Marx wrote this was pure balderdash, but in our day socialist historians have picked it up and have run with it. Lots of good propaganda value in the slavery issue, even though it had little to do with the real reasons for the War of Northern Aggression.

However, the Marxists loved “reconstruction” and still do  If you doubt this all you have to do is read  Eric Foner’s  tome called Reconstruction 1863-1877. You will be treated to the Marxist line on “reconstruction.” Foner does a good job presenting the Marxist position. Given his family background he should.

Another Communist book Reconstruction the battle for democracy was written back in 1937 and published by International Publishers in New York. The author was James Allen (not his real name) and International Publishers was a Communist publishing house.

The Marxists and other radical socialists viewed the War of Northern Aggression as a revolution. Allen has commented in his book: “With the defeat of the South on the battlefield and the emancipation of the slaves revolution had completed only its first cycle. The slaveowners  had been conquered and the institution of chattel slavery had been abolished. A new phase, involving the complete transformation of southern society, now opened.” So “reconstruction” was a new phase of the Communist revolution to change the Christian culture of the South (and eventually the rest of the country, too).

Allen also noted that: “Many Socialist leaders and German emigres of the 1848 revolution, among them Joseph Weydemeyer, who was a close friend of Karl Marx, served as officers in the Union Army.” The Communists were not afraid to admit that many of their number served the cause of Lincoln in the Union Army as officers. Other “historians” try to sweep this fact under the rug. Walter Kennedy and I sought, in Lincoln’s Marxists to pick up the rug so people could see the political vermin residing beneath it.

I am indebted to Frank Conner, author of the insightful book The South Under Siege 1830-2000 for much of the information in this article about “reconstruction.” Frank’s work proved invaluable in demonstrating just how horrible and shameful was this period of our history that the Marxists loved and still love so much.

What was this “reconstruction of a social world” that Marx was so enthusiastic about? It was nothing less than the cultural reshaping of the South, with its basically Reformed Christian culture. This was what Marx wanted to see destroyed. Southern Christian culture and Southern private property were both major deterrents to Marxist theology and worldview and so these had to be done away with.

There was a master plan developed by Congressman Thaddeus Stevens and Senator Charles Sumner for doing this. It may be doubtful if these two Northern “gentlemen” conspired with Marx to do this, but their mindsets were identical to his in many respects, which is why I refer to people of their ilk as “Yankee/Marxists.” Their plan involved the impoverishing, subjugating, dominating, and humiliating of Southerners, while at the same time, destroying their culture and brainwashing them into such guilt feelings that they were all supposed to ardently desire to be “third rate copies of Northerners.” That part of “reconstruction” didn’t quite work, but not to worry, they are still at it today They loudly proclaim to those Southern folks who cherish Confederate symbols that “the war is over and you lost, get over it.” But for them (the Marxists) the war has never ended and they are every bit as much our adversaries today as “Lincoln’s Marxists” were in 1861.

To be continued.