Lots Of Biden’s Got Communist Cash!

by Al Benson Jr.

It has now been reported that 6 or 7 Biden’s have been involved in different business transactions around the world–Biden’s “mystery transactions.” So, was Biden being truthful when he said his family never took money from the Chinese Communists? When has Biden ever been truthful??? Even some of the gaffes he is so famous for contain lies. You are dealing here with a man whose version of the truth is whatever he says it is.

Rep. James Comer says they are now ready to subpoena a Hunter Biden business associate. Comer feels there are 13 different business transactions from the Biden’s around the world. It would seem they are a busy little group. Hunter especially! He owns 10% of a Chinese Communist Party backed business.

And now Hallie Biden has been revealed as one who got some of the Chinese money. Andthere is also a “mystery” Biden who’s been getting Chinese cash! The mainstream media has astutely avoided asking any questions about any of this. For them it is also a non-event. In fact they are trying to tamp down on all of this so no one believes any of it.

Hunter Biden is now suing the computer repair man over the computer he still maintains is not his that had all the incriminating evidence on it. So, according to his twisted version, he is suing the computer repair guy over someone else’s computer! For those still gullible enough to believe anything the Biden’s say, that bridge in the Arizona desert is still for sale–you know–the one made out of solid gold bricks–because if you’ll believe the Biden’s–you’ll believe anything!

Now they are again trying to arrest Donald Trump. They are still afraid of him! As I understand it they are trying to prosecute him for a federal crime that the feds decided they would not prosecute him for but they are doing it at the state level. If they can convict him they feel this will end his 2024 presidential bid.

Considering all the business dealings the Biden’s have had with Communist China it would seem that articles of impeachment should be filed against Joe Biden. I wonder if anyone in Congress has considered this. Biden is clearly in China’s hip pocket and his true loyalties have to be in question–especially the part about him giving aid and comfort to this country’s enemies–of which China is the main enemy at this point!