Is Jeff Sessions “playin’ possum”?


By Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America


That may sound like an odd question to you if you have not bothered to follow Mr. Sessions’ almost total lack  of any constructive activity in regard to what the Deep State has been doing to Donald Trump.

An article on  for 11/9/17 noted:   “Special counsel

Robert Mueller’s investigation of whether the Trump campaign assisted Russia in its effort to interfere in the 2016 election amounts to an attempt to overthrow the government,  (emphasis mine) Republicans have argued. ‘We are at risk of a coup d’etat  in this country if we allow an unaccountable person, with no oversight, to undermine the duly-elected President of the United States,’ said Florida Congressman Rep. Matt Gaetz from the chamber floor.” Correct assumption by Mr. Gaetz, except we are not “risking”  a coup d’etat. The coup is already in the works. It has been ongoing for some time now. It is just taking a little longer than the coupsters had planned on because there has been some resistance to it, and that resistance,  thank God, seems to be getting stronger and more aware of the implications for “Spygate” on the whole country.

An article on for April 3, 2018 has noted that “Momentum is building on Capitol Hill for the Trump administration to reopen an investigation into former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her connections to an anti-Trump dossier that served as the basis for an ongoing investigation into President Trump and collusion with Russia during the 2016 election, according to lawmakers who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.” All this has resulted in Mueller’s ongoing “Russian collusion” probe, which has produced nothing except a huge cost to the American taxpayer. And let’s face it, folks, the entire thing is a sham—intended to cover up the sins of Obama and Clinton and blame Trump for what they, themselves, have been doing—the classic cultural Marxist approach—condemn others for what you have been doing and thereby elevate yourself to a position of moral superiority. It usually works—this time it seems to be having more difficulty. I’d like to think the American public is finally starting to wake up. We’ll see.

I have noticed through all this that Attorney General Sessions has been precious little  help to the Trump administration.  He recused himself almost as soon as he took office, from anything to do with the Russia situation. Several congressmen have been pressuring him to appoint  a second special counsel to check into what the Clintons have been and are still doing, but Mr. Sessions ain’t having any of that. No way, Jose!  He did, under pressure, appoint another investigator to look into some of this, a man named Huber from Utah, but exactly what he will do if he comes up with anything isn’t spelled out. The Inspector General of the Justice Department is also investigating, but he can’t prosecute  anyone no matter what he comes up with. All he can do is pass  the info along.

For May 23, 2018, there was an article on about how Rep. Lee Zeldin  and other congressmen have again called for a second special counsel to investigate the Clintons, their email scandal, the Russian “probe” and other things. They have  introduced a House resolution “detailing the misconduct of the Department of Justice and FBI that calls for the appointment of a second special counsel. They are “encouraging” Speaker Ryan to introduce  the resolution onto the floor for a House vote. Most of us realize that Ryan is on the other side, so we will have to see what pressure they can bring to bear on him. But they were all interviewed today (5/24). I watched the video on and they were pretty straightforward. They told about how they had been trying to get Jeff Sessions to do something about this for months and all they have gotten from the Justice Department has been lots of stonewalling.

They have asked for documents dealing with all manner of illegal things the Clintons have done, stuff the Justice Department has,  and their  requests have been mostly ignored—for months! Zeldin said, in a  press release,” In just the past few days, we learned that  the DOJ, FBI or both appear to have planted at least one person into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to infiltrate and surveil the campaign. This action alone reminds us of just how  necessary this resolution is as well as the appointment of a second special counsel.” It was noted that the resolution will also go into some detail about the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One. You can bet that’s one little item Hillary would  just as soon not see any exposure on. Better if we don’t know about that one!

All of  this really needs to be exposed so the American public will realize just  how much previous administrations have shafted all of us “deplorables.”

But, if we ever do get a second special counsel it needs to be someone chosen by somebody other than Sessions, Rod Rosenstein or Christopher Wray because all any of  these people will do is give us yet another Deep State version of Mueller, who will then “investigate”  and come back and tell us, “Hey folks, don’t fret. The Clintons are all as pure as the driven snow. They would never dream of selling out the country for  filthy lucre or of defrauding the public.  They’ve not done anything wrong. You’ve been watching too many of these alt.right news sources. Get your heads on straight and just tune  in to CNN if you want the straight dope.”

Supposedly, an objective investigation will restore the integrity of our  justice system. That will be a major miracle, because,  right now, I find it hard to believe our justice system has any. I wouldn’t trust the FBI and the DOJ as far as I could throw the moon. And as far as I am concerned, Jeff Sessions has, in some way, been co-opted and all he is doing is playin’ possum and staying  out of  the line of fire. The Deep State can probably depend on  him to “just shut up and sit down.” If, somewhere down the road, I find out I was wrong about him I  will admit it. But as of now, he is looking more and more like  just another pawn of the Deep State.

“Jeff Secession”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

In looking at what Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to be doing in regard to having certain Swamp Creatures in Washington investigated by someone from outside of the Swamp, I would have to commend him for this effort. It seems he has been doing this quietly (probably the best way) but he has been doing it.

One problem Mr. Sessions  seems to have, though, is that he seems to believe the federal government is the last absolute word on anything, and if the feds say do it, then you better do it, no questions asked. In this rash assumption he is off base.

Those who follow what I write know that one source (among several) that I use for information is  There are probably a dozen sites that I check out on a regular basis, but I follow Infowars because they usually get it faster than most others, and they get it right. Their sources seem to be good sources–and they must be doing something right because You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter are all trying to censor their videos and articles. You don’t draw that much ire from “the big 3” unless you are hitting the nail on the head. Of course “the big 3” are trying to censor all conservative commentary they can get by with, which tells me that when you have to censor your opposition–then you don’t have anything!

There is one news commentator on Infowars that I particularly enjoy (not that the others are not good, they are) and that is David Knight. Mr. Knight is a Christian gentleman and is not ashamed to let you know that, but he is also a Christian that knows his history. In that, he is part of a (hopefully expanding) minority. We need Christian people in the journalism and broadcasting areas that know their history and haven’t just bought, hook, line, and sinker, what they were taught in those government indoctrination centers we still charitably refer to as public schools.

On his broadcast today (March 9th) referred to some comments Jeff Sessions made about secession and nullification, and it was Mr. Knight that referred to him as “Jeff Secession.” In referring to the illegal immigration conflagration now so rife in the People’s Republic of Commiefornia, Sessions said: “There is no such thing as nullification or secession.” While I understand that Sessions was referring to states needing to obey the immigration laws, his comment here was a little out of context and did not fit the situation in California (the People’s Republic referenced above).

Sessions, like most of us, was probably taught that the War of Northern Aggression and its result forever settled the secession question once and for all. It didn’t. David Knight correctly noted that our War of Independence (the first one) from Great Britain was, after all, a war of secession. Our Declaration of Independence was a secession document. In effect, we seceded from Great Britain. I realize the politically correct don’t like to think of it in those terms, but that’s what it was. Given that fact, it surprises me no end that so many people today look at “secession” as at least a dirty word, if not outright treason. It isn’t.  There must be something lacking in their  educations. How about Truth? 

Mr. Sessions’ view of the States seems to be that they are nothing more that 50 federal districts that are responsible for carrying out federal edicts at the state level and they have no recourse but to do that. Lots of us disagree with that erroneous viewpoint and if the feds come up with some really egregious agenda that harms the states and their people, then that’s where nullification comes in, or should anyway, depending on how much intestinal fortitude state officials have (and I’ve seen lots over the years that didn’t have much).

Tom Woods had an article on for March 9th that dealt with nullification. Woods noted: “Sessions is making precisely the argument that every left-liberal outfit on earth, from ThinkProgress to the Southern Poverty Law Center, was making not ten years ago, when the modern nullification movement was getting started.”

If you want to read a good little book dealing with this, pick up Ron Kennedy’s book Nullification! Why and How published by Scuppernong Press in Wake Forest, North Carolina, but you might check out which might be quicker.

Ron noted on page iii that “The current unconstitutional system of Federal supremacy has produced the current out of control Federal government. The remainder of this book explains why nullification is an essential unalienable right and how we can reclaim that lost right.” I seriously doubt that “Jeff Secession” would agree with this, and then I wonder–what would his take on the 10th Amendment be???

A Chance To Test the “Balance of Power” Theory

by Al Benson Jr.

In this current series I have been working on one of my main contentions has been that the so-called Constitutional checks and balances between the different branches of the government has not ever really worked the way it was supposed to or that we have been told it did.

In my last article I noted the situation in regard to the illegal immigrants in this country and how the head of the current Marxist Regime plans an end run around Congress so he can take “executive action” to make most of them “legal” with nothing more than the swirl of his mighty pen. Obama has no concept of how constitutional government is supposed to work and, frankly, he couldn’t care less. He will do as he has been instructed to do regardless of whether it breaks the law or not.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has commented on this in an article that appeared on on November 13th. Senator Sessions originally made his comments on a show, The Kelly File on Fox News.

The Town Hall article stated that: “Sessions explained that President Obama not only lacks the authority to do what is outlined in a released plan, but it’s against the law.” Sessions said: “Fundamentally the President has no authority to do this, it’s against the law.” And Sessions also said: “Congress can stop it and must stop it. It’s really a threat to constitutional order.”

Sessions duly noted the warnings from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers that if Obama continues on and follows through with his “executive order” it will be well-nigh impossible to enforce immigration laws that are already on the books and it will encourage and set the stage for even more illegality in the future. Folks, that’s what it’s supposed to do. Further, Sessions stressed that there would be extreme economic consequences from this action on the poor and middle classes in this country. You know something? That doesn’t concern Obama in the least. That’s part of his agenda and the agenda of those that made sure he got into office–destruction of the middle class and the reduction of this country to third world status. And you do have to admit, he’s done a remarkable job of it. Even Slick Willy couldn’t have done any better, nor could Bush Jr., and they both had a crack at it.

Sessions has suggested that Congress cut off the funding for such things as identification cards and other things that are necessary for “executive amnesty” to go forward. He said: “It would be a big, strong step and it would make this almost impossible to accomplish. It would reflect the will of the American people.” Know what? Obama doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about the will of the American people. If he can find ways to circumvent that will he is most happy to do it. It makes his day! Comments from those in his administration display quite graphically what he actually thinks of real Americans. He thinks we are all stupid, all potential terrorists, and we’re just not real bright because we fail to share his Marxist version of a socialist utopia for America. How could we be so dumb as to reject the totalitarian society he and his handlers have planned for us. We should all know better and, therefore, he will do whatever he has to do to us to show us the error of our ways. His absolute last concern is for the real welfare of the country. Anyone who hasn’t figured that out after six years of his imperious regime just isn’t trying.

Having said that, let’s look at what Senator Sessions has said. He says Obama “lacks the authority” to do what he wants to do for the illegal aliens, basically to reward their illegality. He says “…it’s against the law. Congress can stop it and must stop it. It’s really a threat to constitutional order.” That all sounds good and I applaud Senator Sessions’ sentiments, but, in the final analysis, you know what? Congress will probably not stop it. Though it infringes on their area of legislative expertise they will probably not really do much of anything except what I said in my last article–lots of loud protests to make it look like they plan to do something when what they will really end up doing is caving in and letting Obama do what he wants to do, with maybe a couple very minor changes.

Sessions says that Congress should cut off funding for identification cards for illegal aliens. Sounds good. Anyone really think Obama cares? He’ll just amnesty them without any cards–he’d probably rather not have to mess with the cards anyway. After all, in many places now you don’t have to show any ID to go and vote so what difference will an identity card make? American citizens have to show an ID when they go into a store to buy something and write out a check for it. When I go to vote I have to show a photo ID. When we went just recently to vote in the mid-term elections I quipped to the ladies who were checking our identification that “Just think, if I was an illegal alien I wouldn’t have to worry about showing any ID at all. I could just wank in and vote.” No one answered me. Either they disagreed and were polite enough not to say so, or I was closer than anyone wanted to say anything about.

The concluding paragraph of the article said: “Earlier this year, liberal George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley warned about President Obama’s executive overreach, saying we will reach a constitutional tipping point if Congress doesn’t do something to restore the balance of power between the legislative and the executive branches of government.”

This is exactly the same problem we have been dealing with since 1787, and here we sit now in 2014 and it’s still not solved. In the interim, Lincoln did the same thing when he invaded Virginia while Congress was not in session and started the War of Northern Aggression. In the book The War Between the States: America’s Uncivil War it is noted on page 207 that: “On April 13, he (Lincoln) declared the seceding states in a state of rebellion and called for 75,000 troops to deal with them–a declaration expressly reserved to Congress by the Constitution…” So you can see that, even back in 1861, the so-called ‘balance of power” between the branches of government was being treated as a farce. Lincoln did what he wanted to do–he wanted a war–and Congress and the country be damned! Is this situation with Obama and the illegal aliens that much different? I don’t think so.

So we might just ask, in light of history, how’s that “balance of power” thingy working out for you? It’s working just great for those that abuse it because the simple fact is–it doesn’t work. We only think it does because that’s what we’ve been taught in our “educational” facilities–and if it doesn’t really work, then what else in the Constitution doesn’t really work either?