Comments From Randy Murray

A long time has passed since Joaquin Fernandez came by our Fayetteville apartment to interview me as part of a project he was working on that talks about public schools. He said he was interviewing over 40 pastors, teachers and authors, and since I fit in at least two of those categories, he found me.

Having now watched the end result of all those interviews, I’m humbled to have been included at all in such a professional/documentary movie. IndoctriNation is not only worth watching; it is worth the $19.95  I not only recommend it, I beg you to consider getting a copy of the movie, watching it and then passing it along to everyone you know, especially those with children in the public school system.

If you understand symbolism, please consider the big yellow bus in the movie. Like the public school system itself, the bus is constantly breaking down and requiring patchwork repairs. By the movie’s end, it’s dismantled for scrap parts. Think about it.

Editor’s note: I thoroughly concur with Randy Murray’s critique of this movie, having seen it myself. Someone was generous enough to send me a copy of it and I have started circulating it to folks in my church and others who are interested. Knowing the anti-Christ nature of the public school system I can do nothing else but urge Christian parents, and others as well, to get their children out of this system. If our foundations collapse and this country goes down the tubes the public school system will have played a large part in that collapse–spiritually, morally, educationally, and in every other way. It was no accident that Karl Marx advocated “free education for all children in public schools…” Marx knew how to tear a country down and his horrendous agenda has been at work in this country for over 150 years.

Al Benson Jr.