Alan Stang, Donnie Kennedy, and I were right about the Republican Party

By Al Benson Jr.

Back in early 2008, author and researcher Alan Stang wrote an article entitled The Republican Party–Red From the Start. Mr. Stang provided much documentation in this and other articles showing where the Republican Party was really coming from and what its origins were and, folks, let me tell you, those origins weren’t over on the “far right.”

In that article, Alan reviewed the first edition of Donnie Kennedy’s and my book Lincoln’s Marxists, and he made the statement “You really need to read this book.” Unfortunately, Alan passed away in 2010, I think it was, and his research and writing skills are sorely missed. He used to dig up material that the regular media people wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, material they most studiously avoided, and he dealt with it for his audience, which seems to have been considerable. Years earlier, I had read his classic work It’s Very Simple—the true story of Civil Rights. You might check to see if it’s still around. Alan bared all the facts the media and the “civil rights’ crowd didn’t want you to know.

Many people might be naively tempted to think Alan, Donnie, and I are way off in our view of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, the facts show otherwise. Donnie and I dealt somewhat with the early Republican Party in our book, and a few years back, I also did an article entitled The Republican Party—There are no conservative roots there. I checked to see if it was still on the Internet and the only place I can find it right now is on It was posted there on December 8, 2012. You might also check a somewhat related article on called The Mendacious Yankee Culture. You might ask where I am going with all this history. You may have been raised in a political environment where the Republican Party was touted as the party of “small government.” Let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.

In our most recent charade (pardon me, I meant election) the Republicans picked up several seats in the Senate and even some in the House. Gullible Americans were convinced, and still are, that now the country will turn around and move to the right, to a more conservative position. They feel that the Republican leadership in Congress will now move to do battle with Obama and seek to route his egregious socialism. What a laugh! And the laugh is on us, folks, the American electorate has been snookered again—the seventh time since 1980, actually the ninth time if you add Obama’s “transparency” into the mix—and you might just as well, because there is precious little difference between the two parties save for the rhetoric. Their agendas are identical.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin had an article published on the Internet today (Dec 18, 2014) entitled Are You Mad Yet? It dealt with the recent Republican victory in the elections and went on to note that the Republican Party is already working in the Congress to betray its constituents and they’re not even waiting for the new year to do it. They are working overtime to give Comrade Obama what he wants while he still has a majority in the Senate.

Pastor Baldwin quoted long-time Republican activist, Mike Scruggs, when he wrote, “I have been a Republican County Chairman in both North Carolina and Alabama. I have served countless hard-working hours as a volunteer for Republican candidates. I am therefore deeply grieved that the Republican Party leadership in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate has seen fit to betray the principles and values of a substantial majority of Republican voters, and the majority of the American people. This last week witnessed both the House and Senate passing budget bills that essentially gave Obama’s unlawful amnesty for five million illegal immigrant workers an effective pass…Our liberty and freedom are being traded for gold in the form of huge special interest political campaign donations…According to the Heritage Foundation, the average unlawful immigrant household receives $14,387 more in government services and benefits paid than taxes paid. This will almost double with amnesty, because of more benefits. This is essentially a taxpayer subsidy to businesses using illegal immigrant labor… What kind of GOP leadership wants more of these injustices to American workers and taxpayers? Speaker of the House John Boehner did not give a pass to Obama’s amnesty and plans to double illegal immigrant workers because he feared being blamed for a government shutdown. He wants amnesty so that establishment Republicans can continue to receive huge donations from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other cheap labor lobbying associations.” So, when it comes right down to it, with the Republicans just like the Democrats, it’s all about money and power and the average voter be damned. He doesn’t count with either party except to have to pay for the mess they make.

An interesting question was asked by Pastor Baldwin: “When will the U.S. electorate awaken to the fact that we do not have two parties in Washington, D.C.? And when will conservative Republicans awaken to the fact that their party in D.C. does NOT represent them—and has no intentions of representing them? At the leadership level, both Democrats and Republicans represent big money, globalist agendas. Neither party cares a hoot in hades about their constituents—much less liberty and constitutional government. The toll that amnesty is going to take on this republic will be horrific. No, more than that, it will forever change the future of our country. And it won’t take long…I’m talking about escalating crime rates. I’m talking about federally-mandated expulsion of America’s historic Christian culture. I’m talking about rising unemployment for American citizens—especially African Americans…That African Americans will be among the hardest hit by the invasion of illegals is the dirty little secret that Democrat Party leaders are not telling their constituents…”

Pastor Baldwin urges those who love liberty in the Republican Party to secede from it and “join the millions of independents who got mad and left years ago.” He refers to our current system as the “two-party duopoly” that is killing the life and liberty of this country. He’s right, and you know what, with their globalist mindset they love every minute of it! Their destruction of this country is a planned destruction. They’re not merely stupid or ignorant—they know what they are doing. All they have to do is to make sure the public never figures it out.

But some of the public IS beginning to figure it out. I got an email from a man today that has figured out what’s going on, and he explains it in very plain language. He states: “There is no political party that represents the people. Those days are long over—a mere footnote in history. We may elect our reps to the Congress, but once there, the special interest parasites quickly buy them out—though not before the Establishment “heads” of each party call them in and tell them ‘this is how we do business here.’ The tiny few in D.C. who actually stand for constitutional parameters are culled out and discredited by the establishment elites.” Now you know what happened to Ron Paul in 2012. He was too honest. He wouldn’t play the game so he had to go, and they made sure he did—any way they had to. I have often wondered that, if by some fluke he had managed to win the election, would he have met with some sort of “accident” that would have incapacitated him? Having the Republican nomination stolen from him may well have saved his life.

In speaking of our “elected representatives” the email sender noted: “They throw out the sound-bytes they knew we want to hear, then cast a vote that is the very antithesis of their words. Their loyalty is not to the people nor their oath—they are lords and nobles to their NWO (New World Order) handlers who provide them money, power, and control in exchange for using their elected post to dismantle the idea of America.” Unfortunately, this is a very apt description of what we send to Washington. Does anyone wonder why the national opinion of Congress is literally in the single digits? Even the election changed nothing of real importance. No matter which party is “in power” it will be business as usual in Washington, but then, that trend took a major step forward with the election of Lincoln and the Republican triumph in the War of Northern Aggression.

Some of the Republican congressmen today may be a bit more suave than old Thad Stevens or Ben Wade were, but not all. We still have John McCain and when he loses his cool, suave he ain’t.

So don’t look for any help from the Republican Establishment in returning the country to where it should be. They ain’t having any of that—it’s not part of the New World Order agenda. A good place to start might be in prayer to the Lord, asking Him to retard the progress of the One World Government crowd and to confuse their efforts. He can do that. If enough of us repent of our sins and pray that way, He might be pleased to hear us. That doesn’t mean we don’t do anything else, but it means that we start with prayer.

No Gringos Need To Watch Obama’s Speech

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, Comrade Obama, the Washington Caudillo, has given his speech on how he plans to usurp the authority of Congress to allow 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in this country. It was full of flowery phrases about how he plans to only allow the brightest  and the   best of the illegal immigrants to stay, the ones that are prone to being future entrepreneurs and that will be major contributors to our society  and how he plans to deport those among the illegals that are part of the criminal class, and on and on. Based on the past veracity of this administration, it all sounds like a pile of West Texas cow chips in August–and probably smells just as bad.

Tlhe high-class people he describes here would hardly be the ones to be showing up at our Southern border begging to get across. You have to wonder if the people he’s describing would even have any need to try to get into this country illegally. The highly skilled people he’s painting a picture of would probably still be able to make a decent living in Mexico or wherever.

Obama stated that his deferred deportations do not apply to those who recently came into the country illegally or those who plan to do such in the future. Yeah, right, just like all those criminals he’s going to deport, uh huh. Homeland Security will now focus on apprehending any would-be illegals at our Southern border and keeping a weather eye out for gang members and any potential terrorists. Right! It all sounds so great you have to know it’s total hogwash.

Interesting is the fact that Obama’s speech was not aimed at ordinary Americans, the White House didn’t even ask the major networks for time.  The web site American Thinker in an article by Thomas Lifson, noted: “President Obama’s speech tonight on his immigration amnesty diktat isn’t aimed at you, if English is your primary language. The White House didn’t even ask tlhe Big Three broadcast networks…for time. We’re in the midst of the November sweeps and in all likelihood they would have turned him down. But that doesn’t matter–he would just as soon that Gringo-Americans not even hear about his decree.”

The article continued: “Obama and the Democrats base their strategy on fragmenting, not uniting Americans, and the speech tonight is aimed at Spanish-speakers, who will see the speech broadcast live on the other big broadcast network, Univision, which is for Spanish-speakers.  And the audience will be huge among Spanish-speakers because the speech is timed to coincide with the Latin Grammys, one of the highest rated programs of the year on Univision.” Timing is everything and Obama was aiming at a big Hispanic audience and a minimal Gringo audience. And that’s because he knew all along what the “Gringo” reaction would be. His wide-open immigration policy has not been popular with most Americans and you can tell that from the reactions he has gotten over his border policies of allowing these people in and shipping batches of their kids around the country. Nobody likes what he’s been doing except that small coterie of internationalists whose agenda is to destroy this country and its culture.

The web site  also observed that “The world’s largest Spanish language media corporation Univision plans to interrupt one of their most popular shows to carry Obama’s Mexican Revolution Day message to hundreds of millions of Spanish-speakers in the USA, Central and South America, and around the globe, while only a narrow band of Americans will see Obama’s speech live on TV.”

Only it didn’t quite work out as well as Obama’s administration planned because one of the major headlines on World Net Daily this morning stated: “Americans ‘mad at government’ melt phones on Capital Hill.” Several senators confirmed that their phones had been ringing off the hook with calls from constituents who are now beginning to realize that the beneficent Obama regime has given them the shaft–again! You’re going to have all these illegals in the country competing for jobs Americans need–and Obama loves it! How long will it take most Americas to realize that this guy just loves sticking it to us. He lives for that. The people that voted this Marxist into office should hang their heads in shame, better yet, maybe they should repent! And so far, what has been Congress’ response? The House has sued Obama over Obamacare. Seems to be they’ve done that before a few times and nothing has ever come of it.

In my previous article on this subject I noted what Michael Savage had said was the proper solution for Congress to use in this situation. He didn’t think they would and I don’t either. They will waffle and wiggle and try to find some way to get off the hook while giving in to Obama without appearing to do so. Don’t look for much of anything from any of them that will do us much good. Their first allegiance is to the internationalists and their agenda. The American people are sheep to be sheared–by both socialist parties. So how much have the “checks and balances” and the “separation of powers” they tell us are in the Constitution to protect us done for us up until now? Don’t everybody answer at once.

Are Some Finally Beginning To Fight Back?

by Al Benson Jr.

In what we have witnessed in the past few months it seems that at least some Americans have finally awakened to what Comrade Obama and his handlers have in store for our country and they don’t much like what they see. All I can say is “It’s about time.” The current Marxist regime is now in its sixth year and it has been stiffing Americans constantly since Comrade Obama took his oath of office.

In following the current chaos on our Southern border, it seems that some folks there have finally started to figure it out. Mayor Raul Salinas of Laredo, Texas has stated that he will not raise taxes in Laredo to deal with  the illegal immigrants that the current regime is pouring into the area. Mayor Salinas says the folks in Laredo are already taxed too much and he’s not going to make it any worse for them. He asked the question–if Laredo uses tax money to care for the illegals, will they be reimbursed by the federal government? Year, right! Or as they used to say in West Virginia “dream on Alice.”

Although, thanks to our “news” media, most folks have never heard of the Cloward-Piven socialist strategy to ruin the economy by overwhelming governmental bodies with extra expenses, some folks are beginning to see that this is what is happening even if they can’t put a name to it. And don’t expect any help from the feds in this area. The Obama Regime will just continue to do what it has been doing all along and, if they sense the economy is finally crumbling, they will try to do it faster.

If they feel this tactic will help to financially break towns and cities on the border they will continue and even expedite their efforts because that’s the name of the game. If they can help to break the border down that’s one more step toward a North American Union pact where there are no borders. This is what the Marxists in Washington and New York live for–a situation that will help to destroy private property and the culture that supports it. It all has to go to make place for the Marxist New World Order–however, some “reactionary” Americans (no doubt all low-level terrorists) are starting to resist. The natives are becoming restless. Time to replace them with illegal immigrants who will take all the freebies the feds hand out and not grumble.

Comrade Obama has asked Congress for a paltry $3.7 billion to deal with the illegals. This won’t be used to help deport them, it will be used to help to make them comfortable here. One Arizona congressman has stated that Obama’s $3.7 billion for coddling the illegals here is “dead in the water.” Let’s hope so. We can only hope and pray that the gutless wonders in Congress don’t go along with it. If we are going to spend that much on the illegal immigration situation, then let’s spend it to improve the fences along the border and to hire more border patrol officers to keep the illegals out rather than spending billions to insure their comfort here.

Obama refused to build double-barrier security fencing along our border with Mexico, in direct violation of the 2006 Secure Fence Act.  Around 650 miles of this fence was supposed to be built along the border. So far about 40 miles of it has been built and the Bush administration did most of that. Don’t hold your breath waiting for anymore to be done on the fence. That would defeat Obama’s agenda for an open border between us and Mexico which is now overwhelming the Southwest.

Several places around the country have been refusing to accept the busloads of illegals that the feds are attempting to ship into areas around the country. Places as far away as Connecticut and Michigan are starting to refuse to accept the illegals–and how many of these illegals are gang members? Oh, I forgot, the “news” media doesn’t want to discuss that. Better if the average American has no idea–better for the current regime, not for the average American.

However, as they say, there’s one (sucker) born every minute. And Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts  wants to find some way for his state to start accepting the illegals children.  I wonder how enthusiastic the residents of his state will be about that idea. Some naive souls there will probably think it sounds great (as long as they don’t end up in their back yard) but even in Massachusetts there are some folks with the good sense to know better. Let’s hope they can appraise their governor of his idiocy.

And no one talks about the crime wave that accompanies many of these illegals. As I said earlier, how many of them are gang members? And so the Obama Regime’s war against its own people continues. Let’s hope more of those people begin to wake up and realize they are in a life-or-death struggle with their own government.