That URDU Dictionary Found at Texas Border

by Al Benson Jr.

Should anyone be naive enough to inquire of our federal government if there are any Muslim terrorists in Mexico, close to the US border they would be informed that such people do not exist. There are no Muslim terrorists any closer to our Southern border than the remote regions of Argentina or Chile, and anyway, everybody knows that the average American is much more dangerous than any Muslim terrorist could ever be. The world at large will not be safe until all Americans are stripped of their Second Amendment rights so whoever decides he wants to cross our Southern border can do so without the risk of being shot. That seems to be the position of the feds, although they don’t quite phrase it that way. The federal idea of protecting American citizens in the Southern reaches of their own country is to put up signs warning them to beware of smugglers at the border. As for trying to keep the smugglers out–forget that!

However, in contradiction to the federal position, I read an interesting article just today (5/9/15) on about a Texas rancher who found and URDU dictionary on his property. Well, you might say, that’s interesting. so what? How many folks in this country have even heard of URDU?  Probably about the same number that can’t tell you what century the War of Northern Aggression was fought in or who Hitler was.

According to Wikipedia: “Urdu is historically associated with the Muslims of the region  of Hindustan. It is the national language and lingua franca  of Pakistan and an official language in six Indian states…” So if Urdu is a language used in Pakistan and that region of the world, how come this Texas rancher found an Urdu dictionary on his land, near the border? Oh, I know, it was dropped by a Japanese on the Mexican side who just happened to look over the fence and it fell out of his pocket–right? That’s about the kind of explanation you’d get from the feds. So the writer of the qpolitical article, Ronak Kallianpur, asked the question: “…how many Muslims are there exactly in Mexico? Surely there can’t be that many…”

Turns out, awhile back, there was an article on about exactly this topic. It stated: “Islam Builds Muscle in Mexico. Many Mexicans ended up converting to Islam after the 9-11 attacks drew their attention to the religion, piquing their interest. According to the Washington-based Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, today there are approximately 110,000 Muslims living in Mexico.” That figure was released in July of 2013.

I’ve read all kinds of articles in the past couple years about Muslim prayer rugs, copies of the Koran and other such material being found just inside our Southern border. Of course you have to remember that all this was accidentally dropped by German tourists just out for a walk in the desert. Muslim terrorists in our Southwest? Why perish the thought! The government tells us our Southern border is safer now that it has ever been and, I mean, if you can’t trust your government, then who can you trust, right?

Just because they’ve been telling the public baldfaced lies for 150 years is no reason we shouldn’t believe what they tell us is it?  I never forgot the bumper sticker I saw on the back of a car in Tennessee several years ago that said “I trust my president and my government.” And you have to realize that “the brainwashed (in public schools) never wonder.”

So there are over 100,000 Muslims in Mexico. You think none of them ever got up here to cross our border illegally? Pancho Villa with a Koran in his left hand, speaking Urdu with a Mexican accent! Bet that sounds interesting!

If it ever gets to the point where those people decide to invade the Southern US in wholesale numbers I can just picture the Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and all the other federal agencies showing up on the border to arrest and detain any Americans who have the gall to resist the invasion–if we have any guns left by then! Is this a great Kountry or what?

Some Conservatives Starting To Recognize the Great Republican Con Game

by Al Benson Jr.

Awhile back I wrote an article entitled The Republican Party–There Are NO Conservative Roots There. It got a bit or circulation because some conservatives and patriots are beginning to realize that the current Republican Party is selling them out–lock, stock, and barrel. So, realizing that, they are becoming a little more open to checking out where the Republican Party might really have come from.

The Republican Party, the “Party of Lincoln” has always, with the exception of a few blips in the middle of the 20th century, been a party of big government. Their main strength has been in their deviousness in this area, their being able to fool so many people into believing that they were a party of “small government.” At many local levels this is probably true, but at real leadership levels it has never been true. It is true that the Democrats were once a party of small government, but those days are long gone also.

What we have today are two parties, much like two different wings on the same socialist turkey, but both are always pushing the turkey to fly to the left. One wing wants to turn left immediately, if not sooner, while the other wing is headed in the same direction, but wants to make the trip a little slower. The difference in the desired speed of the two wings discombobulates the turkey, but it also fools the voting public into believing that one wing actually wants to fly right, when nothing could be further from the truth.

From its inception, the Republican Party was a party of the left. You could tell that, if you understood history, by the first two presidential candidates they fielded–John C. Fremont and Abraham Lincoln. Suffice it to say that neither of them would have qualified as a bastion of the right. Both of them were enamored of socialists and outright communists, and some of the Republican candidates that followed after them had also strongly imbibed the foul wine of revolutionary socialism. You can tell that by reading some of what they said. They were big on centralized government, with all the real power in Washington.

Today’s Republican Party is no different. Oh, they will prattle about wanting less government when what they really want is less government controlled by their opposition so more of it can be controlled by them. Today’s Republican leadership is NOT against illegal aliens flooding the country, they are NOT against Obamacare (though they’d rather have it called Romneycare) and they are NOT against raising taxes on the middle class–they just want you to think they are.

I read lots of stuff on the Internet. Doing historical research tends to make one have to do that to keep up with what goes around, and what ought to go around but doesn’t–thanks to our intrepid “news” (blocking) media. There are some conservative and patriotic websites that finally seem to be waking up enough to recognize that this last big Republican victory in 2014 was hardly a victory for those of us opposed to big and unlimited government, but was, rather, a cleverly devised sham intended to keep the status quo in place while giving the illusion of “having thrown the bums out.”

Before the election, John Boehner roundly condemned (for public consumption) Obama’s illegal alien initiative that would leave most of the illegals still in the country. You got the impression from Boehner’s comments that the House was really going to go at it tooth and claw with Obama over the illegal issue. Within days of the election we found Boehner and the House more than willing to cave in and fund Obama’s illegal alien agenda through next September, all the while telling us how much they were opposed to it. It could be they really think this guy, Gruber, was right and that the American voters are just too stupid to know the difference. Or it could be that they really don’t give a hoot what we think. They, like Obama, have an agenda to fulfill for their bosses behind the scenes and they will do that no matter what we think. That’s the real reason they are there, you know. Doing the will of those that voted them into office doesn’t even begin to enter into the equation–not even worth the discussion.

So, let’s be brutally honest. The American people are about to get stiffed by both parties because both parties, at the national level and many state levels, are nothing more than socialist fronts for the internationalist crowd. All the rhetoric and hogwash thrown around to convince us differently is nothing more than bovine excrement. No one is Washington represents us, no matter what they say, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. All you have to do is look at how they vote! That, and a little homework, will show you where their real loyalties lie.

The real conservatives and patriotic folks in this country won nothing in the last election except the privilege of being lied to by Republican socialists instead of Democratic socialists. Big improvement, ain’t it?

Amnesty And Checks And Balances–We are being had by both parties

by Al Benson Jr.

In case anyone hasn’t figured it out by now, let me say it as politely as I can and still keep it printable. The American citizens are being played for suckers by both political parties. The Republicans won the mid-term elections. So what? The Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission/Bilderberger triad is still in full control of both parties and with their One World Government agenda why should we actually think a Republican victory will make any real difference? Do we have any bold new leadership being chosen by Republicans for either the House or Senate? Hardly. We’ve got John Boehner–again, and he is sided by Mitch McConnell in the Senate. These guys have been in the political arena so long you can’t even classify them as retreads, and for the record, let’s not kid ourselves, neither one will do a blessed thing to help regain liberty for the American people. They will both play political parlor games with Comrade Obama and it will all continue to be cutesy poo as usual.

A glaring exmmple of this is the illegal alien issue. Obama, in outrageous socialist mode, wants the illegals rewarded for being illegal and he wants it right now. No messing around with even the parlor games! He has basically threatened Congress with a “do it my way or it’s the highway” approach and the Republican “leadership” (if you can call it that) is in the process of respectfully requesting of him how far he wants them to jump on the way up! That’s life in Sodom on the Potomac, folks. Get used to it.

There was an article on the World Net Daily website today that carried comments from an interview with Michael Savage that was quite revealing. Regarding illegal alien amnesty, Savage told his audience that if Obama issues an executive order to amnesty the illegals then “If the executive order is based on a statute, Congress can change the statute, thereby nullifying the order.” Savage advised Congress that, instead of all the first day ceremony they should “…go to power, go to the mats and change the statute. Day One.”

He noted that: “…the only instance in which Congress could not nullify an order is if the president is acting according to an executive power granted to him by the Constitution. But Obama’s executive order on immigration is not such a case. It is not constitutionally based. Congress has the power to repeal a presidential order or terminate the underlying authority on which the action is predicated.” Savage cited a Congressional Research Report from December of 2011 which outlined the authority that Congress possesses to stop an executive order. So it can be done under the proper circumstances.

Savage then asked: “Do I have to teach McConnell and Boehner what they can do? No. They know it. They just don’t want to do it.” That’s the whole situation right there. They know what they can and should do to head off Obama’s tyranny–but they’re not going to be bothered–which means one of two things. Either they are, for some reason, afraid to do the right thing or they really have no problem with Obama giving amnesty to the illegals, but they don’t dare admit that in public, so they’ll pretend the real solution doesn’t exist and will instead issue a stream of political pontification on “how hard they tried” but they just couldn’t stop the Obama steamroller on this one issue. (There will be more they won’t be able to stop him on either–or at least more they won’t really try on). It’s all such a pile of bovine fertilizer I’m surprised they don’t suffocate in it, but then after you’ve been inhaling that stuff for decades I guess you get used to it.

If the Constitutional “checks and balances” I’ve been writing about are really supposed to function (and I strongly doubt that) then, as I’ve said before, how can they ever work when there is rank collusion between the different branches of government?

When one branch has the ability to stop another branch from unconstitutional activity and refuses to do it or pretends it can’t do it, how is this system ever supposed to work?

Shouldn’t we demand from our legislators that they do what they can to stop this? Will it make any difference? If there is already an agenda in place to amnesty these millions of illegals and both president and Congress are just playing out the game, about all we can do, so it would seem, is to protest and let them know we know what’s going on and that we know it is a political game–one whose goal is the destruction of our culture. But, we can also pray and ask the Lord to expose what they are doing and to put an end to their playing the American public for suckers. Will American Christians be concerned enough to do even this much? I am not optimistic. I do hope I am wrong, but based on past performances…..

Asymmetrical War On the Mexican Border

by Al Benson Jr.

Last evening (July 22, 2014) I watched a video someone sent me that featured a retired Border Patrol Officer giving his take as to what is happening on our Southern border with all these illegal immigrant children. At the risk of sounding like an alarmist, let me say that if what the former Border Patrol Officer said in the video is accurate, it does not bode well for the American people. But, then, that’s the plan isn’t it?

The officer talked about what he called an “asymmetrical war” going on right now on our border. He classified the current happening as a war. Upon a little reflection, I think he’s right. It is a war, being waged upon the American people not only by certain foreign interests, terrorists among them, but by our own government. This is a concept we have got to get used to. Our own government is at war with us, and they are in total support of those “foreign interests” that want to do this country in. Flushing this country and its culture down the toilet is a major part of the “fundamental transformation” of this country promised by our current president.

I wasn’t even familiar with the term “asymmetrical war” until I heard this former Border Patrol Officer describe it. His description of it sounded very much like what I would consider guerrilla warfare, where one side does not have the technology or the resources the other side has and so they conduct what is, essentially, an unequal war with the stronger group. This kind of war is very difficult for the larger, stronger group to fight, especially when their own government hamstrings their efforts.

The “news” media has focused on the illegal immigrant children in this situation, which we are told accounts for about 20% of the illegals in question. So what about the other 80%? Don’t ask, don’t tell, right?

A blog spot, carried the following information: “Border Patrol agents on the American side of the Rio Grande were forced to take cover Friday night when high-caliber weaponry was fired at them from the Mexican side of the river, sources told (…Bullets ricocheted into an area where Border Patrol agents were positioned, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told  Border Patrol sources confirmed Gohmert’s account, and said the shots may have been fired by .50-caliber weapons.”

Since the Border Patrol doesn’t have armor that will stop a bullet this size the agents had to take cover. After the shooting ceased, around 40-50 people came onto the US side and turned themselves in. The article continued: “So clearly the rounds were being fired to suppress every effort to stop anybody intervening with anyone or anything coming across…We have no idea what or how many or whom came across with the other illegal immigrants.” So the shooting occurs and because our people have insufficient equipment to defend themselves they are forced to take cover and who know who came across the border while the Border Patrol people were undercover? The people that turned themselves in were a diversion–just like all these illegal immigrant kids are a diversion that keeps the Border Patrol focused on taking care of them and therefore unable to do their job of policing the border.

Please watch the video of the retired Border Patrol Officer on 

The seeds of the destruction of this country are beginning to sprout on our Southern border while we are occupied with our “Reality shows” and our sports events. The barbarians are not only at the gates, they are being ushered in by our own government which thinks we are too stupid to figure out what’s going on. Sadly, they may be correct.

National Protests Against Illegal Amnesty On July 18-19

by Al Benson Jr.

Someone sent me an email just this afternoon that bore out the contention I made in yesterday’s article that some folks are beginning to wake up to what the Washington and New York Marxists are trying to do to us.

It seems that there are supposed to be in the neighborhood of 170 protests around the country this weekend against granting illegal immigrants amnesty, which Obama and the Republicrats in Congress would dearly love to do. But the opposition is strong enough at this point that the RINO’s are starting to climb out of the comfy bed they and Comrade Obama had climbed into together. After all, some of them have to run in the mid-terms while Obama doesn’t. All he’s waiting for is for his handlers to let him declare himself dictator-for-life and their agenda may just not permit that.

These anti-amnesty-for-illegals protests are taking place all across the country, in most states. Texas had two of them today, July 18th, one in Austin and one in San Antonio, both of which took place in front of the Mexican consulates in those cities. These may let the Mexican politicians know that we cannot support their “huddled and tired” masses. There were also demonstrations listed for tomorrow in Seguin and Corpus Christi, both on Interstate overpasses, where lots of folks can see them as they drive by.

Of these 170 demonstrations that have been listed nationwide so far (and there may be more) how many do you think our intrepid “news” media will cover? Answer: as few as they can get away with and those they are, for some reason, forced to acknowledge, will all be branded as “racist.” This is how our media Ministry of Propaganda works.

There are supposed to be protests in Alabama, Arizona, and several in California. One in Salinas, California will be held in front of the office of Congressman Sam Farr at ten in the morning of July 19th.

There will be protests in Colorado, at Colorado Springs, Littleton, and Grand Junction, in Connecticut at Griswold, New Haven, and Enfield. Protests are listed for Florida and for Georgia–one in Atlanta at the overpass at I-285 at Riverside Drive from 11 in the morning until 4 Saturday afternoon. Protests are listed for Idaho, Illinois, Maine, New Hampshire, even one in Springfield, Massachusetts, where the governor wants to welcome the illegals with open arms. It would appear that many of his constituents fail to share his fuzzy, liberal sentiments. There are even five protests listed for Louisiana, two in New Orleans, one in Sulphur, one in Lafayette, and one in Baton Rouge. Two are listed for Mississippi, one in Jackson, and six in Montana. Even New Mexico has two listed, which is somewhat of a surprise.

Anyone wanting a national list should check out  which gives locations for these all across the country.

Gary North commented on all this just today in an article on  Mr. North observed how John Boehner and the Republical RINO’s were ready to climb into bed with Comrade Obama to pass an illegal amnesty bill that they said wasn’t really an illegal amnesty bill. It seems that they were ready to pull this stunt because they thought us folks back home were too stupid to know the difference and this would be one of their major contributions toward the One World Government agenda while they, all the while, would be claiming it wasn’t. Guess what? They lied to us. Does that really surprise you? I guess, anymore, I’d be surprised if they didn’t lie to us. Comrade Obama and much of Congress are total strangers to the truth.

Thing is, they would have gone ahead and done this thing, laughing all the way to the bank at us stupid proles back home, had this “illegal children’s march”  to the border not taken place. Now, with mid-terms on the horizon, all the RINO’s are bailing out of their deal with Obama and he and Dirty Harry may be left holding the bag. Who says the Lord doesn’t have a sense of humor? Once in awhile ordinary folks get to see our ruling elite sweat and squirm–a rare treat.

Gary North also wondered why no one is asking how these illegal kids all got here–not the “news” media, not Congress, not anyone. He asked the same question I’ve asked and so far the response has been blank stares and deafening silence. No one is supposed to ask that question. All we are supposed to do is to grovel at the feet of our esteemed leader and ask what can we do to make these illegal aliens more comfortable. That’s the only question allowed in this situation. All others will be pointedly ignored.

And maybe if no one’s asking that question, we should start asking why not?

Everyone Has the Right to be Offended–Except Americans

by Al Benson Jr.

As we celebrate what we refer to as “Independence Day” now we begin to ascertain that the one “freedom” we really have is the “right” to support the Marxist Regime in power and we have the “right” to treat all of its socialist minions as upcoming powers-that-be, in other words, little socialist “gods.” Other rights, though talked about, have pretty much disappeared. Most folks don’t grasp this yet, probably won’t grasp it in my lifetime, and by the time they do they will be on their way to their local FEMA re-education facility, wondering why someone didn’t tell them about all this.

A perfect example of this is the “newspeak” that is foisted upon us by what passes for the “news” media and by the people in Washington, whose agenda is to change the way us and our kids think.

We are, from henceforth, not to speak in terms of any sort that might “offend” some minority group. The minority groups can insult and slander white, Christian Americans and that is permitted, even encouraged by our ruling elite and no one says anything. But let some traditional American say something that is perceived offensive to any minority group, particularly one on the Left, and the “news” media and their political bosses go into high gear with rigorous denunciations.

Looking at this horrendous situation with all these Latin American kids on our Southern border, we find that our ever-compassionate “news” media can’t even bear to label them anymore as illegal aliens. No, that might offend them. So we now refer to them as “undocumented workers.” Maybe we should start referring to other criminals the same way. We could start by rebaptizing bank robbers as “wealth redistribution engineers” and rapists as “contributors to the gene pool.” Although I must admit the term “wealth redistribution engineers” fits our politicians even better than it does the bank robbers. But, then, that’s the way it is when you vote Marxists into office.

In regard to these illegal aliens being detained on our borders–and at the risk of offending them–they are illegals and that’s the way it is in the real world, I have often wondered just where all these thousands of kids came from, most with no parents. We are told the majority of them don’t come from Mexico, but from Guatemala, El Salvador, and countries south of Mexico. How did these thousands of 8-15 year olds all get here with no adult help. I can’t believe that Mexico, from what I’ve seen of it, is safe enough for this Kiddie Crusade to just walk across it.

But apparently the Regime in power wants them all here and not deported back to where they came from and besides, they prevent the system in the Southwest from working with any kind of efficiency, which is part of the Marxist agenda–shut down effective government by flooding it with a situation it is not equipped to handle.

And there are other reasons the Washington Marxists want them here–they want the votes in the future. Writer Diana West has stated that: “There is one thing we can predict about the tens of thousands of ‘minor aliens’ crashing our Southern border. If permitted to stay in this country and gain citizenship, at least 8 in 10 of them will grow up to be Big Government Democrats. They will likely believe that the U S government isn’t big enough, and doesn’t offer enough tax-payer-funded services.” She quoted a 2011 Pew Research survey for this information. She said “Pew’s question zeroed in on Hispanic attitudes toward government: whether government should be bigger or smaller, with more services or fewer services. There was no mistaking the Hispanic preference. ‘Hispanics’ Pew wrote, ‘are more likely than the general public to say they would rather have a bigger government providing more services rather than a smaller government with fewer services.” According to the Pew Survey, 75% of Hispanics take this position, compared to 19% who favor smaller government.

If all these people get to stay, they will forever change the culture of this country–and that seems to be the name of the game. Their political attitudes, no doubt birthed in the socialist countries they come from, will ensure that socialists in government, as long as they promise more and more goodies, will get to stay there.

So folks, enjoy Independence Day while you can, even though it is now, thanks to the Washington Marxists, nearly meaningless, because thirty years down the road it may be abolished as a national holiday and you will find yourselves required to celebrate Cincy de Mayo instead. Of course, if such happens, maybe they will still let you shoot your fireworks off–and fot lots of folks, that’s all that’s important.