“It’s for the children”—Right? Wrong!

By Al Benson Jr.
“We’re doing it for the children” shout the One World politicians as they seek to further their political (and religious) agendas which do nothing for the children except remove the God-given liberties they and their parents hope to enjoy.

The “shooting incident” in Connecticut at the end of last year was a prime example. I doubt that we will ever really know what happened at Sandy Hook last December, but in the name of “protecting the children” our Marxist president eagerly sought to completely derail the Second Amendment (and probably also sought to derail any potential resistance that might be out there to his leftist program). His “concern for the children” theme rings a little hollow when you consider that he has no problem with abortion which has murdered millions of unborn babies. His much-touted “concern for the children” only seems to rise to the fore if the children he is concerned about can be used to make political hay for him and his handlers.

He is a typical example of the (One) world mentality, which really hates children except where they can be used as fodder for his agenda.
Last week someone forwarded me a video presentation dealing with the population situation in both Europe and North America, which, in spite of all the lies about a “population explosion” is really dire. None of the European countries at present are reproducing their native populations and by 2050, according to this video, most churches in Europe will have been replaced with mosques as the real population surge in Europe is among the Muslims, while native population growth is in wild retreat. It’s no different here. The anti-Christian feminist movement, many of whose original leaders were over on the far left theologically and politically, has taught women in America to hate children. The so-called “me generation” is so busy enjoying themselves they have no time, no inclination to have and raise children—too messy and time-consuming. They have become lovers of themselves more than lovers of God and so they all want to do their own thing—and besides, kids just get in the way.

They don’t want to be bothered taking care of kids now. Who do they think will take care of them when they get to be 75? It sure won’t be the federal government, regardless of all the golden promises these political liars make. But they are too busy “amusing themselves to death” right now to even begin to think about something as trenchant as who will care for them in their declining years—and it sure won’t be all the babies they’ve aborted. They’ve killed off their caregivers by the millions.

Pastor Steve Wilkins of Auburn Ave. Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Louisiana has observed: “We hate babies because we think there’s no room for them. Most people believe that the world is experiencing a population explosion. But, in fact, the opposite is true. We are facing a population implosion. We don’t have too many people. We have too few people—and we are facing the terrible specter of under-population worldwide. Europe is expected to lose almost 300 million people by the end of the century. European governments are offering monetary incentives to couples who will have children. The situation is so bad that the only hope for Europe is to import large numbers of immigrants (and most of the immigrants will come from Muslim countries.” Or as one man said several years ago “Ninety percent of the people live on ten percent of the land and they call that a population explosion.” Needless to say, most people today, thanks to their public school “educations” have bought into all the government-produced problems, from population explosion to global warming to weapons of mass destruction to the planned destruction of our liberties in the name of “fighting terrorism.” What the public has yet to realize is that this administration considers average Americans to be terrorists—and the real terrorists who maim and kill people—we finance them.

Pastor Wilkins also noted: “We hate babies because we no longer believe the Bible. Children are not optional to marriage but integral to God’s for the world. This is why Satan sought to subvert Adam and Eve in the beginning. He was seeking to prevent the birth of the seed. And he has continued to seek the same thing ever since. But God’s purpose from the beginning was that Man fill the earth with offspring (Genesis 1:22). Ruling over the creation is impossible if there is no filling. Thus, throughout the Bible, increasing population is a sign of God’s blessing upon a culture.”
According to Pastor Wilkins “The world hates babies and abortion is only one indication of this hatred. Not only do we kill babies, we don’t want to have them…And Christians have been affected by the pervasive hatred of babies. Even most Christians view babies more as burdens than as blessings. And consequently we are facing a terrible judgment. Unbelief is present-oriented and suicidal and nowhere is this more clearly manifest than in the refusal to bear children. Without children the society reverts to primitivism and barbarism. Expect to see euthanasia laws passed throughout Europe and elsewhere in the West—the unbelieving children of unbelieving parents are not going to be more generous than their parents. Those who promoted feminism and abortion in the 60s and 70s will begin to receive the same mercy they have shown to the children they killed because they were ‘inconvenient.’ We may well indeed be shown new and shocking examples of how “the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”

Pastor Wilkins feels that if Christians will repent of their hatred of babies and begin having more of them then Christians could be in the majority by the middle of the century. That means the Christians have got to quit believing the drivel that the (One) World keeps shoveling in their faces and start to do some thinking on their own. Pastor Wilkins states that: “Having babies is central in the outworking of Jesus’ victory over Satan.” That being the case, do you now wonder why our Marxist president is so much in favor of sodomite and lesbian “marriages”? Not only do these openly flout God’s Law, which this administration loves to do, but they produce zero children.

If you have ever read any of the United Nations or Agenda 21 material you will note that they play on the population explosion myth and call for massive reduction in population—which means that they don’t seek God’s glory—they seek their own. That tells you where they are coming from. We either believe God’s admonition to “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it…” or we believe the falsehoods of the leftists who lobby for population reduction. It’s easier for them to control people if there are less of them you know. It all comes down to choosing which God to follow—the God of Holy Scripture or the “god” of this (One) World.