In Nevada the Feds Back Off–for now

by Al Benson Jr.

It seems as if the good folks won one for a change instead of the government’s thugs. Today it was announced that the BLM will remove themselves from the area of Clivan Bundy’s ranch and will no longer try to remove his cattle, either by running them to death in the heat with helicopters or just by rounding them up and rustling them.

The BLM totally misread the intent of the folks that showed up to help Mr. Bundy resist their “government” aggression. They thought all they had to do to stave off resistance was to shout “one step closer and you’re dead.” This time it didn’t work. The assembled crowd just kept coming slowly, one step at a time. The BLM would have had to start shooting people to stop them and even the lapdog media would not have been able to cover that up satisfactorily–and besides, some of the assembled crowd probably might have returned fire. They were ticked off enough.

The county sheriff finally got enough backbone to do what he should have done in the first place–disarm the BLM and order them out of the area, which he did, after an ultimatum from Mr. Bundy to step up and do his constitutional duty.

Today an article on stated: “Despite the fact that Bureau of Land Management officials agreed to cease their operation to seize Bundy’s cattle after a massive public backlash, Bundy demanded that Sheriff Gillespie disarm BLM officials and return his stolen cows. When this didn’t happen, hundreds of Bundy supporters, including cowboys on horseback, descended on a nearby cattle pen outside of Mesquite where the seized cows were being held. In a tense standoff, armed BLM feds, backed up by at least one SWAT team, threatened to shoot at Bundy supporters if they marched any closer to a line of vehicles…Despite threats of ‘one more step and you’re dead’ the protesters continued their slow march towards BLM agents as bullhorns blared. Refusing to back down, the protesters marched straight past the armed men and towards the cattle pen. Sheriff Gillespie eventually appeared to inform Bundy supporters that the BLM had finally caved and agreed to release the 100 cattle they had seized that were inside the pen.”

Ammon Bundy, Clivan’s son, said “The people have power when they unite. The war has just begun.” Ammon was correct. The war has, indeed, just begun and the patriotic folks in Nevada have won one battle. But there will be more. Who is to say the BLM, or some other quazi-government agency won’t try to sneak back into Clark County six months from now, under cover of night, and try to pull off a sneak raid, in which Mr. Bundy may well be shot “while trying to resist arrest.” With this government stranger things have happened. And Harry Reid and his son and their Chinese Communist buddies still want Mr. Bundy’s land. They won’t quit this easily.

The feds don’t like resistance to their agendas. They got it once in Kanawha County, West Virginia forty years ago this year and they eventually found a way to beat it (literally) into submission. They will find a way to combat this resistance also, so the Bundys and other patriotic folks in Nevada and in the West in general have got to learn to be eternally vigilant and not let themselves go back to sleep because, one way or another, this Marxist regime in Washington intends to have its way. They don’t recognize the constitutional rights of American citizens, no matter how many platitudes they peddle out there.

This current regime, as well as others before it, is at war with the American people, and Christians in particular. We better wake up to that fact and learn how to defend ourselves when federal aggression rears its head in one way or another, because it will, as sure as the turning of the earth.