Does Romans 13 Teach Blind Obedience to Government?

By Al Benson Jr

Over the years I have heard several sermons preached on Romans, chapter 13, and the Christian response to that portion of God’s Word. Most of what I have heard has advocated blind, unquestioning obedience to government, no matter what the situation might be. Since most Christians today, not having been taught to think critically, reason that government is the “lawful authority” they next reason that they are bound to obey it in all instances no matter what. Suffice it to say that I disagree. I do not advocate revolution and I do not advocate overthrow of the government, rather I advocate that we look anew at what Romans 13 really says.

Romans 13 is a statement that declares the limits of government. It sets out the proper role of the magistrate as God’s minister. In other words, the magistrate should only be doing what God allows him to do within the limits of his office, and for him to go further than that is usurpation. Pastor John Weaver from Fitzgerald, Georgia has written an informative book called The Christian and Civil Government in which he deals specifically with Romans 13. Pastor Weaver notes, on page 11 of his book that: “…when the state comes into the church and says it must be licensed, it must pay taxes, it must be incorporated, and it must not preach against public policy, the state has left its proper sphere of authority. It has absolutely no jurisdiction; it has no authority.” And he also observes that “The subjection and the obedience that is demanded in Romans 13:1-2 is conditional! It is conditional upon the authorities being the ministers of God as mentioned in verses 3, 4, and 6. It is a principle of Scripture that when any authority transgresses and leaves its lawful sphere of authority, it loses is jurisdiction and authority.” And he also says the government is a theological issue.

Pastor Steve Wilkins of the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Louisiana has noted: “If you think Nero was pleased to read Romans 13, think again. Romans 13 is a declaration of the proper role of the civil magistrate [i.e. that he is a ‘minister’ of God] – this was viewed by Nero as high treason. He was not encouraged by Paul’s instruction [if he ever read it.] Paul is in fact bringing a scathing indictment against the Roman emperor and the divine state [i.e. he contradicts every claim made by the Roman state.] Jesus did the same when He said ‘Render unto Caesar, the things that are Caesar’s, BUT render unto God the things that are God’s. This was a treasonous statement given the divine claims of the Roman emperor, who believed nothing belonged to any God apart from himself.”

Pastor Wilkins observes that the Christians did not promote bloody revolts against Rome as did some, including apostate Jews, rather they did something else that was, in the long run, more devastating to Rome. They preached the Word of God and told men to repent of their sins and to trust “in the only name given among men whereby they must be saved.” And that name was Jesus Christ. However, even that was considered treasonous, considering that the same claim was made by one of the early Roman emperors. Romans 13 points out that the state isn’t God. It points out that the current ruler in any State anywhere is not God on earth. The ruler has to be limited in his authority and, according to God’s Word, strictly limited in his power, given the propensity of human nature to always grasp for more power than is allowed. The ruler’s authority is limited and the obligation to obey him is also limited to those areas where he rightly exercises his God-given authority. Pastor Wilkins has said that: “Any covenant head who rebels against his God-ordained position may be lawfully opposed [always and only, however, in lawful ways – i.e. no sinning against him – which rules out lawless revolution.”

It would seem that today, in light of where government, especially at the federal level, has taken us since the advent of the Lincoln administration, we should begin anew to consider the implications of Romans 13. What would Romans 13 have had to say to the actions of the Lincoln administration, had anyone at that time thought to ask the question? Truly, at that point, the federal government went well beyond the limited scope of what its activities should have been. Lincoln claimed that he did what he did to “preserve the Union.” However, given the nature of how the federal government was set up and the restrictions placed upon its powers by the Constitution, did he go beyond the scope of the powers allowed? In no place in the Constitution was secession mentioned as being illegal, yet Lincoln moved to combat secession by invading the Southern states and terming their lawful secession as a “rebellion” which really is was not. The Southern states did not attempt to depart from the Union through lawless revolution, nor did they attempt to overthrow the federal government in Washington in spite of what we are told today by what passes for “historians”. All they did was, in their respective states, to vote to secede and depart from the Union. Of course, since the South paid the Lion’s share of expenses for the government via the tariff, while the North got most of the benefits from that, Lincoln could not have been expected to let them depart in peace. The money interests in the North that got Lincoln elected would not have been happy with him, so he had to do something, even if it was unlawful, given the limits of his authority, both federally and what was God-ordained. In the War of Northern Aggression, Mr. Lincoln was the real revolutionary, not the South. That could be why the Marxists and socialists were so enamored of him. If you doubt that then I would suggest you get the book Lincoln’s Marxists which will reveal a whole side of the War that your history books never will. It can be found on

And today, we are faced with a situation where our federal government, in the name of “fighting terrorism” has usurped even more of our rights, has exceeded its constitutional authority by leaps and bounds, and has left the God-ordained limits on government somewhere back in the dust! The Bush and Obama Regimes have been famous for this. Their agenda has been total government and Romans 13 and the Christians be hanged!

Rather than trying to understand this and to point it out, most Christians  defended and cheered the Bush administration on as it gobbled up what little remained of our personal liberties.They are beginning to wake up a little now that we are into Obama’s second term, but if Obama had been a Republican they’d still be slumbering on. It would be an interesting and worthwhile study to check out, from the Lincoln administration up to the present one, where the federal government has gone way beyond what Romans 13 allows for it to be doing. Does the State today consider itself to be divine, God walking upon the earth? While our federal officials don’t come out and blatantly make such a statement [yet] it seems more and more that this is the way they think and act.

Take a Lesson From Tucson—Watch Your City Council

By Al Benson Jr.

Over the past few years I have attended quite a few town council meetings in the town in Louisiana where I live. Once I even ran for the town council. I didn’t win but it was an interesting experience. One thing that bothers me, though, is how few people turn out for town council meetings. There have been times when only two or three others besides myself attended the meetings. In other words, almost no one in town really knows what is going on until after some ordinance has been passed and they read about it in the weekly paper here. Then if they want to gripe it’s too late. The damage has been done.

I should make it clear at this point that I have no problem with the town council where I live. The Mayor and the people on the council are all honest folks and have, I believe, the best interests of the town’s residents at heart. But down the road that might not always be the case—and a recent situation in Tucson, Arizona is a prime example.

It seems that on February 20, 2013 the City Council of Tucson passed an ordinance, resolution 22006, that basically leaves it up to the military to make the decisions for the City of Tucson.

Section 1 of the resolution states: “That the City of Tucson Mayor and Council hereby recognizes and supports the missions and long term viability of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and the leadership of Davis-Monthan to make the appropriate decisions when balancing National Security and community needs when it comes to their existing and future military mission and assignments.”

Section 2: “The various City officers and employees are authorized and directed to perform all acts necessary or desirable to give effect to this Resolution.

Section 3: “Whereas it is necessary for the preservation of the peace, health and safety of the City of Tucson that this resolution become immediately effective an emergency is hereby declared to exist and this resolution shall be effective immediately upon its passage and adoption.”
So, is your town having problems? Just turn over control to the nearest military base and let them start making the decisions for you. Hey, it’s what Tucson just did!

According to  Lee Stanfield emailed the Mayor and each council member in response to Resolution 22006. Mr. Stanfield wrote: “I am beginning to wonder if I still live in the United States of America! I just read a resolution which states it was adopted by the Mayor and the City Council, who supposedly represent me…and all the other citizens of Tucson. If this document is actually correct in stating that it has been adopted by the Mayor and Council on Feb. 20, 2013…then clearly the Mayor and Council have no concept of what ‘representation of Tucson citizens’ means, nor what constitutes an ‘emergency’! Without any approval, discussion, or even knowledge of its existence by Tucson voters, this document gives the Air Force unconditional approval to use its own discretion…to go ahead with their dangerous plans for Tucson.”

According to an article on  “The Department of Defense initially made the power grab in response to civilian complaints about military flights over the city.” So how are civilian complaints being addressed? Why by adding two-fold to the flights folks are complaining about.

So the Air Force will now “balance” the city’s needs with those of the military. Want to bet which side the scales will be weighted on? To all intents and purposes the citizens of Tucson, Arizona will be under military rule. At that point, why not fire the Mayor and City Council as they will be doing no real governing anyway, having abrogated that responsibility to the Air Force. But then, that might not work either, as the military will have to have a few figureheads up there so the average citizen in Tucson will think he actually has something to say about how his city is run. I wonder how many citizens of Tucson were in attendance at the council meeting where this resolution was passed.

All this proves that if you want to keep track of what goes on in your city or town you better start attending the council meetings, otherwise you may wake up some morning after the last council meeting only to find that you and your rights have been sold down the river because you were not willing to go to the meeting and find out what goes on in your city or town.