Not Guilty? They’ll Get Him Anyway—any way they have to

By Al Benson Jr.

I must confess, I have not followed the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case all that closely. Honestly, I figured they would make “civil rights” propaganda out of it, which the media would dutifully report, ignoring things that needed to be brought up and majoring on the minors as they are wont to do. Guilty was the verdict I expected, no matter how shallow or insignificant the “evidence” was. The rule of law so seldom plays any real part in anything anymore and the Marxist agenda is everything and everything must be twisted to fit it. So I was really surprised at the “not guilty” verdict.

My first thought after reading about the verdict was “they’ll find some way to get this guy. The agenda doesn’t permit such things to happen so they will have to find some way to judicially do Mr. Zimmerman in so the seething masses out there will really think twice about resisting black thugs, or any thugs for that matter.

Now we hear that the NAACP is calling on the Obama administration to pursue “civil rights” charges against Zimmerman and I have no doubt that our current “attorney general” Mr. Holder of “fast and furious” fame will find some way to bring Zimmerman up on some sort of wildly concocted “civil rights” charges that will basically invalidate the not guilty verdict. If they can’t legally invalidate the verdict they will attempt to make Mr. Zimmerman’s life so miserable that he will wish he had been found guilty. The NAACP wrote: “We ask that the Department of Justice file civil rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman for this egregious violation. Please address the travesty of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin by acting today.”

Will Holder attempt to persecute Zimmerman for defending himself? Of course he will. The public has to be taught that you don’t resist black aggression and anyone that does will be dealt with summarily.

From what bits I read here and there it became apparent as the trial wore on that the prosecution had no real evidence of Zimmerman’s guilt. Had they had any they would not have been willing to reduce the charges as they did toward the end. They had to get this guy for something—and if they couldn’t nail him on the original charge they were willing to settle for a lesser charge—just so they nailed him. When that didn’t work then all the black radicals fell back on the NAACP and Mr. Holder, who they are betting will come up with something, anything, no matter how flimsy so they can try Zimmerman on “civil rights” charges. Had Zimmerman been black and Martin Hispanic or white we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. He would have been automatically “not guilty” no need even for a hearing, let alone a trial.

But because the radical left can use this particular situation to make leftist hay while the sun shines it will be given top priority. Check out some of the Marxist websites on the Internet and see what they have to say about this.

Holder and his “Department of Justice” (what a laugh) will now seek to make Zimmerman’s life a living hell. There have been articles on the Internet noting that Zimmerman was no angel. Maybe he wasn’t and isn’t but what he is, according to the jury, is “not guilty” of anything other than defending himself but our “Justice Department” will make sure, before they are done, that defending yourself against aggression is a punishable offense—and that is part of the Marxist agenda.