Are Blacks Nullifying “Civil Rights” Gains?

by Al Benson Jr.

Just read an article on about black students at two colleges in California that want “separate but equal” housing facilities. Seems they want to be free from “Microaggression” and “racially insensitive” conversation. Aren’t these some of the things that all that political correctness (cultural Marxism) was supposed to have taken care of? We’ve been told for years now that you dare not “offend” this group or that group or think, say, or do anything that might somehow be construed as making the lives of minorities more difficult.

About the only group that it is permissible to offend nowadays is white Christians. But that’s okay. It’s been open season on them for several decades now and, unfortunately, most of them don’t seem to grasp the fact that they are in the cultural crosshairs of just about everybody else and everybody else is eagerly awaiting a chance to pull the trigger. The white Christians still don’t have a clue. And I’m not holding my breath until they wake up!

But I did get a kick out of the above mentioned article in light of all the problems caused over the decades by the “civil rights” movement and the frenetic energy of its promoters to make sure everyone was forcefully integrated and that “separate but equal”  was not only a “racist” policy, but it was, in the eyes of the liberation theologians and other useful idiots, downright blasphemous.  To have even dared suggest it simply put you beyond the pale of acceptable humanity.

After all, didn’t the Supreme Court rule back in 1954 that “separate but equal” school facilities stamped an inherent “badge of inferiority” on black students? That being the case, forced integration had to be pushed with all possible and deliberate speed. It was guaranteed to create “class” (racial strife) that way and that’s really what it was all about. And the political correctness we were told would magically erase all these problems was never really intended to do that. It was intended to intensify them.

If you want to read an excellent little book about this then read Alan Stang’s It’s Very Simple–the true story of civil rights. It was published way back in 1965 but I think you might be able to find some old copies on Amazon. Mr. Stang (now deceased) gave us excellent information about the “civil rights” movement–so called–that the “news” media never touched and never will. The Powers that Be have deemed, in their collectivist wisdom,  that we are much better off not being aware of all this.  And the “news” media has labored assiduously for decades to make sure we were not.

The “civil rights” movement caused lots of anguish and lots of problems for both blacks and whites. The protests, marches, demonstrations, shootings and all the rest set the stage for riots in Watts and Detroit, and more recently for Ferguson and Baltimore and other places, and a handful of race-baiting ambulance chasers have made millions out of it by inflating every perceived wrong into almost an international incident. It has been the quintessential example of Marxist class struggle in America.  And after all this and all the supposed “gains” made by integrating everyone forcefully, here we have a group of black students in California that have decided they now want segregated housing–one of the main things the “civil rights” movement was supposedly created to deliver them from. If it makes you wonder what it was really all about, it should. Force integration on everyone so blacks can decide that they’d rather be segregated.

If it was “racist” for whites to segregate fifty years ago then is it now “racist” for blacks to do the same thing? You already know the answer to that one. It’s okay for me but not for you! I wonder what would happen if a batch of white students at these schools held protests and marches demanding that black housing be integrated. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

Don’t misunderstand–if the black kids want their own separate housing that’s great. Let ’em have it. I just wonder why it’s not “racist” for them to want it but it s for white kids to want the same thing.

Has “Civil Rights” Like “Racism” Become Just Another Code Word For Anti-White Discrimination?

by Al Benson Jr.

After observing (and commenting) on this trend for several years now, I have  been forced to draw the conclusion that what has loosely been described as “Civil Rights” has become nothing more than a Marxist vehicle for blatant discrimination against white folks. It is particularly insidious on college campuses, which many of our conservative and patriotic people spend big bucks sending their kids to–so they can be thoroughly indoctrinated in various leftist “isms” that they have spent much of their lives fighting against. We spend treasure and blood fighting against that which we realize is totally evil and then willingly hand our kids over to it for “educational” purposes and then we are shocked at the results. I would like to think that, at some point, our patriotic folks would start to “get it” but, increasingly, I am beginning to wonder if and when that will happen.

I read a brief but interesting article on about a black professor who has said we need to “dismantle and demolish whitness.” The article noted that: “The leftist bias of America’s university system is a well documented problem but people often overlook our country’s community colleges when critiquing the stranglehold liberalism has on higher education.” The article raises a point we need to consider.I have talked for years on and off to folks who sent their kids to community colleges because, often not only were they less expensive, but the kids came home at night instead of existing in a dormitory situation, so parents got at least some inkling of what went on. It seems that even that possibility is becoming out of date now.

The article observed that often, professors who can’t get or hold a job at regular four-year colleges end up at community colleges. The article stated: “If you thought liberal propaganda at universities was bad, at community colleges it’s even worse-if you can believe it. Take, for instance, Portland Community College’s James Harrison who is teaching our students that whites are somehow to blame for the sky-high crime rates committed by blacks. This is delusional anti-white bigotry at its finest, and it’s being taught at American schools as fact.” Are you even mildly surprised? Parents really need to start looking at where they send their kids to be “educated.” You need to do some homework regarding the faculty and where they are at and what courses they teach. That would be the shock of a lifetime for lots of folks.

So how does the black college professor plan to “dismantle and demolish” whiteness? I’m sure he has an agenda guaranteed to radicalize the students that are forced to sit under his leftist propaganda without their parents’ knowledge. Further, will he dismantle and cease using all the white inventions that help him in the preparation of his anti-white diatribes every day? Will he quit driving an automobile because it was invented by whites, or will he quit flying  because Wilbur and Orville Wright were not black? What about the appliances in his home–his electric stove, his microwave oven, his television, his DVD player and all that other stuff invented by nasty white folks? In order to be consistent with his plan to “demolish” whiteness he really should quit using all this stuff and go back to what his illustrious ancestors used–right? Actually it doesn’t seem to quite work out that way. I know lots of black folks that constantly bemuse themselves with cell phones, phones that let them take “selfies” of themselves, and all manner of electronic  bric-a-brac, all invented by white folks or oriental folks–none of it invented by black folks. I supposed that’s “whitey’s fault” too, along with those high black crime rates. In actuality, what these folks, most of them leftists, unintentionally or otherwise, really want is all the good things whites have invented and produced–if they could just get rid of us whites in the process!

I have often wondered, who do they think will invent, or repair all this good stuff when we are gone? Ive watched countries like Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). When they had a white government the country had surplus food to export. Admittedly the white government wasn’t perfect. No government run by sinful humans of any color is. But are the people there better off now? Since Zimbabwe became a black dictatorship (and let’s don’t kid ourselves, that’s what it is) it, they have chased just about all the white farmers out and “redistributed” the land in classic Marxist fashion, to Mugabe’s good buddies, who don’t bother farming. The country is going hungry and they can’t figure out what the problem is. I submit it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but then, why bother? Lots easier to just blame the white folks for all your problems and if you can’t, or won’t work at feeding yourselves, why it has to be “whiteys’ fault” even if blacks control all the farmland, right?

Same situation starting to occur in this country in cities like Baltimore and Ferguson. How many of the places we have had riots in recently that it’s claimed are due to “white privilege” have black governments, mayors and police chiefs? How do you blame whites for the mess that is now Detroit when they have had a black government for years? Well, all you have to do is to parrot that anti-white drivel to the complaint lapdog media and they will pick it up and run with it.

When we lived up in the abolitionist paradise that was New England years ago there was one city near us that practiced what they called “urban renewal.” They condemned a whole batch of property and took it over and put up all new housing for “the poor.” It was really nice looking when they got finished with it, but unfortunately, “the poor” totally trashed it within five years and it was back to being nothing more than a more modern version of the slum they had torn down to put it up. All “whitey’s” fault I’m sure!

I can see that it will take another article to finish this–there’s just too much material to deal with in one article, but you get the picture. White folks have invented most of the modern conveniences  blacks can’t live without anymore but all their problems are are white mens faults.

It seems that most blacks have unknowingly bought into the Marxist class struggle agenda big time, at least since the start of the “Civil Rights” Movement. There is such a thing as personal responsibility and most haven’t seemed to learn that yet. There are black folks that do work hard and make a go of it and make a place for themselves in the world as Booker T. Washington advocated.  I’m not talking about them. My concern is the ones who continue to play the “Civil Rights” blame game and have, in recent years, taken it to new heights, and my concern also is with white folks who are gullible enough to buy into this Marxist twaddle. You’ve had a black Marxist president for two terms now. How much better off is the country? Please don’t all answer at once–the silence would be deafening!

“Civil Rights” Morphing Into Anti-White Discrimination And Transgender Rights–Part One

by Al Benson Jr.

Not quite everyone sees the “Civil Rights” movement as the noble crusade to give blacks equal rights as the “news media” has been trying to tell us for decades now. There was and is a lot more involved here than “equal rights” but you are not supposed to realize that. There are cultural differences between the races that never get discussed.

In fact, there was one black man, Albert Burton, who wrote a book about the developing “culture conflict” between whites and blacks. His book, when it was published (1964) bore the rather startling title Whole Nigger or None.  Referring to Burton’s book, the author of The Bondage of the Free, Kent Steffgen, said: “It is Burton’s opinion that gross errors about the characteristics of Negro life have led the North astray from any possible hope of an understanding. As a Negro he holds that the real villain of the ‘rights’ movement is the Northern humanitarian, who has actually brought on the problem by creating a market for it through his almost total ignorance of the colored makeup. To Burton, the Negro is the victim, not the beneficiary, of northern altruism.  He has been bought off for the all-important Negro bloc vote,  bribed into becoming a slum dweller, then blamed for being there…While the Negro desires many of the same things as other people, he sees himself as a consumer, not a producer, and does not believe he should have to work for things the white man thinks he ought to have…Minus all the agitation, the Negro would be content to sit back and take life easy, enjoying the prolonged, idle  hours of welfarism without a care…For this he will go to the polls and vote for the welfare state until eternity.” Now as you all read this, just remember that it was a black man that wrote it, not me or some other white guy. This was his opinion of his own race, or at least most of them. He did differentiate between the folks he described here and the black businessmen who were hustling and trying to make a go of it.

Whatever you may think of his commentary, he does have a point. Quite often you have to live in the South for awhile to grasp it. Northern folks coming down here trying to tell the South how to handle its “race” problems don’t even begin to get it. Let them live down here for five or ten years and see if their attitude is the same then as when they first came.

Now, although I have a major problem with much of the “Civil Rights”: movement, I don’t doubt that there are some sincere people that have got caught up in it. They are not all socialists and Marxists–but a considerable number are–and that’s a major part of the problem. What’s worse is that most of the folks that get caught up in all this do not have the first clue about the history down here. If you really want to begin to  understand the history and what led to most of the problems between the races get Claude Bowers’ book The Tragic Era.  It was written back in 1929 and so most of the current “historians” will pooh-pooh it as being hopelessly out of date. But, in all honesty, some of the current “historians” are Marxists.  I don’t take many of them seriously because I know their agenda–and that is to use “civil rights” as a tool to divide the races and to promote their class struggle program. And you have to admit they have done a great job in the past decades in places like Watts, Detroit, Baltimore and Ferguson. They are continually busy fanning the flames of “racism” to the point where they are almost out of control. Of course they get encouragement from Washington. That’s a given!

And Steffgen noted that, according to Albert Burton, the blacks “natural instincts under these circumstances is to destroy the white class system and bring the white man to heel as and end it itself.  Although such a pursuit is destructive and negative, he will derive infinite pleasure from it by the mere thought that the white man is coming down. His motivation in school, business or social surroundings, therefore, is often not so much to match the white man in achievement, but to compromise him…The desire to debase the white man has become the main driving force behind the entire Civil Rights Movement.” Wonder now why the NAACP is so hot to get your flags and monuments down? For them, “black lives matter” and only black lives! Admittedly, for them, it’s also a theological matter, but it’s also a racial matter.

Think about that for a minute. Any of these anti-white groups have this one objective as a major part of their agenda. I recently took an article from the Internet that was pn the title of which was “Leftists co-opt MLK, Civil Rights Movement to Push Amnesty.” I somewhat disagree with the premise of the title. Actually they have not “co-opted” the Civil Rights Movement–they have just taken it to a different level.

The article, originally written in 2013 by Matthew Boyle, stated: “While many establishment Republicans sit on the fence deciding which way they are going to go on immigration, the institutional left is out in full force invoking the cause of civil rights to drive an amnesty for illegal aliens agenda.”Boyle duly noted the National Council of LaRaza (the race) and their program of giving citizenship to millions that are here illegally. To their convoluted leftist way of thinking they should all be treated as well or better than American citizens and given all the privileges of citizenship even if they broke the law to get here. No they shouldn’t, I’m sorry. That’s bovine fertilizer. Of course it’s a brand of that sort of fertilizer that is profusely peddled by the current Regime in power. That’s one reason they are all so death against Donald Trump. At this point he doesn’t seem to be buying this particular brand of fertilizer and that’s driving the Establishment up the wall.

To be continued.

Is “Pressure From Above and Pressure From Below” Operative in Ferguson?

by Al Benson Jr.

Many of my readers will recall that I did an article awhile back in which I noted a program many call “pressure from above and pressure from below.” It’s basically a situation where the ruling elite want more power or have some agenda to pursue which will give them more power and restrict our liberty and so they use this operation–they find a way to use the radicals, arsonists, etc. at the street level to rob, loot, and burn so that the ordinary citizens are scared out of their wits over what is happening, much like what is now going on in Ferguson. In trying to find a way to keep themselves and their families safe they go to the ruling authorities and ask for protection. And the authorities are more than willing, after awhile, to grant them this protection–all it will cost them to be safe is a little of their freedom.

So the people that instigated the problem in the first place now come up with the magic “solution” to the problem–for safer streets, less freedom.

I’ve been watching what’s going on in Ferguson and you can see from the photos available, the looters for “justice” running around with their pants down halfway to their knees (I wonder if anyone has ever told them how ludicrous they look) as they loot and burn “for justice”. I heard that the church Michael Brown’s family attended was burned, but not to worry, they blamed that one on “white supremacists.” Can you imagine any “white supremacists” running around now in Ferguson with all those black looters all over the place? Honestly!

Ferguson is the classic “pressure from above and pressure from below” situation and the result will be loss of liberty for those in Ferguson as well as loss of property.

You almost have to wonder if this situation, if it can be magnified, could be used as a reason to justify martial law, not only in Ferguson but also around the country, which would naturally engender the call from the feds for gun confiscation. They’ve never given up on that one even though you haven’t heard much about it of late. It’s still a main part of their agenda and if you think even with a Republican Congress with Obama in the White House that would change then you are prone to delusion. If a Republican Congress balked, Obama would just issue another “executive order” and while Congress mulled over how to respond, Obama would just start gun confiscation.

I’ve said in several recent articles that when different branches of government work in collusion to usurp our liberties than constitutional checks and balances just do not work.

With people like “Rev.” Sharpton and Comrade Eric Holder spending time in Ferguson how much of an interest do you think the feds have in what goes on there?

When I did my previous article on pressure from above and pressure from below I noted comments from a book called “The Strawberry Statement: Notes of a College Revolutionary” where the author, a college radical, talked about the leftist radicals being offered :”Rockefeller money” to make certain people look like they were politically in the center while they actually moved to the left.  The radicals could do that if they acted radical enough and caused enough problems–and it was all a bought and paid for act. Keep your eyes on Ferguson and see if we end up with more of the same.