Ever Heard the South Defended?

By Al Benson Jr.

Recently I received an email from a friend in Texas. It was probably sent to lots of folks. This lady, 81 years of age, is a good writer. She wrote one of the best book reviews for Donnie Kennedy’s and my book, Lincoln’s Marxists,
that I have ever read and often she asks some penetrating questions and makes observations that most folks don’t stop to think about.

In her email she said: “Not only do most Southerners not know their true history, but if they are as I am—at 81 years old—they recall that they never heard the South praised or defended. I certainly never did and I went to school for many years as an adult. They never heard the true reason the War was fought mentioned—only that slavery was the cause. They never heard that secession was absolutely legal and that all Americans knew it, except possibly those recent immigrants brought here to help the North win the war.”

I thought, as I read her comments, what a testimony to the quality of the American “educational” system, that, at 81 years old, she had never been taught the truth about the War, and she lived in the South, Louisiana if I recall correctly. If she never learned the truth, what, pray tell, did Northern children learn? And we wonder today why we have people here babbling that the War was all about slavery—and you all have probably heard as many of them as I have.

Our main culprit was the public education system, which intruded itself into the South as part and parcel of the “reconstruction” after the War (at least the shooting part of the War) was over. Southern folks had had the common sense to keep government out of the education business before the War, while in the North the Unitarians (unfortunately, with the aid of the churches) were busy helping to create a generation of apostates. By the end of the War that generation had been reared and its Yankee/Marxist school teachers were ready to invade the South with the noble mission of helping to keep the Republican Party in perpetual power and to lay an everlasting guilt trip on the South for daring to resist Yankee collectivism, as presented to the country by that “single-minded son of the working class” St. Abraham Lincoln.

In order to prevent further unpleasantness in the South, Southern children had to be taught that their history and heritage were repulsive and that they should feel guilty for these. They had to be taught that secession was and always had been illegal and treasonous and that their grandfathers, fathers, brothers and uncles had all been traitors.

Although it took awhile, this line of brainwashing finally took in many instances. I have known people born and raised in the South who have been taught to be ashamed of that. They defend Abe Lincoln and his unconstitutional actions as though he were the fourth person of the Trinity. I have run across people here who are ashamed of their Southern accents. One lady said to me “We sound stupid.”  Who taught her that hogwash?

The public school system, a major tenet of “reconstruction” has now been embraced and Christian Southerners can’t even begin to dream of sending their kids anywhere else to be brainwashed except to the local public school.

The Yankee/Marxists in Washington, in order that they might never again have to fight against determined Southerners who dared to defend their rights, have continued the War on a subtler plane—the cultural plane.

Between what passes for education in the “local” brain laundries and the consistent harping of the government’s lap dog media, Southern folks have been bombarded with anti-South propaganda since 1865. No one alive today has probably heard the South spoken up for or praised in what passes for an educational institution, especially the public ones. Here and there you will find a courageous teacher who will speak up but they are in the minority.

I know several former public school teachers who are Christians and who have gotten out of the public system and then sought to expose it. If you want to read something interesting get hold of Randy Murray’s book Legally Stupid–Why Johnny Doesn’t Have To Read or Karl Priest’s book Protester Voices–the 1974 Textbook Tea Party. Both of these should be available on Amazon.com.. Both of these men are Christian ex-public school teachers. In fact Karl is the head of Exodus Mandate  for the state of West Virginia, an organization dedicated to helping Christians remove their children from public schools.

The Washington establishment, the New World Order crowd, whatever you want to call them (it’s all the same crowd of turkeys) does not want the Christian South spoken of in any but derogatory terms. They do not want people, especially Southern people, to understand the orthodox Christian basis for the culture of the Old South, which culture they are still trying to destroy.

As I have noted before, “reconstruction” still goes on today and the cultural Marxists will not be satisfied until they have robbed us of our culture and confiscated our guns (the Bibles will be next).

Folks, it’s about time we woke up, took out heads out of the sand, smelled the coffee, and asked the Lord what He’d have us do about all this—and I don’t think rolling over and playing dead is one of the options.