National Protests Against Illegal Amnesty On July 18-19

by Al Benson Jr.

Someone sent me an email just this afternoon that bore out the contention I made in yesterday’s article that some folks are beginning to wake up to what the Washington and New York Marxists are trying to do to us.

It seems that there are supposed to be in the neighborhood of 170 protests around the country this weekend against granting illegal immigrants amnesty, which Obama and the Republicrats in Congress would dearly love to do. But the opposition is strong enough at this point that the RINO’s are starting to climb out of the comfy bed they and Comrade Obama had climbed into together. After all, some of them have to run in the mid-terms while Obama doesn’t. All he’s waiting for is for his handlers to let him declare himself dictator-for-life and their agenda may just not permit that.

These anti-amnesty-for-illegals protests are taking place all across the country, in most states. Texas had two of them today, July 18th, one in Austin and one in San Antonio, both of which took place in front of the Mexican consulates in those cities. These may let the Mexican politicians know that we cannot support their “huddled and tired” masses. There were also demonstrations listed for tomorrow in Seguin and Corpus Christi, both on Interstate overpasses, where lots of folks can see them as they drive by.

Of these 170 demonstrations that have been listed nationwide so far (and there may be more) how many do you think our intrepid “news” media will cover? Answer: as few as they can get away with and those they are, for some reason, forced to acknowledge, will all be branded as “racist.” This is how our media Ministry of Propaganda works.

There are supposed to be protests in Alabama, Arizona, and several in California. One in Salinas, California will be held in front of the office of Congressman Sam Farr at ten in the morning of July 19th.

There will be protests in Colorado, at Colorado Springs, Littleton, and Grand Junction, in Connecticut at Griswold, New Haven, and Enfield. Protests are listed for Florida and for Georgia–one in Atlanta at the overpass at I-285 at Riverside Drive from 11 in the morning until 4 Saturday afternoon. Protests are listed for Idaho, Illinois, Maine, New Hampshire, even one in Springfield, Massachusetts, where the governor wants to welcome the illegals with open arms. It would appear that many of his constituents fail to share his fuzzy, liberal sentiments. There are even five protests listed for Louisiana, two in New Orleans, one in Sulphur, one in Lafayette, and one in Baton Rouge. Two are listed for Mississippi, one in Jackson, and six in Montana. Even New Mexico has two listed, which is somewhat of a surprise.

Anyone wanting a national list should check out  which gives locations for these all across the country.

Gary North commented on all this just today in an article on  Mr. North observed how John Boehner and the Republical RINO’s were ready to climb into bed with Comrade Obama to pass an illegal amnesty bill that they said wasn’t really an illegal amnesty bill. It seems that they were ready to pull this stunt because they thought us folks back home were too stupid to know the difference and this would be one of their major contributions toward the One World Government agenda while they, all the while, would be claiming it wasn’t. Guess what? They lied to us. Does that really surprise you? I guess, anymore, I’d be surprised if they didn’t lie to us. Comrade Obama and much of Congress are total strangers to the truth.

Thing is, they would have gone ahead and done this thing, laughing all the way to the bank at us stupid proles back home, had this “illegal children’s march”  to the border not taken place. Now, with mid-terms on the horizon, all the RINO’s are bailing out of their deal with Obama and he and Dirty Harry may be left holding the bag. Who says the Lord doesn’t have a sense of humor? Once in awhile ordinary folks get to see our ruling elite sweat and squirm–a rare treat.

Gary North also wondered why no one is asking how these illegal kids all got here–not the “news” media, not Congress, not anyone. He asked the same question I’ve asked and so far the response has been blank stares and deafening silence. No one is supposed to ask that question. All we are supposed to do is to grovel at the feet of our esteemed leader and ask what can we do to make these illegal aliens more comfortable. That’s the only question allowed in this situation. All others will be pointedly ignored.

And maybe if no one’s asking that question, we should start asking why not?