Welcome To The Police State–or guilty until proven innocent (and still guilty even then)

by Al Benson Jr.

Socialist Democrats have taken the step of weaponizing our justice system to arrest the front runner in the 2024 election for what is basically a misdemeanor. And our totally weaponized Department of (in)Justice now plans to arrest another 1000 people for the “crime” of being in Sodom on the Potomac on January 6, 2021.Their plan seems to be to make any and all protests against the Biden Regime illegal. Dissent against any Democrat regime will not be permitted. Only dissent against republicans and patriots will henceforth be allowed.

All of this is totally opposed to a Constitution that no longer seems to be in force. So welcome to the new Democratic Police State–the new “Temple of Democracy.” It seems today’s Democrats have little or no regard for civil rights. After all, if you dared to vote for Trump and the feds find out, your “civil rights” have vanished! The Constitution guarantees you certain inalienable rights, which means they come from God and no one can take them away–except Communists or socialist Democrats! Remember, these rights are yours–except where the socialist democrats say they aren’t.

It seems the democrats envision a grand purge of all who dissent from their Democrat Dictatorship! This is little more than a new version of the French revolution writ large. For instance, in New York City, all the George Soros-backed District Attorney wants to do is to arrest Donald Trump! That’s his main objective in life! The hell with going after real criminals–they don’t matter–just get Donald trump at all costs!

You have to ask the question–why are the Republicans putting up with all of this claptrap? Our totally weaponized Department of (in)Justice should scare every patriotic American! It seems we are on the verge of a good old Soviet styled purge–the kind of thing Stalin loved! You have to wonder how long it will be before they start arresting those that they think may have wished they could have gone to Washington on January 6, 2021?

The political Left has done away with the idea of blind justice. “Justice” is now what they say it is and criminal activity is what they say it is–including daring to vote for the wrong candidate! Again, I note, the District Attorney in New York who is in such a heat to arrest Trump is a Marxist-leaning George Soros puppet who reduces most felony cases to misdemeanors but in Trump’s case he is working this game in the opposite direction–taking a misdemeanor and puffing it up into a felony and praying a jury never catches on.!

Check out http://www.lewrockwell.com for 3/22 and read the article about how the Democrat Party resembles the Nazi Party. Scary!