The Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Selma

By Al Benson Jr.

The plot thickens in Selma, Alabama as leftist black activists seek to stop construction of a new monument to Nathan Bedford Forrest in Selma. Most sources have noted that the monument is on property owned by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Will they speak up and defend their right to have the Forrest monument on their own property? I guess time will tell. If they have said anything in the monument’s defense I have not heard of it. Maybe others have. If they haven’t, then all I can say is that it’s too bad to turn the field over to the left-wingers by default.

Now we have been informed via in an article by Ashley Johnson that: “The Southern Christian Leadership Conference president emeritus, Charles Steele Jr. arrived at the foot of the construction site for the Nathan B. Forrest monument in Old Live Oak Cemetery on Friday. Steele spoke on behalf of the SCLC, saying he is willing to make sacrifices to stop the monument’s construction. ‘I am ready to be arrested for freedom,’ Steele, who traveled from Atlanta to be with the protesters of the monument, said. ‘We are about to make this a national march.’” Sounds just like Jena, Louisiana and the infamous Jena 6 all over again. Bring in the marchers and the protesters, get ‘em all fired up and make sure they get their pictures takes with Je$$e Jackson and Rev. Al for $30 a throw. Steele says he is ready to be arrested for freedom. What he really means is that he is ready to be arrested trying to deny others the freedom to celebrate their heritage and history.

Supposedly the SCLC’s executive board has given their approval for their organization to come to Selma and have a national march. They think they can get 400,000 people there. Well, they probably won’t get nearly that many but the media will tell you they did.

So let’s look at this organization that plans to inundate Selma, Alabama with 400,000 “civil rights” protesters.

The first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was, as everyone knows, Martin Luther King. That’s common knowledge. What is not common knowledge is that the vice-president of the SCLC was Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. The media probably never gave out too much information on Rev. Shuttlesworth—and for good reasons. Shuttlesworth later became the new president of something called the Southern Conference Educational Fund, an organization described by three different government agencies as a Communist front group. The late Alan Stang, who was a real investigative reporter, far different from what passes for investigators today, said of the Southern Conference Educational Fund: “It was organized by Communists, is run by Communists and is the most important Communist organization in the South. Mr. Carl Braden has served as field director and has been named under oath as a Communist Party member. His wife Anne, an SCEF official, has also been named under oath as a Communist.”

Mr. Stang also noted: “Mr. Aubrey Williams was SCEF president until 1963. In April, 1954 he was named under oath as a Communist. It was Williams, a Communist, whom Shuttlesworth—King’s vice president—replaced as president of SCEF, a Communist organization…On October 7, 1958, Dr. King wrote a letter to Anne Braden, in which he urged her and her husband Carl—both already well known as Communists—to become permanently associated with his SCLC.” You have to wonder why King wanted two people already identified as Communists to become “permanently associated” with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Back in 1963 and 64 Louisiana Committee on Un-American Activities said the Southern Christian Leadership Conference which Martin Luther King founded was “…substantially under the control of the Communist Party through the influence of the Southern Conference Educational Fund and the Communists who manage it.” Someone should check on Google to see if any copies of the Louisiana Report are still out there.

And while we are looking at all these delightful Marxist creatures let us not overlook Hunter Pitts O’Dell. Comrade. O’Dell was exposed as a Communist Party member in 1956. By 1962 he had worked his way up to being a member of the National Committee of the Communist Party. With that background, in the summer of 1963 O’Dell was still being used by MLK to help run the SCLC.

It should be plain to anyone willing to take the trouble to look, where the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is coming from and where it has come from—way out in far left field! This is the group, with its far-left beginnings and organizers that is coming to Selma, so they tell us, to fight against putting the Forrest monument back up.

Folks, I submit that the SCLC needs all the exposure it can be given.