Christmas as War

by Al Benson Jr.

It is an observable fact, that for several years now, there has been a subtle effort underway to de-Christianize Christmas. Those who dwell in the environs of political correctness would never dare utter those forbidden words “Merry Christmas.” Utterly unthinkable! We must all now be programmed to say “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” but never Merry Christmas. To openly acknowledge Christ and the Christmas Season is now beyond the pale–just not socially acceptable in the “right” circles anymore. And so the liberal/Marxist mindset is at war with Christ and Christmas. For them, the memory of Christ and Christmas must be stamped out every bit as surely as Confederate symbols must be stamped out in the South.

For years outfits like the Anti-Defamation League and others have railed against a Christ-centered Christmas season. Now it seems, in the name of both making money and not “offending” anyone (except Christians) they have managed to get many of the big retail outlets on their side. No one sells Christmas trees anymore. Now they sell “holiday trees.” And government schools no longer have Christmas vacations; now they have “winterbreak.” Many Christians feel distressed about this, as they should. They feel as if they are under cultural attack, which they are.

But let’s look at the whole scenario a little differently. Actually, if we approach it correctly, Christmas is war against the world system. Their attacks against Jesus Christ and Christmas are not really new. They have gone on since King Herod had all the children in Bethlehem under two years old slain in hopes of killing Christ. The lunatics that inspired and ran the French Revolution thought to rid themselves of Christ by obliterating His memory from their country and starting over with the year one. And many public school systems in this country today fire a teacher if he or she dares utter Jesus’ name in a classroom. All these ludicrous and pathetic attempts failed, and those attempts going forward today in this direction will ultimately fail also.

One thing can be said, though, for these anti-Christ revolutionaries–they recognize the true meaning of Christmas where many culture-blind westerners do not anymore. They know what Christmas means for them–ultimate defeat! They were not able to rid the world of Jesus in His own time and they will not be able to now or in the future. As long as Christians continue to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in a Christian manner they are, in actuality, committing an act of war against the world, the flesh, and the devil–and try as he might, the devil is powerless to stop them. Christian worship is an act of war. It says to Satan “you did your best to eradicate Jesus Christ and you failed. The empty tomb at Easter is proof of that, and we, weekly, celebrate His victory over you, and even though final victory is not yet attained on this earth, someday it will be and even those who hate Christ will be forced to bow the knee to Him.” That is what Christmas commemorates–Christ’s first coming into this world that His ultimate victory might be made known and celebrated–and that fact grates on His enemies to no end.

The official Christmas Season does not end until January 6th, which is Epiphany–the revealing of Jesus Christ to the gentiles. So, until then, let us not hesitate to celebrate His birth, His ultimate victory over the world system, whether we live to see it or not, and make sure we all wish various and sundry people a resounding Merry Christmas!