Worship As Holy War

by Al Benson Jr.

Over four decades ago now, at the beginning of my spiritual odyssey, when I did not know what direction the Lord wanted me to go in, the pastor of the church we attended at that time, a good Christian man, gave me a copy of Richard Wurmbrand’s book Tortured For Christ. It was a book that was to change my life, for I was never the same after reading it.

Rev. Wurmbrand told in this book how the Communists in Romania set about systematically to imprison and torture Christians simply because they were Christians. In his book, and others I was to read later, there were accounts of how Communist secret policemen broke up Christian worship services and arrested and beat the participants in those services.

When I first read that it shocked me and the thought was firmly planted in my mind that, if Communists do this to people just because they are Christians then they must be evil and need to be exposed for what they are—anti-Christ. I have spent the last forty-three years trying, in some small way, to expose them, among others, as anti-Christs.

Along the way I have learned some things that surprised me. Many Christians do not want them exposed for what they are. They don’t want to hear about it, period. If you persist in telling them they will brand you as a hate monger because they don’t want to know. Knowing would involve doing something and they flat-out don’t want that responsibility. So it’s much easier to brand the messenger a hate monger than it is to heed the message.

Something else I found is that many Christians really love the political Left and they speak in glowing terms of sympathy for Leftists—but they have nothing but anathemas for those on the political Right—who they then label as fascists. That’s not accurate, for fascists belong right over there on the Left with the Communists, but they don’t want to hear that either.

I reflected, over the years, why it was this way with so many Christians, not all by any means, but with many, and I have had to conclude that the Christian Church has been seriously penetrated by the spiritual and political Left and is totally unconscious of it. They used to have a saying years ago that: “not many ministers become Communists, but a lot of Communists become ministers.” Looking at what some seminaries have been turning out over the past several decades, I am forced to agree. I could cite several instances but it would make this article so long as to become unreadable as an article.

The thought recently stuck me that part of the Communists’ problem with Christians was their worship of Jesus Christ. That bothers Communists because it interferes with their theology (and they do have a theology). It can be summed us as “the state is god and Karl Marx is its prophet.” Interestingly enough, this is basically the same theology of the One-World Government groups, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberger Group and the United Nations. All these groups and others share the theology of the state being divine. They might differ on whether their prophet is Marx, Gramsci or Lenin but the “god” is always the same. For that reason these people hate and loathe Christian worship because the One True God and His Son, Jesus Christ are the objects of worship and not their state deity.

Therefore, they have to, in some way, either circumscribe or do away with Christian worship because they know if it is allowed to continue the implications of that worship will some day spell the end of their state worship. Has it occurred to anyone that the Communists, the CFR, and these other groups, that often work hand-in-glove with each other are afraid of true Christian worship? They and their father (the devil) are afraid that, at some point, true Christian worship will expose what they are to enough Christians that they will no longer be able to masquerade as humanitarians. They are afraid that their modern Tower of Babel, the state reaching to Heaven to usurp control, will be shown for the sham it really is.

Pastor Steve Wilkins of Auburn Ave. Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Louisiana has stated that: “Worship is holy warfare. It marks the Church as the army of the Lord…When we worship, we are engaged in holy war. This is why Satan opposes worship so much. If you worship, he loses. He can deal with politics, success, and fame. What he can’t deal with is a humble man who worships God in the Spirit…In worship we participate in the great cosmic conflict that is ongoing between Gods kingdom and Satan. The central ingredient in transformation of the world is something no one pays the least attention to in Washington, or in editorial rooms, or network offices—the gathering of God’s army to worship.” You have to wonder if this was why “Lincoln’s Marxists” during the War of Northern Aggression, destroyed so many churches in the South.

The devil and his disciples are afraid of Christian worship. Informed worship, where the worshipers  realize the implications of what they do, both in worship and afterward, is a weapon that scares the living daylights out of Satan and those of his minions that have enough discernment to realize what it truly does. Therefore, Satan’s minions, such as Communists and others, have to seek to suppress true Christian worship and prayer. These can spell the end for their efforts at world control. Therefore, they infiltrate churches with messages of “multiculturalism” or “economic sustainability” to beguile Christians into going along with their ultimate goal of Christian destruction.

The Scriptures tell us they will not succeed. But part of God’s success story involves believers being wise enough to discern what goes on and to stand up to it and expose it. So let us be about doing that, but let us be successful at that because we first humbled ourselves before the Lord and worshiped.