TikTok On The Propaganda Clock

by Al Benson Jr.

Tucker Carlson asked what could be a rhetorical question on his program last evening. He asked “why is Biden protecting TikTok?” The answer to that question should be obvious to any rational, thinking person. Joe Biden is protecting TikTok because he is in the Communist Chinese back pocket. They own him and his family body and soul and he will never do anything that will hurt Communist China. Should he ever do that it might open up the possibility of no more Communist money coming his way, which would be a tragedy of epic proportions for his family.

TikTok executives just wave off Chinese atrocities–nothing to see here folks, just move along to our next bit of propaganda and don’t look too close! TikTok executives are merely mouthpieces for the Chinese Communist Party. The CEO for TikTok testified before a congressional committee yesterday. It did not go well for him. There were some questions he just dodged answering.

He said TikTok protects your data–from who??? There is a direct line from TikTok to the Chinese Communist Party–so who are they protecting your data from? Certainly not Chinese Communists! There are pro-China lobbyists slithering out from under all the rocks in the Washington slime pit to make sure Communist China gets its share of the Deep State pie. TikTok “data protection” is the farce of the century!

Even some Democrats in Congress are questioning TikTok’s sincerity. But Chinese Joe Biden staunchly refuses to be confronted with the facts! Naturally our excuse for a news media will cry and howl if TikTok ends up being banned in this country–which is really what should happen. The time should really be up for the TikTok spy ops! Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri has said that TikTok is “digital fentanyl.” He is right on the money there! You might wonder–if TikTok’s CEO in this country ends up not being able to keep TikTok as a viable spying option in this country, will he dare go back to Communist China to report on his failure?


Biden Dare Not Antagonize The Chinese Communists (Because they own him!)

by Al Benson Jr.

I notice that the White (Red) House hasshut down the possibility of a cease fire in Ukraine not only once, but twice now. Obviously, the Biden war Machine wants this war to continue. Why is that? Well, there might be a couple reasons. One may be that the Ukraine war helps to keep the public’s mind off some of the Biden family’s shady deals. It gives them something else to occupy their minds.

Another reason might be that this country has not yet given Ukraine enough war material so that we have depleted our own supply of those materials yet. If and when we reach that point, we might then be open to Chinese aggression, so we must continue the war until we reach that point. I realize that may sound far out to some, but when you look at the record of the Biden family’s dealings with China, it’s not all that far out.

Congressional committees have now found eleven more instances of Biden family dealings with Communist China. In fact, China has made the Biden’s wealthy–so how dare the U.S. do anything that hurts China and benefits the U.S.! Biden can’t afford to let such happen lest his good buddies in Beijing get mad at him and cut off the financial faucet.

I noticed on this morning’s Fox News that there had been over a 900% increase in the number of illegal Chinese nationals that have been caught crossing our Southern border recently. What do you suppose these people are coming here for? I’ll wager it’s not to flee Communist oppression. More than likely it’s to promote Communist oppression in some form.

And then there’s all those drugs coming across our Southern border–alot of which come from China. It would be interesting to know of any connections between the Mexican drug cartels and Communist China. There have to be some.

Recently the Governor of South Dakota introduced a bill to curtail foreign (Chinese) purchases of land in that state. Her state legislature overrode her bill. Given the present political climate you have to wonder who in the South Dakota legislature is in favor of Chinese land investment in South Dakota. Obviously someone is. Why?

I’m afraid we have more than we should have in this country who are sellouts to Marxist aggression–or maybe they are people who are in favor of the Deep State and One World Government and they realize supporting Communist China may be the quickest way to get there at this point in history.

In his book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order Arthur R. Thompson observed that: “First of all, the Chinese are anticipating the next war using three new initiatives: cyberwar, outer space, and biological warfare. As to the latter, the Peoples Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist Party controls the lab in Wuhan, whence came the COVID 19 virus. This was well known to those who pay attention to such things, but was revealed only sparingly by a small part of the media and more than a year after the virus had spread. The significance of this future use of biological warfare by the PLA was even more rarely pointed out. Let us make the point again: the Chinese communist military controls the laboratory in Wuhan.”

All things being considered, it is not a real big leap to say we are already at war with Communist China–our leaders just have neglected to mention that to us thus far. And I understand that they are now finding Chinese ammunition on the battlefield in Ukraine, which means that China is already helping out Putin and we are only finding out about it just now. How long has this been going on and we didn’t know it? To say our “news” media has been derelict in its duty could be the understatement of the decade!