Us Stupid Parents Don’t Know What’s Best For Our Kids

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I read an article on dealing with the public school system’s contention that they really know what’s best for our kids more so than we do.

The article noted the comments of one Debbie Squires, an “education official” for the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association. Ms. Squires, in her infinite wisdom, has observed that parents “may want what’s best for their child, but they may not know (what’s best for the child.”) The article continued: “During a Michigan House Committee meeting determining parents’ school choice, she claims that educators know better than parents when it comes to children.” Suffice it to say that I beg to differ.

Squires noted that “educators go through education for a reason.” Now there’s a profound statement! Most of us of somewhat normal intelligence have figured that much out. What many may not have figured out, however, is what the reason is. Squires contends that parents or “individual residents” simply lack the real vision of what’s best for the kids from an “education standpoint.” Makes you wonder just what poor, benighted parents did before the public school system burst upon the scene to show them the way, the truth, and whatever.

The implication here is that the school system and the teacher should have the right to tell the parents what’s best for their kids and then have the authority to enforce that ruling, regardless of parental disagreement or not. Squires did not come right out and state that, but knowing the way the minds of educrats work, that is undoubtedly where she was headed.

Unfortunately, most parents with kids in public schools fail to realize the true mindset of the educrats–power and control. This is not a new attitude with those people. It has been there from the beginning. Why else do you think they pushed for compulsory attendance so strongly?

Tammy Drennan, in an article on back in October, 2007, told us that “Horace Mann is often called the Father of Public Education. He was a tireless crusader who won the battle of compulsory state schooling in Massachusetts and set it on its path of devastating reproduction.” Drennan informed us that Mann wanted a student that was peaceful, hardworking, and “disinclined to make trouble–one who wouldn’t rock the boat, wouldn’t make trouble for the ruling class”–in other words, a mental zombie–keep your mouth shut, work hard, pay your taxes, exorbitant or not, and don’t dare to question anything any ruling authority tries to enforce on you.

Drennan noted that: “Mr. Mann and his cohorts were a determined lot, and they weren’t afraid to use the power of the state to force their ideas down the throats of the entire country. The people, they believed, were ill-equipped to produce the proper future for themselves or for the United States. Mr. Mann, et al, knew what the future should look like…Citizens would be compliant and would live to serve the state. Instead of freely educated citizens keeping the state in line the state works to keep its subjects in line.” Somehow, I don’t think the men who fought our War for Independence signed on for that agenda, yet we’ve had it for 160 years now and just didn’t realize it. Do you think we may have been dumbed down so we wouldn’t know?

So you can see from the start, those who pushed public education were first concerned with power and control and producing the proper mindset in students to ensure that control was gained and maintained. The parents couldn’t be trusted. They might have an alternative vision both for their kids and the country, and so control had to be removed from them as much as possible and awarded to a public education system that would produce–a mental zombie.

Parents have got to start realizing that this whole scenario is NOT about education, it is about control and the power to force your kids into a mindset you may not want them to have, in the interest of the state–the same mindset that was prevalent in the Soviet Union under Communism. It has been alive and well here in public schools for over 160 years now. Where do you think the Communists got the idea?

Don’t be naive enough to think you will “reform” this situation. That has not happened in 160 years. You need to remove your children from the authoritarian mindset and agenda of the public education system and either find a good private school, preferably a Christian one, or teach the kids at home.