The Church Neutralized–Part One

by Al Benson Jr.

There has been a systematic neutralizing of the Christian Church that has been going on at least since the 1830s in this country. Those participating in this neutralization have mostly taken the Fabian approach in enacting their agenda–doing it gradually so that most people don’t even realize it has been happening. If you are willing to take a backward look you can begin to see how it has been happening.

Two groups that have promoted this neutralization, at least at their leadership levels, have been Unitarians and Dispensationalists. I don’t contend that the rank and file in these groups are necessarily all aware of this. Many probably are not. But the leadership that has moved them to where they are today has been and is aware of what has been done and what is being done.

In this installment I will deal with the Unitarians, with their mandatory public schools They are the first step in this process. Through people like Horace Mann they worked to downgrade the influence of private Christian schools so they could push their agenda of compulsory public schooling. It is interesting that, in this critical area, the Unitarians took the same approach as did Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto–“Free education for all children in public schools…”

So naturally, Christian children ended up in these public schools–a situation that, sadly, continues to this day because most Christians seem to have lost their sense of discernment about both the origin and the agenda of public schools. Christians should have resisted this in the beginning, but they mostly didn’t. They were conned into going along with it and in succeeding generations their children have been pretty much neutralized. Oh, Bible reading was allowed for quite awhile–morning devotions for the kids and all that. They didn’t dare drop the hammer all at once. That would have been much too apparent and many Christians would have pulled their kids out right away. So they had to gradually draw them in by allowing a little of what Christians were familiar with to keep them comfortable–sort of like putting the lobster in cold water and then heating it up gradually so they won’t notice what’s happening. And it worked! Today many Christians will denigrate Christian schools because they don’t have all the bells and whistles public schools have and they will defend the public school system as though it were mandated in Holy Writ. I know. I have argued with some of them about that over the years. Even evidence of what the public schools have done to children will not change their minds–even when you present them with evidence of the Unitarian/socialist origins of public education. Mostly they don’t want to hear it or see it. And you will be dismissed by them as some sort of “right-wing reactionary.” After all, aren’t public schools right up there with God, motherhood, and apple pie?

The good folks that have succumbed to this mindset have been neutralized and they don’t even begin to realize it. And when I say all this I am not indicting all individual public school teachers. We have a niece that teaches in a public school. She hates it, but unfortunately, she can’t find a Christian school that can or will pay her enough to live on. And that is another whole problem.

Let’s face it. The public schools in our day are, for the most part, blatantly anti-Christian. They will strongly support the Marxist Black Lives Matter group, but let a teacher or a student bring a Bible to school and read a brief passage from it and all hell with break loose! Quoting the Koran in public school is okay, but not the Holy Bible–never the Holy Bible! That’s verboten! And yet Christian parents put up with this. Frankly, I don’t expect this to change anytime soon. Certainly not in my lifetime. There are several good books out there by both R. J. Rushdoony and Samuel Blumenfeld that go into the history of public education in this country. I have listed some of them in previous articles over the years.

The fact that all of this is tolerated by Christian parents is evidence that the Christian Church has, in the main, been neutralized. The next installment of this article will be almost guaranteed to make lots of good folks mad at me, but what I will say has to be said.

Neutralizing Christians

by Al Benson Jr.

There was an interesting article on World Net Daily for October 22nd by Michael Nedderman about the millions of Christians in this country who just don’t bother to vote or assume any civic responsibility at all. They just ignore it all as if it didn’t exist. Mr. Nedderman estimated that there are about 40 million Christians who do not vote in our elections.

He observed that “Every American who doesn’t want to see our beloved nation transformed into a godless, socialist, ‘workers’ paradise’ must vote to stop the threat of the systemic Marxism that has infected our society through the efforts of today’s Democratic Party. Sadly, about 40 million Christians don’t take this threat seriously enough to even vote (15 million Christians not registered;…).”

Again, he noted that “Those non-voting Christians are a huge percentage (44%) of the 90 million eligible Christians (all denominations). How is it possible that so many who aspire to Christian moral responsibility are so cavalier about such a consequential civic responsibility, one that has such grave moral significance?”

The questions he asked are good ones and need to be discussed and debated in Christian circles. But they won’t be for the most part. Why? Because the church has been almost totally neutralized in the area of politics and this is not a recent development. It goes back to the 1830s, maybe a little earlier and neutralization in this country became very apparent in the early 1900s with the advent of the Scofield Reference Bible and the eschatology it promoted.

Scofield got a lot of his theology from John Nelson Darby in England. Check out Darby on the internet. You will find more than I can deal with in this article. In his book Death of the Church Victorious Pastor Ovid Need Jr. explains Darby’s eschatology of the failing Christian church. On page 187 he tells us: “Having no promise of victory on this earth, the church failed. Therefore, it must be spewed out of God’s mouth. Then God will establish his throne in Jerusalem and literally reign, doing what the church failed to do, for it had no grace from God to make her any different from the world. Darby was quite dogmatic–the church cannot be restored in strength to reach the world. With no grace from God, the church has no power to overcome sin. The early church failed, and, therefore, has only God’s judgment against it. Darby took several shots at the Postmil Reformers,…The apostles, taught Darby, never looked for a long continuance of the church; rather they looked for the Lord’s soon return. Accordingly, the only thing left for the church is to realize its lack of responsibility.It has no worldly concerned on this earth, for it is forbidden to try to set evil right.”

I don’t know about you, but Darby’s vision for the church, or its lack thereof, is not the way many of us view the church and its mission in this world. Yet millions of Christians in the last 130 years have bought into Darby’s failing church syndrome and they use that for their justification that Christians should have nothing to do with politics ,culture, education or any other human endeavor. They believe it is all “of the world” and so they just refuse to have anything to do with any of it.

It seems like every new generation has a Hal Lindsey type out there telling us that the Lord’s return will be anytime in the next 3 minutes and therefore we should do nothing in this world but prepare to be “raptured” out of it. I’ve been hearing this for about 60 years now. As for Hal Lindsey it seems about every ten years he puts out an updated version of one of his books telling us that the Lord’s return is imminent and we can all prepare for it by buying one of his latest editions. I have often said that I would love to see the stock portfolios of some of these “end times” preachers who tell us the world will end soon (hopefully not before we buy their latest book). This do-nothing attitude among Christians in our day is a result of the eschatology of Darby–that was seized on by Cyrus I Scofield and popularized in his bible back in 1909, although he didn’t give Darby much credit for it.

If you want to check out Scofield I would recommend a book by Joseph Canfield, a friend of mine, now deceased. The book is The Incredible Scofield and his Book and it was published by Ross House Publishers in Vallecito, California. Check it out on Amazon. The orthodox Christian faith which follows sound doctrine has little use for the theological wasteland of Darby and Scofield, yet these two seem to have captured and neutralized much of the church in this country.

The faulty theology of Darby and Scofield is one major reason that Christians in our day don’t bother to vote or get involved in politics or do much of anything else except try to “be nice” to everyone. Christians need to be concerned with what kind of country they are leaving for their grandchildren because, in all probability, their grand children are going to have to live in it. If they refuse to take any action to improve things what are they leaving for a legacy for their posterity? And what if their hoped-for “rapture” doesn’t come along to get them out of this mess? Then they will have to learn to deal with it like the rest of us.

Suffice it to say that their view of the church is not my view of the church. I believe the Christian church will be victorious in the long run as long as Christians are willing to pitch in and do their part to make it so. The Lord will exercise His Sovereignty through His people–regardless of what Darby and Scofield have tried to peddle to us as the “great neutralizer.”

Communism–A Religion of Terrorism

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Whittaker Chambers, the author of Witness is quite blunt about what makes communism really tick. He has written: “The Communist Party, despite occasional pious statements to the contrary, is a terrorist organization. Its disclaimers are for the record. But its record of kidnappings, assassinations, and murders makes the actions of the old Terror Brigade of the Socialist Revolutionary Party look merely romantic. No argument can reach the Communist Party unless it sees in it some self-serving advantage. It respects only force.” To update a bit, you can say the exact same thing about these communist groups operating in this country today–Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and a host of others. Their willful depredations in many of our major cities show that they only respect force–and when the police are ordered to stand down in the face of their planned destruction then there is no force to detract them from doing whatever they want.

To see the planned terrorism of the Communists in action Chambers told us a bit about the purges under Stalin. These were purges in which the Communist state even killed many of its own. Chambers told us: “This great massacre, probably the greatest in history, was deliberately planned and executed. In the interest of the Revolution…the group of Communists headed by Stalin decided that the historical situation through which the world and the Communist Party was passing, justified them in killing off those Communists who opposed their indispensable strategy and tactics. Those killed have been estimated from several hundred thousand to several million men and women. The process took about three years, 1935 through 1938. Its immediate purpose was to give the Stalinists absolute control of the Communist Party and the Soviet government, then of the Red Army, then of the secret police (G.P.U.).” So if you had some in your own Party that dared to disagree with you on some minor point you just killed them off…The charge on which they were one and all destroyed, the charge that they had betrayed their handiwork, was incredible. They were the Communist Party. If the charge were true, then every other Communist had given his life for a fraud. If the charge was false, then every other Communist was giving his life for a fraud.”

You have to realize that there was no room for divergences of opinion among communists. You adhered to the Party line or you were tomorrow’s cannon fodder. The fact that the Party line might change from one day to the next made no difference. The Stalin-Hitler pact was one instance of this. The Party line changed literally overnight and faithful Party members were automatically expected to go with the flow–and heaven help those who dared to disagree!

Chambers wrote about Communism that “denies the soul in the name of the mind.” And he gave us a quote–“Man cannot organize the world for himself without God; without God man can only organize the world against man.” The French Revolution proved that. And the Marxist mentalities among us today still have not learned that lesson after over two hundred years. Their current attacks on the white race have shown that they have learned nothing. I have no doubt whatever that if they felt their attacks on us would be tolerated they would cheerfully kill millions of us. Maybe at this point what they are afraid of is that many of us will shoot back. Communists are really stingy when it comes to spilling their own blood. They love “doing it unto others” but they don’t want it “done unto them.”

I recall, in the late 1970s, an article I read about four communist terrorists that went into a church in South Africa, armed with AK 47s and started shooting helpless church members. There was one man in the congregation that was armed with a 38 revolver and he shot back at the Red thugs wounding one of them. That was enough for them. The communist thugs, AK 47s and all, fled the scene, faced down by one lone man with a 38! Most communists are really cowards when they meet any resistance.

So the communist faith is one that promotes terrorism–and the one thing they fear is resistance. Determined resistance usually seems to deter them. The problem today is–will anyone give them determined resistance?

I have a friend who is a keen observer of the world situation and from time to time he offers me some biting comments. In response to my last article he said the following–“Add to this the Higher Criticism and the heavy infiltration by Communists into the church and the seminaries and we have a church that is not able to stop this onslaught against this nation. By this means Christianity has been reduced to a spectator’ sport.” While there are obviously some exceptions to this, I am afraid there are not nearly enough to make a difference at the national level. And a watered-down church, with watered-down doctrine is not nearly strong enough to resist not only national terrorism, but also theological terrorism in some form.

Why People Become Communists

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Whittaker Chambers, in his book Witness deals with the rationale of why many people end up embracing communism. They perceive that the faith of communism will protect them in times of crisis. Of course this never really happens, but then, most people never stop to figure that out.

Chambers notes, on page 192, that “Few Communists have ever been made simply by reading the works of Marx or Lenin. The crisis of history makes Communists; Marx and Lenin merely offer them an explanation of the crisis and what to do about it. Thus a graph of Communist growth would show that its numbers and its power increased in waves roughly equivalent to each new crest of crisis…The economic crisis which reached the United States in 1929 swept thousands into the Communist Party or under its influence. The military crisis of World War 2 swept in millions more;…Communism is never stronger than the failure of other faiths.” One wonders if the apostacy in the churces might have had anything to do with this

Chambers also observed, on page 195, that “The dying world of 1925 was without faith, hope, character, understanding of its malady or will to overcome it. It was dying but it laughed. And this laughter was not the defiance of a vigor that refuses to know when it is whipped. It was the loss, by the mind of a whole civilization, of the power to distinguish between reality and unreallity, because, ulltimately, thouugh I did not know it, it had lost the power to distinguish between good and evil. This failure I too, shared with the world of which I was a part. The dying world had no answer at all to the crisis of the 20th century,…” This explains, at least in part, as to why Chambers became a Communist.

I ask myself, in all of this cultural morass, where was the Christian Church? Was it speaking to this situation and no one was listening? If so, then you can’t blame the church if she spoke and no one listened. But what if the church wasn’t dealing with this or was sending mixed messages?

Where was the church in this country in the early 1900s? Remember, we are talking about twenty years, in some cases less, after the publication of the Scofield Bible with its many “notes” explaining what the Scriptures are supposed to be telling us. Scofield was influenced by the Plymouth Brethren and John Nelson Darby. In his book Death of the Church Victorious Pastor Ovid Need Jr. explained what these folks believed. He noted, on page 169 that “In the aftermath of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, ‘the ideas that went to make up Brethrenism were in the air, and were extensively obtaining embodiment.’ Largely because of this, these groups shared a determinism not to get involved in ‘secular’ affairs, which ‘represented a retreat into the shelter of spiritual monasticism…’ No part was played by them in politics, except the giving of submission and honour to the powers that be, and the offering of prayer for them.’ Thus we see that rather than attempting to convert the nations to Christ through the gospel, the movement reacted by withdrawing. These small groups devoid of spiritual leadership started in the British Isles, and the hopeless faith was brought into the U.S. through immigration. Because they only reacted against sin instead of acting upon the word of God, theirs was a serious over-reaction against all social involvement, an educated clergy, a systematic interpretation of Scripture, and any involvement in civil government–they threw out the baby with the bath water.”

In other words, in the 1800s and early 1900s we had a church in this country that was mostly devoid of anything having to do with civil government and sought to avoid any contact with the real world. Admittedly there were exceptions to this, theologians like R. L. Dabney, who saw the direction the country was headed in and tried to warn those who had enough sense to listen. Unfortunately, most by that time did not want to listen and so what brave people like Dabney tried to warn them about was all but ignored. By the early 1900s we had a church in this country that was mostly in the throes of retreatism. And such a church is not equipped to deal with any real crisis So the Communists steal in and pretend to deal with the crisis that the church couldn’t, or wouldn’t, deal with.

Do you begin to see now why we have had some of the problems with communism that we have had? An informed church could have dealt with much of this. But a church that believed that communism in only a political entity will deal with none of it because they feel it is “of this world” and so is not worth bothering with. The church’s failure to deal with communism as a competing, anti-Christian theology has not been helpful. They have, in fact, conceded this world to the devil as if it were beneath the Lord’s notice. They have apparently forgotten that part of the Lord’s Prayer that says, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Erasers And Defacers

by Al Benson Jr.

In ancient times it was a hallmark of those that won battles against their opponents that, when they had conquered them, they either defaced or tried to totally erase the history of those they conquered. They then replaced what they had erased with their version of “history.”

This is exactly what we see happening in this country today.

We are now beset by a coterie of leftist radicals that seeks to destroy our history and heritage in order to replace them with their own version of our history. And their version of our history is a Marxist one. Much of what they are trying to do to this country goes back to the French Revolution.

In his book Death of the Church Victorious Ovid E. Need Jr. commented on the French Revolution. He said: “The French Revolution was more than simply a revolution against a constitutional monarchy. It was open warfare against Christian culture, and could be defined as the modern revolution and triumph of humanism and humanistic law over Christianity and Christian law…The ‘Rights of Man’ were exalted above everything, and multitudes of innocent people died in the name of ‘the People’; equality was equated with liberty; ‘spontaneous,’ nation-wide demonstrations sprung forth at key times in key places to further the Revolution’s goals, viz., to destroy Christianity; propaganda was used to change social ideas, i.e., words were seen as weapons of warfare, so truth was of no concern; innumerable pamphlets and journalists mysteriously appeared, speaking in a united voice to mold public opinion, and truth was unknown from fiction;…”

Does any of this have a familiar ring to it today. Don’t all answer at once now.

It sounds an awful lot like some of the radical leftist agenda that we are forced to put up with in our day. Demonstrations and destruction in many of our cities, with the politicians and the police just standing aside while the demonstrators wreak havoc on ordinary people and those that try to defend themselves are labeled as racists for trying to protect their own property. And we have a “news” media and journalists–so called, that frankly are on the same side as the leftists

Most of our “journalists” are not really journalists–they are co-conspirators with the radical leftists. The same holds true for many of our political figures–in both parties–and all of this is funded by certain seemingly mysterious figures with big bucks who are out to bring our system down. George Soros is part of this, but he is not alone by any means.

The radical left and their sponsors seem to feel that this is a time in our history for them to strike while the iron is hot. They have dogged Trump with false allegations and lies for his entire presidency and if they can manage to do it they will steal the 2020 election and not bat an eye doing it. And if they manage to take power in this country their efforts will make Mao’s Cultural Revolution look like a Sunday walk in the park.

I often wonder, as I look at where we are at, where is much of the Christian Church in all of this. We are supposed to be promoting a Christian culture and worldview. Have we? How many Christians have just been “sitting it out” hoping a false “rapture” will save them from this mess so they won’t ever have to get involved and do anything constructive in this world? And where has this neutralizing “rapture” concept come from? Mind you, I am not doubting the Lord’s Second Coming, but that and this rapture theory ain’t the same animal.

What I am afraid of is that many Christians who have become accustomed to planning on a secret, imminent “rapture” to get them out of here when it hits the fan are going to be shocked when they find out that will not save them. Then they will have to realize that the Lord wants them to deal with some of the stuff they have backed away from for decades.

We should have been defending our history, heritage, monuments and flags and mostly we have not bothered. Unfortunately, there will be a price to pay for our wanton neglect and I am not sure we are equipped to pay that price.

In Luke 23:31 Jesus, before His crucifixion, asked the question “For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?” We might ask the question today–if the communists and those that fund them do all this stuff now, what will they do if they ever really seize power? There are Christians in our day that do not want to ever deal with anything “negative” and so they ignore most of what happens around them. At some point they will be forced to deal with what is going on around them–and most will not be prepared to do it.