Red State Secession? Why Not? We No Longer Have a Country!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I watched several videos yesterday of the protests in Washington. While I do not agree with the violence I saw in some of them, I can understand the frustration of the Trump supporters as they begin to realize that this recent election was stolen from them and that, if the truth be known, they no longer have a country.

For much of last year we had communist riots across much of the country where communist thugs looted, stole and burned parts of various cities while the police were ordered to stand down and let them do whatever they wanted. But let Trump supporters protest in Sodom on the Potomac and here come the police with guns blazing! One woman was killed by them and three others were also shot and over 50 were arrested. Had they belonged to Black Lives Matter or Antifa the police would never have raised a hand against any of them. They would have had carte blanche to wreck the city in the name of “racial justice.”

The shameful way this is all playing out should help patriotic conservatives to begin to realize that they no longer have a country. The deep state and the communist thugs they employ have now taken it over and the patriots are a despised class, to be dealt with as the left decides. Democrats are already making out an “enemies list” of people they plan to intimidate and harass. So much for “uniting” the country! One hardcore leftist told a radio talk show host recently that “we don’t want to unite with you. We want to destroy you.” This is what the leftists always do–destroy their enemies. That’s why Communism has systemically killed millions over the years. There can be no “uniting” with those who plan your demise. There can only be resistance–and separation.

I won’t get into it much in this article, but I came into possession of a new small book by Ron Kennedy just recently. The title of it is Red State Red County Secession–Creating a Nation of Our Own. It was published by The Scuppernong Press P O Box 1724 Wake Forest, North Carolina 27588 I would urge you all to check it out.

I will note a few of Ron’s comments here so you get an idea of where he is coming from and will deal with more from the book in upcoming articles. Some of those who laugh at the idea of secession may not laugh when they get through this little book.

Ron notes: “Many national journalists and political commentators predict a coming civil war in America. This civil war will be between those who wish to impose a government, based on a radical leftist, politically correct ideology versus those who want to maintain and promote traditional, conservative, moral, social and political values–what we would call–‘American values.’ Folks who wish to honor those American values which made this country are now subjects of an evil, ‘neo-Marxist’ shadow government that controls America’s politically correct institutions of influence…If those of us who wish to live in a society based on traditional American values are to survive, and if our traditional American values are to be passed on to the next generation, we must have a country of our own. Without a country of our own, we become a stateless people–a people who have no effective way to defend themselves against neo-Marxist enemies determined to exterminate everything we hold dear.”

Continuing, Ron observed: “The ‘knee-jerk’ to the mere suggestion of secession is not that different than how Patrick Henry was treated in 1775 when he called for the American Colonies to declare their independence from an oppressive British Empire…With cries of ‘treason’ they rejected the idea of American self-government. Patrick Henry’s reply to the charge of treason echoes down to us today, ‘If this be treason, then let us make the most of it!’ After the 2020 campaign to elect America’s first ‘mail-ordered’ president, secession is now seen, not as treason, but as the possible solution to America’s irreconcilable ideological divide–the Red State–Blue State social, moral, ideological, and political divide…We can be sure secession became an acceptable political alternative in modern America when a traditional, religious leader from Wisconsin sees secession as a modern-day possibility.”

I submit that, in light of yesterday’s events in Washington, this is something we need to consider, discuss, debate and study. We, especially in the South, have become a people without a country. We in the South, and those in the ranching, farming, mining culture of the Far West are the only people in the country whose adversaries get to decide what the narrative about us will be and how it will be presented to the public at large. That’s why our flags and monuments come down–because we are consistently lied about and those lies are spread nationwide.

More on this and on Ron Kennedy’s book will be upcoming as the Lord allows.

Separation? Why not?

by Al Benson Jr.

Seeing that this may be the day when the Senate race in Georgia is being stolen from the Republican candidates by the same corrupted voting system in Georgia I felt the comments of the man in this brief article were worth our consideration.

This was posted on this morning, 1/6. Chaz Donovan wrote: “I’m almost never a glass half-full kind of guy. However, I do see a distinct bright side to Ossof and Warnock ‘winning.’ That is that it would further accelerate the demise of what little is left of this ‘country’ and thereby expand those willing to consider secession as a viable option. The country is over either way; I’d rather rip the band aid off. I am cheering for Loeffler and Perdue, do not mistake me. That said, a loss should be viewed as a bigger opportunity to sell the concept of secession. Call it ‘not letting a crisis go to waste’ if you must. Secession has always been the best option.”

Mr. Donovan gives people something to seriously consider here and we refuse to do that to our own detriment.

Update: Protesters of the election steal from Trump have broken into the Capitol Building in Washington to let Congress know about their genuine concerns up close and personal. Hey, when the Leftists do this they get action from the gutless wonders in Congress. It may be about time our side let them know how really ticked off we are about having the election stolen from us. Usually I don’t endorse this kind of thing but maybe the time is past for our side to express its anger at what has been done to us.

Doing The Same Thing But Expecting Different Results

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, we are having the runoff elections for two senators in the state of Georgia on this day. How many of you really expect the Republican candidates to win? Might I suggest, politely, that if you do, you might be prone to delusion. As I am posting this it is still early in the day, a little after two in the afternoon. My prediction, and I hope I am in error, is that the two extreme leftist candidates for the Senate from Georgia will win by landslide votes–the exact same way Biden “won” over Trump in November.

Why should we expect anything different? Are they using the same Dominion voting machines in this election that they used in November? If so then why would you expect the results today to be any different than they were in November? Come on, folks, get real! The leftist Democrats had this election tied up before a single vote was cast. They probably won’t even need all the dead folks to vote that voted last November because they have probably been working at refining their vote enhancement techniques since then.

Does all this bother the Establishment Republicans in the room? Not really. They don’t care who wins as long as the goodies and perks are there for them to partake of because, you see, the “conservative” Republicans and the hard-left Democrats really all belong to the same globalist clique. So when push comes to shove they’d rather have a socialist Democrat in office. That gives the Republicans someone to protest up until the next election.

You see, folks, for these globalist types, no matter which party they belong to, it’s all a game and the name of the game is fooling us dumb deplorables into thinking there really is a dime’s worth of difference between the two major parties. The fact that so many “conservative” Republicans are willing now to stab Trump in the back should show even the most dense voter that most of these Republicans are nothing more than “slow” Democrats who want to push us over the same socialist cliff that the leftist Democrats do but they just want to do it a bit slower. That way we don’t notice it until we are almost over. And then it’s too late!

An article on the Breitbart website today noted that the two leftist Democrats in Georgia are ahead of their GOP opponents in the polls. Of course they are. If the voting conditions in Georgia remain as they did in November, and I get the impression that Georgia has resisted making any changes, then why would you expect a different result? This runoff election in Georgia is just going through the motions of pretending to “elect” the two hard-core leftists that the political establishment wanted there to begin with.

We have got to begin to realize something. If we keep playing this leftist political game using leftist rules we will end up with a Marxist regime in this country–and we ain’t all that far away from that right now. In fact, after they stole this recent election from Trump, and by extension, from ordinary Americans as well a Marxist regime with Comrade Kamala at the helm is what they have planned for us. And we are all supposed to just shut up and take it. The “conservative” Republicans are busy telling us there was no evidence of any vote fraud in November. To put it nicely, they are practicing the fine art of prevarication on us dumb idiots out here in flyover country–and we are deemed too stupid to figure that out.

One thing we have got to figure out is that we can’t keep playing this leftist game and expect anything but what is good for the leftists and anathema for us. It has gotten to the point where ordinary Americans have no one to speak up for them. Trump has tried but they mean to deny him any further opportunities as soon as possible. So we end up being citizens of our states and counties with no real rights or liberties except that we get to pay the globalists for our demise. Such a deal!!!

Under the present conditions the option of secession begins to look more and more attractive and there are enough of us out here that voted for Trump that are really ticked at seeing where all this is going. The “conservative” Republicans are really helping out the socialist Democrats and laughing up their sleeves at us all the way to the bank.

The question is–how much longer are we willing to put up with this crap before deciding to do something besides continuing the same old “bait and switch” game the two main parties have laid out for us to follow?

Just what are the possibilities for secession in Red States and even in Red Counties in some “blue” states that could secede and possibly form new states? By now someone will pipe up and tell me “this is all illegal you realize.” Really? So is massive vote fraud in several states but no one seems to be bothered about that except ordinary Americans. And their very real distress just doesn’t matter–so why not secession? Contrary to establishment “historians” it was not illegal in 1861 nor was it treasonous. So why not secession? It may well be the only option left for honest people–depending on where we go from here.

More on this in the near future. In the meantime, watch the vote steal in Georgia as today progresses and don’t let that dreaded “S” word slip out of your remembrance because I have an idea it is going to be relevant in the days to come.

Supreme (for who?) Court

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

According to an article on The Epoch Times website for December 26th “President Donald Trump says the U.S. Supreme Court failed to address massive election fraud properly.”

Mr. Trump said “The U.S. Supreme Court has been totally incompetent and weak on the massive election fraud that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election. We have absolute proof but they don’t want to see it–No standing, they say. If we have corrupt elections, we have no country!” Supposedly the Supreme Court has five “conservative” justices. Yeah, right–and the moon is made out of green cheese too.

You have to wonder why the Supreme Court justices have no interest in election fraud. Are they afraid of riots across the country if they support a call for fair elections? Are they just gutless wonders? What’s the deal here? Or do they just not care? After all, their positions are secure. No one will fire them or remove them from office–they hope–and if such should happen they will probably still get their lifetime salaries anyway, so why worry, why get involved? Why take a stand for what’s right when it’s so much easier to just go with the flow and ignore it all. After all the only thing at stake is the future of the country and as long as the fat paycheck is there, who cares about that???

But the Supreme Court is not the only court that wants to see no evidence, hear no evidence or even think about evidence. You have to wonder how many of these judges are really nothing but judicial Never Trumpers. How many are holdovers from the Obama Regime and how many have been appointed during the Trump administration?

It seems that most of the legal institution in this country is willing to get rid of Trump. Do they want to go back to business as usual with a new and corrupt Harris/Biden administration? If so then the rot in this country is deeper than we even dared to contemplate and there is probably no hope for this country.

It would seem that the courts in this country have no interest whatever in hearing about the massive election fraud that took place in this last election. Their main interest seems to be in finding reasons, no matter how trite, for not having to hear any of this evidence. They just ain’t interested at all in it. Why is that? Corruption? Fear? What is their problem–for by extension–their problem ends up being a problem for all of us. If they are afraid or unwilling to hear evidence of election fraud, then we all suffer for their cowardice or ineptness.

If our institutions of law and government that we are supposed to trust end up failing us what, then, do we do? Live under some form of Marxism that is coming not too far down the road? In the final analysis there is always secession–and maybe that has been our only real solution to a failed government all along.

“Jeff Secession”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

In looking at what Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to be doing in regard to having certain Swamp Creatures in Washington investigated by someone from outside of the Swamp, I would have to commend him for this effort. It seems he has been doing this quietly (probably the best way) but he has been doing it.

One problem Mr. Sessions  seems to have, though, is that he seems to believe the federal government is the last absolute word on anything, and if the feds say do it, then you better do it, no questions asked. In this rash assumption he is off base.

Those who follow what I write know that one source (among several) that I use for information is  There are probably a dozen sites that I check out on a regular basis, but I follow Infowars because they usually get it faster than most others, and they get it right. Their sources seem to be good sources–and they must be doing something right because You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter are all trying to censor their videos and articles. You don’t draw that much ire from “the big 3” unless you are hitting the nail on the head. Of course “the big 3” are trying to censor all conservative commentary they can get by with, which tells me that when you have to censor your opposition–then you don’t have anything!

There is one news commentator on Infowars that I particularly enjoy (not that the others are not good, they are) and that is David Knight. Mr. Knight is a Christian gentleman and is not ashamed to let you know that, but he is also a Christian that knows his history. In that, he is part of a (hopefully expanding) minority. We need Christian people in the journalism and broadcasting areas that know their history and haven’t just bought, hook, line, and sinker, what they were taught in those government indoctrination centers we still charitably refer to as public schools.

On his broadcast today (March 9th) referred to some comments Jeff Sessions made about secession and nullification, and it was Mr. Knight that referred to him as “Jeff Secession.” In referring to the illegal immigration conflagration now so rife in the People’s Republic of Commiefornia, Sessions said: “There is no such thing as nullification or secession.” While I understand that Sessions was referring to states needing to obey the immigration laws, his comment here was a little out of context and did not fit the situation in California (the People’s Republic referenced above).

Sessions, like most of us, was probably taught that the War of Northern Aggression and its result forever settled the secession question once and for all. It didn’t. David Knight correctly noted that our War of Independence (the first one) from Great Britain was, after all, a war of secession. Our Declaration of Independence was a secession document. In effect, we seceded from Great Britain. I realize the politically correct don’t like to think of it in those terms, but that’s what it was. Given that fact, it surprises me no end that so many people today look at “secession” as at least a dirty word, if not outright treason. It isn’t.  There must be something lacking in their  educations. How about Truth? 

Mr. Sessions’ view of the States seems to be that they are nothing more that 50 federal districts that are responsible for carrying out federal edicts at the state level and they have no recourse but to do that. Lots of us disagree with that erroneous viewpoint and if the feds come up with some really egregious agenda that harms the states and their people, then that’s where nullification comes in, or should anyway, depending on how much intestinal fortitude state officials have (and I’ve seen lots over the years that didn’t have much).

Tom Woods had an article on for March 9th that dealt with nullification. Woods noted: “Sessions is making precisely the argument that every left-liberal outfit on earth, from ThinkProgress to the Southern Poverty Law Center, was making not ten years ago, when the modern nullification movement was getting started.”

If you want to read a good little book dealing with this, pick up Ron Kennedy’s book Nullification! Why and How published by Scuppernong Press in Wake Forest, North Carolina, but you might check out which might be quicker.

Ron noted on page iii that “The current unconstitutional system of Federal supremacy has produced the current out of control Federal government. The remainder of this book explains why nullification is an essential unalienable right and how we can reclaim that lost right.” I seriously doubt that “Jeff Secession” would agree with this, and then I wonder–what would his take on the 10th Amendment be???