Is Antifa An Arm Of The Democratic Establishment?

by Al Benson Jr.

One of the Fox News commentators recently made the statement that Antifa is an arm of the Democratic Establishment that is used to get rid of a sitting president. They were used against Trump in 2020. They are now being used against Biden in the riots in Atlanta. CNN aids those who benefit from Antifa’s violence. A top Democrat’s son was arrested in Boston at an Antifa event. It would seem that many Democrats actively promote violent terrorism.

Let’s get one thing straight here. Antifa is not, I repeat not, anti-fascist. They are fascists and are on the political left every bit as much as the Communists. They are exactly what they claim to be opposed to. That’s a favorite tactic of the left–claim to be opposed to what you actually are. You’d be surprised to how many people that fools. It’s past time to stop defending Antifa and declare them a terrorist organization. The children of many of the rich and privileged are turning into Antifa monsters, just like the kids of the rich turned into SDS monsters back in the 1970s. We should say here that Antifa is the real “white supremacy” threat

Now, Antifa is using the death of a black man in Memphis, who was beaten to death by five black policemen, as an excuse to justify race riots across the country. So how is the beating of a black man by five black cops an example of “white supremacy”? That’s a hard one to answer, but not to worry, the leftists are at work coming up with a convoluted response that probably won’t make much sense, but the “news” media will pick it up and run with it anyway. That’s what they’re paid to do.

Antifa has been using the shameful Memphis incident to justify violence. Their motto: “Burn it all down.” Antifa has been telling rioters to “bring rocks, pipes, Kerosene.” They would love to be able to do what they did in Portland in 2020, because everybody is supposed to be treated to the lesson that–no matter what happens or who did it, it’s always Whitey’s fault!

Cities around the country were preparing for riots. And leave it to “Rev.” Al Sharpton to blame “white racism” for five black cops beating a black man to death! No matter who does what to who, the race baiters always manage to twist the facts so it’s the white man’s fault. No surprise there. Communists have fanned the flames of racial strife in this country and around the world for decades. I’ve often wondered, if they were able to get rid of all us whites from off the face of the earth, who they would then blame for all their problems. Because their problems would not go away with us gone–so they’d have to end up locating another scapegoat.


The Love Affair Between Radical Socialists And Elites

by Al Benson jr

What I talk about in this short article is not something that is a mew development. It goes back to the days of the French Revolution at least. In his book Freedom On The Alter the late Will Grigg observed: “Louis Blanc’s 1848 revolution in France, Frederick Bastiat…one of the most eloquent defenders of the free market, noted that there apprared to be a natural affinity between the socialist radicals and the governing elite…Furthermore, the supposedly anti-socialist policies implemented by the French government had the effect of enriching the socialist cause. the government, wrote Bastiat, was busy ‘concocting the antidote and the poison in the same laboratory.'”

This sounds like the identical situation we have today. Our governing elite tell us they are curing inflation, securing the border, doing all manner of activities they tell us will help the country when actually everything they do is dragging the country down and we are supposed to be too stupid to figure that out .At least they hope we are. They may well be banking on our public school “educations” having rendered us incapable of serious reflection. And while that has worked on lots of us, it hasn’t on lots of us too.

You can see the affinity between the socialists and the elites by the way the elites deal with socialist destruction. Antifa and Black Lives Matter loot and burn down our cities while the elites barely bat an eye, or at most, they call for more gun control, which they know will not solve the problem, but it gives them the appearance of “doing something” when they really have no plan to. They claim our Southern border is secure, there’s no problem there they tell us. Why? Because they really want all these illegal immigrants here so they can bus and fly them all over the country and deposit them in states where they want to change the vote. They plan to give the illegals the vote, whether they are citizens or not makes no differene to the elites. They figure most of these illegals will vote Democrat and keep them in power forever.

Can you imagine the vocal eruption that would emerge if conservatives tried to do what the elites are doing? Why it would be a major news story amongst the prostitute press, but because the socialist elites are doing it, the “news’ media yawns and goes back to sleep. Nothing to see here folks, just move along. We’re stealing your country, but don’t be concerned. We’ll teach you how to be happy with nothing and you’ll learn to love it–or else!

The only difference between the radical socialists in the streets with Molotov cocktails’ and the socialists sitting in board rooms or in presidential offices is that they differ in method as to how to take this country down, but both have the same desire to do just that. We need to wake up to that fact and seek the Lords guidance as to what to do about it.

Independence Day–Are We Really Free?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The title to this article is a rhetorical question. Anyone with a brain already knows the answer and doesn’t need me to tell him. Heck, no, this country is not a free country. In fact it has not been free since the Lincoln administration. We have had the illusion of freedom, with just enough “house privileges” from our federal master to keep us pacified while he reached for total control over our lives. With Harris/Biden in the White (Red) House he now feels that goal is within his grasp and he is getting impatient to grasp it in his hot little socialist hand.

A conservative commentator recently said that the New World Order has successfully taken control of the federal government. When you look at what is now going on it is hard to argue too much with his assessment.

Just about every person Harris/Biden has picked for any official position is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which means that, in reality, the CFR is running the country, not Biden. Biden is nothing more than their vehicle through which they take total control, if he is even cognizant of what is going on. Biden was their transmission belt to power and when he has accomplished all he can to install them, they will simply disconnect him and put him out to pasture, where he should have been in the first place.

Donald Trump was a major speed bump in the New World Order’s agenda to reduce the US to a banana republic. So everything Trump did had to be undone as quickly as possible. Stealing the election from him was a major first step and keeping him out of office has to be their logical next step. While Trump was not able to restore freedom to America, at least he tried. He is the only president in my lifetime that tried. But I think he underestimated the vice-grip the New World Order had on this country at least since the beginning of the 20th century.

So what about “freedom” in America? Ask the good folks in the South how “free” they are to celebrate their history and heritage. That history and heritage, indeed their very culture, has been under constant assault for at least three decades and probably longer. Their flags and monuments have been torn down, desecrated and vandalized to the point where many of them need a county sheriff to protect them if they go to a cemetery to commemorate the grave of one of their fallen heroes. So how “free” are they? The radical socialists and communists in this country want to destroy not only their history and culture, but them as well.

And these same communists and socialists want to destroy the ranching and farming culture of the far West. After all, who needs real beef when they can be forced to buy Bill Gates’ synthetic phony. It’s all about cultural genocide and Authentic American cultures comprised of people who dare to think for themselves must be destroyed because they are major impediments to the agenda of the New World Order. They will not willingly be slaves to that Order so they have to go!

You want to know who is really free in this country? How about Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and a whole host of other far left groups? They can burn, destroy, pillage and vandalize to their heart’s content and the prostitute press labels them as “peaceful protesters.” The police won’t dare to touch them and the cities they loot and burn have wicked politicians who label what they are doing as “reparations.” The far left can intimidate people with impunity and if those people dare to resist then they are arrested because as we all know, anyone resisting the far left is automatically a “domestic terrorist.”

So, in light of all this, please tell me how “free we are this Independence day!

How About Secession From Oregon To Idaho?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Think the question of secession is dead? Think again. Contrary to the fond wishes of most leftists and even many who tell us they are “conservatives” this question is not going away anytime soon. I was laughed at back in the 1990s for writing about secession back then. Many so-called “conservatives” I knew snickered behind my back about what I wrote. I wonder if they are still doing that. I don’t hear from any of them anymore–not that I miss the lack of contact.

But, whether they still laugh or not, the secession question still continues to arise. Just yesterday, 5/19, I read an article on by Jack Phillips entitled Oregon Counties Vote to Secede Into Idaho.

Mr. Phillips observed that: “Several counties in Oregon on May 18 voted to consider joining the state of Idaho, which is part of a long-shot movement to break away from the state that has long been dominated by politicians in Portland. Voters in Malheur, Sherman, Grant, Baker, and Lake counties approved various measures that require county officials to take steps to look into moving the Idaho border west to incorporate the counties. The grassroots group Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho is aiming to have the eastern counties–which are mostly rural–join Idaho because they believe they would be better off with Idaho’s more conservative political leadership.”

It’s no secret that the leftist leadership in Portland has little use for the ranching and farming industry and culture in their state. When BLM and Antifa were torching their city back last year, what did they do to prevent that? From what I understand, not all that much. So who is naive enough to think they give a tinker’s damn about the ranchers and farmers in Oregon?

One of the petitioners in this effort is Mike McCarter and he said: “This election proves that rural Oregon wants out of Oregon. If Oregon really believes in liberal values such as self-determination, the legislature won’t hold our counties captive against our will…” McCarter noted last year that this bid to join Idaho is more of a “lifestyle values judgment” that accentuates the differences between rural and urban populations

Phillips noted in his article that “Oregon’s Jefferson and Union counties already approved measures last year to promote a move to Idaho.” With the Democratic controlled legislature in Oregon this appears to be a long-shot, as their ideas of “self-determination” only seem to operate when they favor the left. Phillips did note that there were precedents for this move but they were earlier in our history–such as Kentucky being created out of Virginia and Maine being created out of Massachusetts. So this is not unheard of in our history–although the way “history” is taught in our public schools today it is all but unknown.

Whether this move from Oregon to Idaho is successful or not, this sort of situation will continue to arise and at some point it will be dealt with in the way it should be because secession was not, and is not, treason as so many today continue to howl about. The day will come–and maybe we should pray for that, that it might be done peacefully this time.

The Great Capitol “Riot” Was A Planned Farce

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The truth usually comes out, even though it seems that it is a bit late sometimes. Now we are beginning, with bits and pieces, to find out what the “riot” at the Capitol was really all about. And much of it is what I originally said it was–an effort to do away with any discussion of the fraudulent nature of the November 3rd election.

The website for January 9th noted: “The propaganda industry, also known as the media, is falling all over itself with feigned ‘shock and horror’ over the spectacle that was broadcast to the world from the Capitol on Wednesday. It was enough for nearly all of Congress to reject any further discussion about election fraud, which appears to have been the goal all along…Truth be told, the whole thing was a staged psy-op designed to further demoralize the public while creating the pearl-clutching necessary to ignore the stolen election.”

The article continued: “It was the perfect false flag attack to divert attention away from election fraud and onto Trump and his supporters, who have now been painted as ‘domestic terrorists’ and a force to be reckoned with if the United States has any chance of ‘healing.”

Writer Michael Snyder wrote: “It is almost as if someone was extremely determined to get those Antifa activists to their location so that they could do their job…Once they got inside the Capitol, the Antifa activists could have done a much better job of disguising themselves”

The Natural News article also observed that: “Perhaps the most obvious ‘protester’ –who is not what the medial portrayed him as–is the Viking horns guy, who was seen at a BLM rally in Arizona back in June. This character was also photographed at a ‘climate activism’ event back in 2019.” If this is accurate then he can hardly be classed as a diehard Trump supporter–yet this is what the “news media” is trying to peddle to what they hope is a gullible public. You have to wonder why the media can’t seem to connect these dots. Truth is–they don’t want to because that would destroy their anti-Trump narrative and the news media is no more about real news than I am the man in the moon!

In an article on it was noted that “In what should be front page news, federal law enforcement officials have told CNN that they believe the January 6th storming of the Capitol was planned ahead of time by bad actors instead of a random riot inspired by President Trump’s speech…The entire impeachment witch hunt and de-platforming of the President is based on the lie that Trump ‘incited an angry mob’. As the investigators are beginning to learn, that was not the case at all. In fact, CNN even admits that law enforcement is leaning towards the fact that everything was planned rather than just a riot that ‘spiraled out of control’.

The article contained commentary by a Carmine Sabia to the effect that “Breaking per CNN–Investigators believe riot at Capitol was planned and not inspired by Pres Donald Trump. But Democrats impeached before they had any information from investigators.” Many in Congress were looking for a reason, any reason at all would do, to impeach Trump with the idea of trying to get him out of office and never able to run for any office after this. Believe it or not, they are afraid of Trump because he is beginning to find out where the bodies are buried and, not being a part of the deep state, he might tell the American people what they need to know rather than what the deep state wants them to believe.

Another Natural News article, this one from January 15th, tells us that “Federal law enforcement officials are blowing the lid on the Capitol false flag ‘siege,’ revealing that it was planned long in advance by bad actors who hate President Donald Trump rather than support him.” This shouldn’t surprise us at all. The question remains–who funded these Antifa types and paid for their coming to Washington in order to make Trump look bad and to try to bury the truth about the massive election fraud? Lots of us would like to know, though I doubt we will ever find out and we better not hold our breath waiting for the “news media” to give us any meaningful information. Their job is to hide and/or twist the truth, not to reveal it.

Has The Crackdown Begun?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The articles I am reading on the internet this morning are ominous. They portend evil for our future and a crackdown on freedom of expression in this country for everyone who is not totally apolitical or is not a part of the deep state/hard left coterie.

I have several sites I check out daily as I check over material I need to print off for use that day or the next. Most of these sites this morning had articles on them discussing the probable end of free speech under a Harris/Biden administration. There are so many of them I cannot list them all–just as there are too many people in Congress, the courts, and various state houses that are all willing to stab Donald Trump in the back. I would run out of space trying to list all the Trump traitors. I think some of these people would give Judas Iscariot a run for his money–and no I am not trying to compare Mr. Trump to Jesus Christ. I am just trying to make a point here. This country is rife with people in high places who daily work to subvert what this country was founded on. And they do it with joyful abandon.

I will mention here one that says it pretty plainly. It is Mr. Armstrong is pretty straightforward in what he says here. Who knows how long it will be allowed to stay up?

Several articles caught my attention this morning. One was from the New York Post about Antifa aiding in the insurgency at the Capitol on Wednesday, seeking to provoke Trump supporters. In the same vein there was another from Natural News which noted that: “Far-Left Antifa/BLM activist John Sullivan has been identified as one of the people who allegedly was part of the siege of the Capitol building yesterday–you know, one of the ‘violent Trump supporters’ we’ve been hearing so much about in the news.” Sullivan belongs to a group called Insurgence USA. Naturally the mainstream media “forgot” to mention any of this in their frenzied effort to blame Trump supporters for all the violence. These hard left people pulled a false flag on the Trump supporters last Wednesday and who knows how many in high places gave their blessing.

Ron Kennedy, in his new book, Red State Red County Secession–Creating a Nation of Our Own tells us about those people. He says: “Modern-day America is controlled by a politically correct, new-Marxist shadow government. This shadow government is composed of new-Marxists who have infiltrated and now control America’s institutions of social influence. Neo-Marxists now dominate universities, the mainline and digital media, the entertainment industry, national and global financial and political institutions. They dictate what is acceptable–politically correct–in society and government.”

Ron has noted that: “Opinion polls documented that between 60 and 70 percent of Southerners want to keep their Confederate heritage symbols. This represents a vast reservoir of people who could initiate a massive, conservative, revolution if motivated.” The job of the mainstream media is to make sure these good folks are demonized to the point that they are afraid to be motivated. Local and state Republican officials do not help these folks at all. That wouldn’t be politically correct and it might give these folks a clue to the fact that there is no one out there that will speak up for them. And with a Harris/Biden administration it will get even worse. Those willing to support Southern, Western, or even regular American heritage may end up being accused of “hate crimes” against the deep state/neo-Marxist oligarchy in Washington.

Mark my words, there is a crackdown on ordinary Americas, North or South, coming if they dare to protest what is being done to them. In one of my recent articles I referred to “peaceful secession” in passing. I got several comments on that to the effect that the way things are now a peaceful secession would be impossible. The South tried in peaceably in 1861 and they were invaded. Should we expect anything different today? Secession wasn’t treason in 1861 and it wouldn’t be now, but how we approach it would need to be discussed and debated because you have to know the deep state ain’t about to let us go. We are their meal ticket and we supply our sons and daughters for their no-win wars around the globe.

The entrance of a Harris/Biden regime in Sodom on the Potomac will only intensify this situation because you can expect that regime to institute a crackdown on everyone that will not bow the knee to their political Baal. They don’t plan to govern wisely–they plan to rule and they plan to do it with a Marxist clenched fist! For you Christians that think you can just get by if you sit this one out, think again. The Christian Church will be in the gunsights of the deep state/neo-Marxist gaggle that plans on invading Washington on January 20th, so get ready!

Red State Secession? Why Not? We No Longer Have a Country!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I watched several videos yesterday of the protests in Washington. While I do not agree with the violence I saw in some of them, I can understand the frustration of the Trump supporters as they begin to realize that this recent election was stolen from them and that, if the truth be known, they no longer have a country.

For much of last year we had communist riots across much of the country where communist thugs looted, stole and burned parts of various cities while the police were ordered to stand down and let them do whatever they wanted. But let Trump supporters protest in Sodom on the Potomac and here come the police with guns blazing! One woman was killed by them and three others were also shot and over 50 were arrested. Had they belonged to Black Lives Matter or Antifa the police would never have raised a hand against any of them. They would have had carte blanche to wreck the city in the name of “racial justice.”

The shameful way this is all playing out should help patriotic conservatives to begin to realize that they no longer have a country. The deep state and the communist thugs they employ have now taken it over and the patriots are a despised class, to be dealt with as the left decides. Democrats are already making out an “enemies list” of people they plan to intimidate and harass. So much for “uniting” the country! One hardcore leftist told a radio talk show host recently that “we don’t want to unite with you. We want to destroy you.” This is what the leftists always do–destroy their enemies. That’s why Communism has systemically killed millions over the years. There can be no “uniting” with those who plan your demise. There can only be resistance–and separation.

I won’t get into it much in this article, but I came into possession of a new small book by Ron Kennedy just recently. The title of it is Red State Red County Secession–Creating a Nation of Our Own. It was published by The Scuppernong Press P O Box 1724 Wake Forest, North Carolina 27588 I would urge you all to check it out.

I will note a few of Ron’s comments here so you get an idea of where he is coming from and will deal with more from the book in upcoming articles. Some of those who laugh at the idea of secession may not laugh when they get through this little book.

Ron notes: “Many national journalists and political commentators predict a coming civil war in America. This civil war will be between those who wish to impose a government, based on a radical leftist, politically correct ideology versus those who want to maintain and promote traditional, conservative, moral, social and political values–what we would call–‘American values.’ Folks who wish to honor those American values which made this country are now subjects of an evil, ‘neo-Marxist’ shadow government that controls America’s politically correct institutions of influence…If those of us who wish to live in a society based on traditional American values are to survive, and if our traditional American values are to be passed on to the next generation, we must have a country of our own. Without a country of our own, we become a stateless people–a people who have no effective way to defend themselves against neo-Marxist enemies determined to exterminate everything we hold dear.”

Continuing, Ron observed: “The ‘knee-jerk’ to the mere suggestion of secession is not that different than how Patrick Henry was treated in 1775 when he called for the American Colonies to declare their independence from an oppressive British Empire…With cries of ‘treason’ they rejected the idea of American self-government. Patrick Henry’s reply to the charge of treason echoes down to us today, ‘If this be treason, then let us make the most of it!’ After the 2020 campaign to elect America’s first ‘mail-ordered’ president, secession is now seen, not as treason, but as the possible solution to America’s irreconcilable ideological divide–the Red State–Blue State social, moral, ideological, and political divide…We can be sure secession became an acceptable political alternative in modern America when a traditional, religious leader from Wisconsin sees secession as a modern-day possibility.”

I submit that, in light of yesterday’s events in Washington, this is something we need to consider, discuss, debate and study. We, especially in the South, have become a people without a country. We in the South, and those in the ranching, farming, mining culture of the Far West are the only people in the country whose adversaries get to decide what the narrative about us will be and how it will be presented to the public at large. That’s why our flags and monuments come down–because we are consistently lied about and those lies are spread nationwide.

More on this and on Ron Kennedy’s book will be upcoming as the Lord allows.

Marxism Is Alive And Well In America Today

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have stated in the past the communism was alive and well in America and, indeed, has been since the 1850s–not the 1950s–but the 1850s. Most folks seem incapable of grasping that fact. It has, however, been written about by several authors and writers over the decades, though most Marxists in our day try to cover that up. They don’t feel you need to be aware of the activities of their spiritual ancestors–and I use the word “spiritual” here because, at root, Marxism is not a political movement, though it manifests itself in the political arena. It is an anti-Christ spiritual movement and part of its agenda is to keep American Christians in the dark as to its real intents.

I recently came across an interesting article by Vasko Kohlmayer on for October 31st of this year. Mr. Kohlmayer seems to have an extensive knowledge and grasp of how Marxism has affected our society in the past century or so. He observes that “Marxism is far from being dead as a worldview. Quite to the contrary, it is very much alive. It shapes–directly or indirectly–the worldview of many in the American intelligentsia, many of whom hold important posts at universities, in the media and in government.” He is right on the money here and I personally know of some instances regarding what he says about some universities or colleges.

He continues: “To be sure, most of these individuals do not openly present themselves as traditional Marxists..” He notes that many of them will even concede that “classical Marxism” is flawed and his its faults. This superficial criticism of Marxism fools lots of people, and it always has. Years ago I read a book written by a Soviet secret policeman who had been situated into Europe during the Second World War. He was told by the spymasters who trained him that he was free to criticize communism on a certain level to give himself credibility but that if they ever heard that he had criticized the principles of Marxism-Leninism then they would come and get him and that would be the final act in his charade.

The same principle holds true today. Kohlmayer notes that their “attitude gives these ideological mutants an air of seeming reasonableness and objectivity. But they will not let go of Marx’s basic assumptions. Having retained Marx’s core ‘insights,’ they either modify his theories on the edges or develop them in new directions. As a result, in the past eighty years we have witnessed a proliferation of philosophies and theoretical systems derived from Marx’s teachings. Here is a partial list: Critical Race Theory; The Frankfurt School; Liberation Theology; Neo-Marxism; Cultural Marxism; Marxist Feminism; Marxist Humanism; Post-Marxism.” This is not the complete list by any means but I have listed the ones most folks might have had some knowledge of.

Kohlmayer tells us that “Even though the theoretical systems above deal with many different aspects of the life of the individual and society, they grow from the same poisoned Marxist root. Yet, despite their ignoble origin most of these schools of thought are considered acceptable if not outright respectable.” That fact alone tells you how deeply penetrated our society has been by the Marxists that lurk among us and who pose as “respectable academics, journalists, politicians or whatever field they exert their influence in.

He cites one example some of you all have probably heard of–Critical race theory. Of that he states: “This Marxist–spawned system has become the de facto worldview in many university departments, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. Astonishingly critical race theory has been routinely taught to employees of the federal government under the guise of sensitivity training.” Someone must have alerted President Trump to this because he issued an executive order ending this “form of Marxist indoctrination.”

Kohlmayer tells us that “Critical race theory is a modern approach to social change, developed from the broader critical theory, which developed out of Marxism.” And he issus us a warning–if we will heed it. He says The decades–long infusion of Marxism into America’s bloodstream has reached a critical level and now we are on the verge of a Marxist coup d’etat.” He notes all the riots and protests in the past few months and the Marxist intent of such groups as Black Lives Matter, whose banners hang in many public schools in this country and in front of some churches.

In a prescient observation Kohlmayer tells us that: “Marxism is thus not some discarded ideology…Marxism is a living creed, forming the motive behind the thinking and actions of those responsible for the present upheaval in the United States. Rather than being irrelevant, Marxism is a powerful and destructive force that threatens to rip America apart.”

That’s a pretty fair country description of what Marxism has been doing in this country for a long time. Maybe we should start asking who funds these Marxist groups because Marxism always needs outside infusions of cash to fund its activities. So who funds them and why? We’ve dealt with some of this in the past. Maybe we need to again.

The Left And The Vote

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The obvious intent of the deep state is to deny Donald Trump the second term he won handsomely with voting machines that have, how shall we say it, been programmed to function only in behalf of the Harris/Biden socialist ticket. The way this has all played out since Trump was first elected should make any serious student of our history realize that Trump was never supposed to beat Hillary and when he did it threw the deep state conspirators into a tizzy they have not gotten over in Trump’s almost four years in office.

No president in our history has been subjected to all the political crap that has been thrown at Trump in his four years in office. The Democrats, the media, the politicians in Washington and other places have all conducted a running guerilla war against Trump starting before he was even inaugurated.

But they finally figured how, in this current election, they were going to make sure they got rid of him for all time–creatively designed voting machines that could be altered so as to give Biden the votes he needed to overcome Trump’s large lead–when he needed them, where he needed them.

And some of the executives in the company that owns the Dominion voting machines seem to have ties to the far left in this country. C’mon now, are you really surprised? I wasn’t. An article on for November 17th by Ethan Huff stated that “Rabid anti-Trumper and self-identified Antifa member Eric Coomer, the current vice president of U.S. engineering at Dominion Voting Systems, admitted on social media to rigging voting machines in order to prevent President Trump from winning re-election. In a powerful interview with Michelle Malkin, Joe Ottman, founder of FEC (Faith Education Commerce) United, revealed how he secretly infiltrated a local Antifa chapter and overheard discussions involving ‘Eric from Dominion’ referring to Coomer, and his role in steering the election. Ottman revealed that ‘Eric’ had instructed his fellow Antifa comrades to ‘keep up the pressure’ in their opposition to a second Trump win. When one of them responded by asking what Antifa should do if Trump wins, Eric responded with something along the lines of: ‘Don’t worry about the election; Trump’s not gonna win, I made f—ing sure of that!'”

This article also stated: “Dominion, which is tied to both Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein, appears to have in its upper ranks a diehard Trump hater who expressed a willingness to do anything possible to prevent Trump from winning re-election…For daring to present this information on his Twitter account, Ottman was reportedly banned from Twitter, as is usually the case whenever a bit of truth somehow slips through cracks and lands in a tweet.”

Censorship of anything remotely patriotic or conservative has more and more become the norm of late, prompting many to start looking for other venues to express their views on because they realize they will not get a fair shake on Twitter and some of the other mainstream outlets.

Natural News was not the only site carrying some of this. There was an article on and for November 22nd. There were others too, but I can’t list them all. Several sites commented on the Dominion/Antifa connection. Needless to say, none of the mainstream “news” media aka the “prostitute press” touched any of this. But, then, you wouldn’t expect them to. This is the sort of thing they work at burying so the public doesn’t find out.

Folks, if you want to ascertain what really goes on in this country, or in the world, the absolute last place you will get any information is from what we laughingly refer to as the “News” media. Start learning to check out alternate news sources. At least they don’t intentionally deceive you the way the mainstream media does.

Communism–A Religion of Terrorism

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Whittaker Chambers, the author of Witness is quite blunt about what makes communism really tick. He has written: “The Communist Party, despite occasional pious statements to the contrary, is a terrorist organization. Its disclaimers are for the record. But its record of kidnappings, assassinations, and murders makes the actions of the old Terror Brigade of the Socialist Revolutionary Party look merely romantic. No argument can reach the Communist Party unless it sees in it some self-serving advantage. It respects only force.” To update a bit, you can say the exact same thing about these communist groups operating in this country today–Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and a host of others. Their willful depredations in many of our major cities show that they only respect force–and when the police are ordered to stand down in the face of their planned destruction then there is no force to detract them from doing whatever they want.

To see the planned terrorism of the Communists in action Chambers told us a bit about the purges under Stalin. These were purges in which the Communist state even killed many of its own. Chambers told us: “This great massacre, probably the greatest in history, was deliberately planned and executed. In the interest of the Revolution…the group of Communists headed by Stalin decided that the historical situation through which the world and the Communist Party was passing, justified them in killing off those Communists who opposed their indispensable strategy and tactics. Those killed have been estimated from several hundred thousand to several million men and women. The process took about three years, 1935 through 1938. Its immediate purpose was to give the Stalinists absolute control of the Communist Party and the Soviet government, then of the Red Army, then of the secret police (G.P.U.).” So if you had some in your own Party that dared to disagree with you on some minor point you just killed them off…The charge on which they were one and all destroyed, the charge that they had betrayed their handiwork, was incredible. They were the Communist Party. If the charge were true, then every other Communist had given his life for a fraud. If the charge was false, then every other Communist was giving his life for a fraud.”

You have to realize that there was no room for divergences of opinion among communists. You adhered to the Party line or you were tomorrow’s cannon fodder. The fact that the Party line might change from one day to the next made no difference. The Stalin-Hitler pact was one instance of this. The Party line changed literally overnight and faithful Party members were automatically expected to go with the flow–and heaven help those who dared to disagree!

Chambers wrote about Communism that “denies the soul in the name of the mind.” And he gave us a quote–“Man cannot organize the world for himself without God; without God man can only organize the world against man.” The French Revolution proved that. And the Marxist mentalities among us today still have not learned that lesson after over two hundred years. Their current attacks on the white race have shown that they have learned nothing. I have no doubt whatever that if they felt their attacks on us would be tolerated they would cheerfully kill millions of us. Maybe at this point what they are afraid of is that many of us will shoot back. Communists are really stingy when it comes to spilling their own blood. They love “doing it unto others” but they don’t want it “done unto them.”

I recall, in the late 1970s, an article I read about four communist terrorists that went into a church in South Africa, armed with AK 47s and started shooting helpless church members. There was one man in the congregation that was armed with a 38 revolver and he shot back at the Red thugs wounding one of them. That was enough for them. The communist thugs, AK 47s and all, fled the scene, faced down by one lone man with a 38! Most communists are really cowards when they meet any resistance.

So the communist faith is one that promotes terrorism–and the one thing they fear is resistance. Determined resistance usually seems to deter them. The problem today is–will anyone give them determined resistance?

I have a friend who is a keen observer of the world situation and from time to time he offers me some biting comments. In response to my last article he said the following–“Add to this the Higher Criticism and the heavy infiltration by Communists into the church and the seminaries and we have a church that is not able to stop this onslaught against this nation. By this means Christianity has been reduced to a spectator’ sport.” While there are obviously some exceptions to this, I am afraid there are not nearly enough to make a difference at the national level. And a watered-down church, with watered-down doctrine is not nearly strong enough to resist not only national terrorism, but also theological terrorism in some form.