He Really IS Comrade Joe–Biden’s Tie To Communist Money

by Al Benson Jr.

House Committee Chairman James Comer appeared with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News for March 12th. Comer dropped a few bombs on the Biden crime family’s connections to Communist China.

According to Comer, the House Oversight Committee is now working with four individuals with “close ties to the Bidens.” Comer says the committee now has documents that tie the Bidens to the Chinese Communist Party.

Comer said “It’s as bad as we thought it was…We have in hand, documents in hand that show just how the Biden family was getting money from the Chinese Communist Party.” You have to wonder how the Democrats will deal with this revelation. Will they just double down on more phony charges against Donald Trump? Or will they allow Biden to drag us into yet another war so the in the tumult of that all the charges against Biden will just be forgotten? Or will Comrade Joe suddenly suffer a slip and fall–bad enough so that someone else will need to run in 2024 and the charges against the Bidens will simply be dumped down the memory hole as no longer important?

Unless they are going to throw Comrade Joe under the bus the Democrats have got to find some way to get him off the hook and downplay his Chinese Communist connections. With this info now coming forward you begin to realize why Biden is so terribly soft on China no matter what they do. He has a financial interest in China’s welfare and he can’t allow this country to do anything that interferes with that. Now you know where Comrade Joe’s loyalties really lie–and it ain’t with the United States!

For more confirmation on this check out http://www.zerohedge.com


4 thoughts on “He Really IS Comrade Joe–Biden’s Tie To Communist Money

  1. Karl, I do not know exactly how they fit in, but all Communist countries seem to be part of it due to their ideology. If the former Soviet Union would have fit in, why not Communist China?

  2. Karl,
    I wonder if in regard to One World Govt. you may be thinking of the version they used to put forth about it being a consolidation of the common market countries in Europe. While it might be that, I think it is more in line with what you have in the United Nations–a real hodgepodge of countries from all over but with one identical ideology.

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