The Government Lies To Us (With The Help Of The “News” Media)

by Al Benson Jr.

I watched Tucker Carlson last night (3/6) as he showed never before video of the January 6, 2021 “insurrection” which was really anything but that. There’s no way of saying this except to say flat out the politicians and the media knowingly lied to us about what really happened.

Several of the people who were arrested as “terrorists” were just walking around–many with police officers right near them. If they had been committing acts of terrorism why didn’t all those nearby cops arrest them? None were armed with anything but flags! All the fertilized drivel the infamous January 6th Committee has sought to pawn off on the public has been a monstrous lie! A prime example of a government knowingly peddling blatant falsehoods to its people. They should hang their heads in utter shame–but they won’t! They will continue to double down on their lies–in the hope they can beat us to death with their lies to us.

This January 6th Committee created its own version of what really happened and peddled that swill to the public as if it were gospel truth instead of political garbage! One man there, Ray Epps, kept urging people to go into the Capitol, yet he was never arrested. Does anyone who thinks for themselves wonder why? Can anyone spell “Agent Provocateur?”

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky told Tucker Carlson “You have exposed so many lies tonight it has changed my perception of what happened.” Rep. Massie is one of the most honest congressmen we have–and, in that category, he does not have lots of company!

We are also finding out how we have been lied to about the origins of Covid aka as the Chinese Virus. And this was done by our medical bureaucrats, led by Fauci, so they could protect Communist China–a murderous regime dear to their hearts. It seems that Comrade Fauci was a major catalyst for Covid misinformation. Senator Rand Paul exposed him when he testified–and I have no doubt if he is called to testify yet again all he will do is repeat the same lies he was already exposed for telling.

I think you have got to be prone to delusion if you believe anything the current Biden Regime tells us! And on top of that, we are finding out that Pfizer is looking for another chance to make more billions with vaccines that will need to be take ad infinitum! But through all of this, our medical bureaucracy, with the help of the prostitute press, protected Communist China. Does it make you wonder where their true loyalties lie? I know I do. I fear our media, politicians, and medical bureaucracy have sold us out in order to curry favor with Communist China. What do you suppose their reason is for that? What do they know that they are keeping from the American public?

There is a real conspiracy here to exonerate Communist China for their Covid coverup .I asked this earlier, but I will emphasize it again–where do the loyalties of our politicians, the media, and people like Fauci really lie??? I think, if we are honest with ourselves we already know the answer.


2 thoughts on “The Government Lies To Us (With The Help Of The “News” Media)

  1. For years I have said the USgov is a lie and a joke. The very premise of it since 1860 and the evil deeds started then have marched on to what we have now. You can’t even vote them out with a uniparty much less bad counting.

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