Some Background On The Scofield Bible Fraud

by Al Benson Jr.

The website carried an article that stated that Christian Zionism is not Christianity! Part of this article gave some background on Cyrus I Scofield which I strongly doubt is included on those sites that lionize him and his accomplishments.

The article said, in part, “As a young con-artist in Kansas after the Civil War, he met up with John J. Ingalls, an aging Jewish lawyer who had been sent to Atchinson by the Secret Six some thirty years before to work the abolitionist cause. Pulling strings both in Kansas and with his compatriots back east, Ingalls assisted Scofield in gaining admission to the Bar, and procure his appointment as Federal Attorney for Kansas. Ingalls and Scofield became partners in a railroad scam which led to Cyrus serving time for criminal forgery. While he was in prison Scofield began studying the philosophy of John N. Darby, pioneer of the Plymouth Brethren movement and the ‘any moment now’ rapture doctrine” So you can see that Scofield, through has Jewish lawyer/partner, had at least a tenuous link to those apostates that had helped John Brown do his dirty work in Kansas years earlier.

The article continued: “Upon his release from prison, Scofield deserted his first wife, Leonteen Carry Scofield, and his two daughters…and he took as his mistress, a young girl from the St. Louis Flower Mission. He later abandoned her for Helen van Ward, whom he eventually married. Following his Illuminati connections to New York he settled in at the Lotus (Lotos) Club, which he listed as his residence for the next twenty years. It was here that he presented his ideas for a new Christian Bible Concordance and was then under the wing of Samuel Untermeyer, who later became Chairman of the American Jewish Committee, president of the American League of Jewish Patriots and chairman of the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League. Untermeyer introduced Scofield to numerous Zionist and socialist leaders…These were the people who advanced Scofield’s research trips to Oxford…It is impossible to overstate the influence of Cyrus Scofield on 20th century Christian beliefs. It is singularly responsible for the Christian belief that the Hebrew prophecies describe the kingdom of Jesus’ Second Coming, and not the Zionist vision of a man-made new world order. And it is precisely because Christians persist in the belief that they remain blind to the reality of Zion. Scofield served as the agent by which the Zionists paralyzed Christianity while they prepared America for our final conquest.”

I have long believed and said that dispensationalism as promoted by Scofield was the theological arm of Yankee “reconstruction” after the Yankee troops went back north. The troops left, but the Yankee public school teachers and the apostate Yankee preachers remained in the South. The timing for the bursting of the South was hardly coincidental. Scofield’s theology, which appeared barely five years after “reconstruction” reduced churches in the South from bastions of their Southern culture to virtual nonentities, content with only “getting people to heaven” and little else!

If you want some of my earlier comments on that, go to for an article I did there on November 3, 2020 entitled The Church Neutralized–Part Four.


4 thoughts on “Some Background On The Scofield Bible Fraud

  1. There is a church where I live called (Name with held for purposes of decency) that uses and promotes the Scofield Bible exclusively. The church is primarily composed of Appalachians who have escaped the misery of their former poverty-stricken mountain existence and come north to get jobs and do a lot better than they have ever done for themselves financially –more expensive homes than they can afford, new trucks complete with gun racks every year–

    Real coon-dog “Deliverance” country kind of folks —

    They love to take a vacation every year to run back to their hills and hollers and flaunt themselves to their less advantaged former neighbors —

    This bunch — and I am not saying that all Baptists are alike — but this bunch is pretentious, loves to put on airs, acts like they are better than everybody else, wear their three-piece suits and shiny shoes, gathers for worship on Sunday, and virtually spends the entire day in and around their little church …Sunday School in the morning, Regular Church at mid-day and Evening service at early evening. About a 6 to 8-hour church day and if a member misses one meeting, they are liable to be told about it –If they miss a day, they are under the microscope …a very judgmental bunch —

    They will stand up in their testimony services and cry crocodile tears while telling anyone who will hear them how all they want to do is to make sure somebody goes to heaven with them …

    They will tell you to your face that if you don’t use the Scofield Bible exclusively that whichever version of the Bible that you do use will “Send you straight to hell”.

    They will be really Christian inside their little church — a real mutual admiration society —they will preach and pray and whine and cry and then tell you such things as “Work has nothing to do with church” when you call them out for being hateful and mean toward their fellow workers or their employees if they happen to be supervisors during the ordinary work day.

    They will place their laser-focus onto others to try and catch someone making a mistake …saying a profane word, for example…but they themselves will cuss like a sailor when the occasion demands it …

    I remember the time I was visiting there and there was a poor man who had nothing for shoes except for a pair of all-weather galoshes… (Boots) …nothing for a suit except for a pair of bib-overalls …and the preacher preached an entire sermon on the subject of how it is disrespectful to the House of God to not dress appropriately — Needless to say, the poor old Brother whom we shall call “Brother Rose” was so embarrassed that he never again came to that church ….

    Yes, the little friendly “First Church Of Better Than Anybody” totally devoted to the Scofield Bible — hypocrites all.

  2. I’ve seen churches like that. Thankfully all Christians and churches are not like that.
    Christians for the most part realize they are sinners in need of God’s saving grace and no better than anyone else.

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