Reshuffling The World

by Al Benson Jr.

The world is being reshuffled and most of us can’t see that. Even if we manage to help Ukraine win their war with Russia, we will end up losing. If China and Russia combine to attack us, nuclear weapons will almost certainly come into play. China will not hesitate to use them on us.

Most folks don’t realize that Ukraine is just another one party state–same as the old Soviet Union. And it’s a one party state that Biden can’t seem to throw enough money at fast enough! But then, Biden, with his New World Order mentality, has no problem with one party states. So now, in his convoluted thinking, we will defeat Russia and rebuild the world. In whose image?

But the question remains–have we accomplished anything in Ukraine after a year and billions given away? Sure we have! Americans are now poorer, with less security. Isn’t that the real intent of the Biden Regime??? We are much less secure with Biden’s open borders policy, and again, that seems to be the intent of Biden’s Regime–that and promoting Equity. There was a black man on Fox News just this morning and he made the comment that “Equity is just another name for racism.” He was right.

Who is naive enough to believe that the $112 billion plus we’ve given Ukraine all went into the war effort? Did any of it go to Burisma or any of Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian associates? Zelensky says if we won’t support Ukraine we will lose NATO and our position of world leadership. That position is already being undermined by Biden’s supine position regarding Communist China.

Biden is noted for using Communist Chinese talking points against Americans–we’re a racist country; we’re a bigoted country, etc. With Biden’s opinion of his own country being so negative, he might be happier living in Beijing with some position in the Communist apparatus there. But, then that would interfere with his mission to “fundamentally transform the United States.” into a third world socialist dictatorship!

Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine will end up crippling America. You have to wonder if that is the real intention. That war has no real end in sight. Only 37% of the people here approve of it. Biden has dragged us into a war no one wants. We have yet to be told about the big transport planes leaving China for Russia–loaded with ammunition! So China is already involved and the Biden Regime has tried to keep that under wraps!

Author and Lawyer Gordon Chang told on Friday that China is “supplying lethal assistance to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.” Chang also said on Wake Up America that China had gaslighted this war; it’s supported Russia; it’s supplied lethal assistance; (and) the Biden administration is not reacting to that! Is anyone surprised? Is it out of line to ask where Biden’s first loyalties are?



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