Mayor Pete–A Transportation Secretary For The Ages

by Al Benson Jr.

You may be tempted to ask what Mayor Pete’s qualifications for Transportation Secretary are. Well, let’s see–he plays the piano, he speaks Norwegian, and he is a sodomite. Now what more could you ask for than that?

When the shipping bottleneck was happening in 2021 and they couldn’t find enough truck drivers to haul the goods away from the ports, Mayor Pete was on “paternity leave” with his male wife–or maybe he’s the wife–I don’t know exactly what the familial relation between the two of them is. He is but one example of Biden’s perverted hiring practices.

He has finally been able to make the arduous journey to East Palestine, Ohio, three weeks after the chemical train derailment there. Isn’t that good of him? He is taking time out of his equity agenda campaign (too many white guys wearing hardhats in construction jobs) and new highways being racist, to visit the peons in East Palestine, who mostly voted for Trump so they really don’t count. Wonder if he will determine if the train wreck there was racist too.

And On Another Note

Foreign nations poured millions into the university that houses the Biden Institute. Communist China gave millions to the University of Delaware after Joe launched the Biden Institute there. Do you wonder why?

Then there is the FBI (better known as FIB) where discipline seems to be a thing of the past. A news report I saw noted that FBI agents have been getting very little discipline for things such as drunk driving, mishandling secrets, and losing weapons according to journalist John Solomon.

It turns out that, so far, Ukraine has received $112 billion (that sounded high, but that’s what the report said) in aid in the last year, while people in the army who are having difficulty making ends meet due to Biden’s inflicted inflation are now being told to apply for food stamps. Billions for Ukraine while our soldiers are told to just get food stamps! Anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Biden’s first constituents are Ukrainians and illegal immigrants and all he wants from us white trash is for us to pay for it all. American citizens are at the bottom of his list of who to do anything for. So if you live somewhere where a disaster has occurred, Biden or one of his flunkies may appear after a month or so–but don’t depend on it!


6 thoughts on “Mayor Pete–A Transportation Secretary For The Ages

  1. You wrote this about “Pete” — “and he is a sodomite. Now what more could you ask for than that?” But you did not get to talk about him shooting anybody in broad daylight and getting away with it or grabbing pussies because the victims like it –No, you didn’t get to talk about those outstanding moral values of another guy who once was president, did you? And you won’t ever talk about them either, will you?

  2. You wrote this … ” Wonder if he will determine if the train wreck there was racist too. — He might not determine the trainwreck to be racist, but he sure as hell would be correct to blame it on Trump’s deregulation of the railroads so that the railroads can be as unsafe as they choose to be.

  3. If you are talking about Trump, there were a lot of things he did over the years I didn’t agree with or condone, but at least he had the best interests of the country at heart, which is more than you can say for that crowd of socialists that is running (and ruining) this country now. I don’t condone what you mentioned here in anyone-Democrat or republican.

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