Want To Know What’s Happening In This Country? Ask Communist China

by Al Benson Jr.

You better believe the Chinese Communist Party pays lots of attention to what this country does. They even work at rating the governors of each state to determine if the actions they take part in will benefit China. Presumably those governor’s whose efforts do not benefit China will be singled out for removal if and when the Reds are able to take over here. And don’t think they are not thinking about that.

Communist China has stolen tens of thousands of jobs from American workers, with the willing help of those companies here that would rather employ slave labor than to have to pay salaries to workers. Cheaper that way you know–with bigger profits! China has stolen all manner of intellectual property and knowledge from this country.

Chinese Communist leaders are every bit as cruel and ruthless as we think they are. They have no regard for humanity or human life. For them it is all about power. They plan to rule the world. They are even worse than the Soviet Communists were, if such is possible.

Our problem in this country is that we have lots of intellectuals that are just soft–and especially soft on Chinese Communism, and they are willing to do business with the Chinese Reds for what they think is their own advantage. The Biden family comes to mind here. The Department of Justice is now thinking of more searches for classified documents in Bidenland.

At the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, the Communist Chinese represent what the elites want for the world–a Communist dictatorship. Don’t think for a New York minute that because those folks are filthy rich, they don’t have an appetite for communism. It is the system many of the super-rich really crave–as long as they are able to live above its restraints! The shining star of the Davos elites is the globalist system and the Deep State. Communist China represents what the elites want–total control over the rest of us–so they can be comfortable while we are their slaves and Klaus Schwab can continue to eat his filet mignon while we eat cockroaches. This conference at Davos has provided a perfect forum for Communist propaganda.

If you want to see what the super-rich have sought to do in this country, check out The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen. I believe this book is on the internet and you can read it for nothing. It’s not fun reading, in fact it is rather alarming. But it is the kind of thing we need to be aware of if we are to preserve what little freedom we have left!


4 thoughts on “Want To Know What’s Happening In This Country? Ask Communist China

  1. Chinese Communist party is owned by the Jews. China will be used by the Jews,
    as they used the USA, after they totally destroy and use up America. This openly
    stated by some Jews.

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