Phantom Soldiers From A Phantom Country

by Al Benson Jr.

What do you do if you want to rewrite the history books to remove anything or anyone you disagree with? First, you brand those in opposition to you as traitors to your agenda.Having done that, you then take the next step, which is to totally remove them from the history books and shove them down George Orwell’s “Memory Hole.” Out of sight, out of mind, you reason. Future generations must not be aware of these people or the causes they stood for because, after all, you disagree with them, and so they need to disappear.

This is being done in this country to a large degree regarding the War of Northern Aggression aka the “CivilmWar.” Those that are doing this are the heirs of the French Revolution. That war was this country’s French Revolution–and we have yet to recover from it. If we continue in our present direction, we never will–and the radical socialists and communists will have won.

I received rwo letters from good friends who are Southern patriots this week. Interestingly, both were from Oklahoma, though I doubt these two know one another. One dealt with the expunging of all things Confederate from West Point–all memorabelia, statues, plaques, anything that honors or mentions anyone Confederate. That would have to include Robert E. Lee, who served as president of West Point for a period of time. So what do you do with the history of West Point while General Lee ran it? You just ignore that. As far as you are concerned that never happened. So the Deep State socialists, after branding Lee a traitor, which he wasn’t, will now attempt to remove any memory of him from West Point! Down the memory hole!

The other letter dealt with the same situation regarding Arlington National Cemetery removing the memory of anyone Confederate. That cemetery is on land once owned by Robert E.–well, you know–someone we can’t talk about anymore because the Deep State socialists don’t like him!

One has to wonder what will be substituted for real history when the removal of the memory of anything Confederate is completed. Who will the Northern armies have gone into combat with at Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, Manassas, Pittsburgh Landing, Elkhorn tavern,–phantom armies from a period of history that now exists only in the Memory Hole? This seems to be where we are headed.

Our “history” if it can even be called such anymore, is being rewritten by radical socialists who are busily removing everything they don’t agree with. “Civil War” what Civil War? Robert E. Lee, who was he anyway??? Radical socialists and communists in the North, including many in Lincoln’s administration and his armies? Well, no way Jose, it just didn’t happen! Who told you that anyway? Must have been some “conspiracy theorist!” Older history books that mention all this, just pay them no mind. Toss them out and read one of the “new” history books that will give you the real scoop on all the stuff we say never happened.

That’s where we are at, folkd. Down with the old, even though much of it is accurate–and up with the new–even though most of it is historical fertilizer! After all, the Deep State, via their public school system, has a generation to indoctrinate, but not to educate! At some point the truth will carch up with them. But they can’t see that far ahead. All truth is God’s truth and will be vindicated at some point–even if most of us will not live to see it.


4 thoughts on “Phantom Soldiers From A Phantom Country

  1. Al, good one, I got your letter and will be sending you a card. I post these on my facebook page and I send them via. email. Bob

  2. Is this anti-Southern hysteria a tacit admission by the leftists that the wrong people “won” the War between the States?

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